Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

Only then did Chen Xiangxiang seem to consider this problem, and she was in a dilemma.

Fu Yuhuai chuckled. “Actually, I think it’s better not to move things around. After going through all the trouble to do that, Yanyan will be tired. Since she needs to recuperate, she’ll naturally need a quiet environment. Why don’t she stay in the guest room on the west side of the mansion? It’s always been kept very clean, so she’ll be able to stay there after it’s been tidied up a little.”

His beautiful fox eyes looked at Yan Xi with a smile, as if he was giving a sincere suggestion.

Only Yan Xi knew that he did it on purpose.

The guest room in the west side of the mansion was not much different from her own room, and it had once been the room her mother stayed in while she was recovering from her illness.

According to the content of the novel, she had only returned home a month later. At that time, Chen Xiangxiang had already stayed in her room for a period of time. Thus everyone was already used to it, and she had indeed brought a lot of laughter and joy to this family.

While on the other hand, Yan Xi’s return seemed a little inappropriate.

The head of the family, Xi Jingxing, had deep feelings for his deceased wife. Although she had passed on for many years, he still missed her and rarely smiled. The Yan family was also shrouded in sorrow, and it was as if they had lost the right to laugh.

But no matter how long the sorrow lasted, it would have been washed away as time passed. Everyone looked forward to being able to walk out of it quickly and embrace a gorgeous life again.

Therefore, everyone in this family started to protect Chen Xiangxiang, who was as warm as a small sun. At the same time, they were vigilant against Yan Xi, in fear that she might drag this family into pain again.

Hence, everyone spoke up for her, afraid that Yan Xi would snatch her room back.

Butler He was the only one arguing against all of them. This was clearly her room. Even if they didn’t mention that an outsider had stayed in it, it would be too unreasonable for the outsider to not move out of it when she has already come back home.

At the time, it was also Fu Yuhuai who had suggested that Yan Xi stay in her mother’s room.

Although Yan Xi felt a little uncomfortable with it, she accepted Fu Yuhuai’s suggestion generously because she thought that Chen Xiangxiang was a guest after all, and she didn’t want to disrupt the family’s harmony.

This generous move made her unable to stay in her own room even until the day she died.

So at this moment, how could Yan Xi possibly give in?

Yan Xi looked at Fu Yuhuai and smiled faintly. “No.”

“No.” Another voice sounded simultaneously. It was Huo Ziang. He frowned, obviously disagreeing to Fu Yuhuai’s suggestion. “This is Yanyan’s room.”

But after a pause, he didn’t continue speaking. He glanced at Chen Xiangxiang, and a hint of guilt flashed across his eyes.

Chen Xiangxiang smiled at him comfortingly and took the initiative to stand up. “I should indeed give my room up to Sister Yanyan…”

“Give the room up?” This phrase made Yan Xi smile with intrigue. “Then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. This room is mine. So, you’re just returning it to its owner now.”

While speaking, she gave Chen Xiangxiang a meaningful look, and her gaze landed on her neck.

“Now, can you return it to me?”

Chen Xiangxiang was dumbfounded for a moment before reacting. She looked a little embarrassed and hurriedly took the necklace around her neck.

“I-I didn’t know this was yours. Uncle asked me to wear it…” Her voice was trembling. “Sister Yanyan, don’t misunderstand me.”

Just based on what she said, Yan Xi had to misunderstand her.

What exactly does she want to prove by repeatedly emphasizing that she wore it under Xi Jingxing’s request? Or does she want to provoke me?

Yan Xi asked Butler He to put away the necklace and smiled faintly. “I thought it was a traditional virtue of the Chinese people not to take others’ things casually.”

Chen Xiangxiang’s face flushed red. She lowered her head, looking extremely embarrassed.

Fu Yuhuai’s foxy eyes flashed. “Yanyan, you’re speaking too harshly. She was just borrowing it, and Uncle Xi agreed…”

To be honest, no one here had ever seen Yan Xi be so blunt.

Yan Xi had been raised in the Yan family since she was young. Every move she did was tainted with the heritage and upbringing of a century-old aristocratic family.

She was an even-tempered and talented person, and she had been the most perfect model of an aristocratic young lady since she was young. She was always calm and composed when treating others and she also had a compassionate heart. She was always more lenient on weaker people and things, and she was never willing to make things difficult for others.

In Fu Yuhuai’s impression, even when her biological mother passed away, she only buried her sorrow deep in her heart. At a young age, not only did she comfort her father, but she had also entertained all the guests who came to pay their respects during her mother’s funeral, arranging everything in an orderly manner.

When such a person encounters a conflict, the first thing she would think of should’ve been to settle the matter peacefully.

But now, Yan Xi’s attitude toward Chen Xiangxiang could be even considered as aggressive.

This didn’t fit the Yan family’s rules and Yan Xi’s upbringing.

“Fine, let’s put it another way. Taking something without asking is stealing. Did she get my permission?” Yan Xi turned to look at Fu Yuhuai. “Yuhuai, when did you start being so indiscriminate? Or, can Uncle do whatever he wants with your things without your consent?”

A dark glint flashed across Fu Yuhuai’s eyes. Soon, the tip of his tongue pressed against his molars as he slowly smiled.

“Okay, I was being nosy. You’re right, Yanyan.” He rubbed his nose, looking sloppy and frivolous.

Yan Xi didn’t care much about him. She paused and turned to look at Chen Xiangxiang. “Are you the one holding the banquet?”

“… Yes,” Chen XIangxiang replied.

Yan Xi nodded. “Then I’m afraid you’ll have to sort out your social circle. There was a man just now who started touching me the moment he saw me. When he didn’t succeed to do so, he slandered me and said that I stole your bracelet.”

Chen Xiangxiang’s expression instantly turned ugly.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go tell them off right away.” Chen Xiangxiang didn’t argue much because she realized that Huo Ziang’s expression had already changed. There were hints of anger on his ice-cold face. Fu Yuhuai also stood up straight, and the smile on his face faded a little.

Yan Xi wasn’t someone anyone could bully.

Chen Xiangxiang was extremely annoyed. She knew that she was at a disadvantage today, and she wished she could immediately bring that useless fool, Chen Xun, over to kowtow1 and apologize.

Yan Xi said, “Oh, that’s not necessary. I’ve already gotten someone to kick them out.”

Chen Xiangxiang was speechless.

Yan Xi tilted her head. “It seems to be your birthday today? I hope I didn’t ruin your fun.”

Chen Xiangxiang hurriedly shook her head once she understood what Yan Xi meant. “No, no. You’re right for doing that. He deserved it…”

“That’s good.” Coincidentally, the servants had also packed her things up swiftly. Yan Xi signaled to Butler He and he invited everyone out. She then closed the door to rest.

She was really sleepy and wasn’t in the mood to entertain these people. She only wanted to have a good sleep.

Outside the door, Huo Ziang stood by the door and stared at the door without moving for a long time.

Fu Yuhuai smiled. “Ziang, Yanyan needs to rest.”

After a pause, he said meaningfully, “She’s already back. There’s still ample time in the future.”

Huo Ziang closed his eyes and opened them a few seconds later. He then turned around and walked into the guest room at the side.

Butler He had asked the servants to move Chen Xiangxiang’s items and bedding to this guest room. This was also what Yan Xi had instructed just now. In the past, she was always the one to entertain the guests.