Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

Not long later, Zhu Yuan smiled and said to her, “Zinan, the boys are going to be racing at Hongyang Mountain tonight. They’ll definitely call Xi Yan along with them. Let’s go too. I’ll get Hua Zi to bring us there. By then, you can go and make things clear with Xi Yan.”

Wang Zinan looked hesitant.

Zhu Yuan knew that she was stubborn, so she smiled and held her arm. “Just take it as you’re accompanying me to go relax, okay?”

Only then did Wang Zinan agree. “Okay, I’ll do it for your sake, but I won’t take the initiative to look for him.”

She had always felt that Xi Yan wasn’t worthy of her. He’s just a useless young master who has nothing but money. He’s not worthy of me fawning over him.

Wang Zinan had nothing but her pride.

After school in the afternoon…

Xi Yan did not have his usual one-on-one consultation for today, so he carried his bag and walked out of class with Yan Xi. He couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief. “Ah, it’s finally Friday!”

He was about to go crazy. He was so stressed from studying every day that he was about to go bald, and the great ambitions that he once had disappeared without a trace. All he wanted to do right now was to just go out and relax.

“Xi Yan, wanna go for a race?” His friends called to ask him. “We’re going to Hongyang Mountain, and the venue has already been set up.”

Xi Yan hesitated for a moment and looked at Yan Xi. “Little Sis…”

Yan Xi said, “If you can guarantee that you can complete all the homework that Miss Ye and I assigned for the week, it’s fine for you to go out to play occasionally.”

She wasn’t that much of a rigid person, and as Xi Yan was the same age as her, he was already an adult. He could make his own decisions, and thus Yan Xi didn’t have to restrain him all the time.

Besides, she didn’t believe that all work and no play would result in good grades.

On the contrary, she felt that it was too inefficient. To her, it was purely a waste of time and it was completely undesirable.

As long as he gets adapted to the current pace of studying, his consultations would slowly decrease in the future. Eventually, he would only need to focus on listening in class, so there was no need for him to waste too much time doing repetitive and inefficient things.

Xi Yan was a little surprised, but he was very happy. “Thank you, Little Sis! I’ll just play for a while tonight. I’ll definitely be home by 11, and I’ll study hard over the weekend!”

Yan Xi smiled and watched him leave.

She then called Gu Nianfeng before she turned around and walked to the school’s north gate alone.

She was going for the ‘appointment’ she had made earlier during lunch. Since she had already thrown down the gauntlet, she couldn’t go back on her word.

Besides, she didn’t like to drag things out. The sooner this matter is resolved, the better it will be.

Fu Yuhuai carried his bag and walked out of the school gate leisurely.

Zhang Kai smiled and suggested, “Young Master Fu, do you want to go to Hongyang Mountain to race? Hua Zi and the others said that they’re going to Hongyang Mountain with Xi Yan.”

Fu Yuhuai narrowed his fox eyes. “Sure, let’s get Xiangxiang to go with us too. She hasn’t done it in a long time. Let’s take her there to relax for a bit.”

There was a smile in Zhang Kai’s eyes. Chen Xiangxiang’s racing skills were very professional, and her skills even surpassed many of them. Back then, when she made a bet with the students of Third High School, she had even stunned the students from Shengyang HIgh who were present.

There were not many girls who could race that well. Chen Xiangxiang was beautiful and valiant, so of course, everyone liked her.

“Okay, then I’ll call Lu Yiyao and the others. It’ll be more lively with more people,” Zhang Kai said and walked to the side to make a call.

Fu Yuhuai leaned lazily against a camphor tree with one of his long legs propped up. He looked exceptionally handsome and evil, causing the girls who passed by to turn their heads and blush.

A group of students were walking over while they talked.

“Did you hear the news? Zhang Fan and the others went to find trouble with that short-lived ghost. And I don’t know what that short-lived ghost was thinking, but she actually threw down the gauntlet at them!”

“She must have gotten someone to help her. Tsk, she’s such a loser to be still relying on guys.”

“Nope, I don’t think she got anyone to help her! Last I heard, she went to the north gate alone! But Zhang Fan brought people to help him and he’s preparing to have a gang fight!”

“Wow, there’s going to be a good show to watch. Zhang Fan has never believed in not hitting women.”

The group of people were discussing gloatingly when they suddenly saw Fu Yuhuai. They hurriedly stopped in their tracks, lowered their heads, and respectfully greeted him before leaving in a hurry.

Fu Yuhuai lowered his head while playing with his phone, not even looking at them once.

A few seconds later, he suddenly looked up and he held his phone so hard that his knuckles turned white.

The group of students had already walked far away.

Fu Yuhuai immediately picked up his bag and strode toward Zhang Kai, who was on the phone. “Xi Yan went to Hongyang Mountain alone?”

“Yes.” Zhang Kai was a little frightened by his expression and subconsciously asked, “What happened?”

Right after that, a bag was thrown into his arms. “Take this.”

When Zhang Kai regained his senses, the only thing he saw was Fu Yuhuai running into the school crazily.

He hugged Fu Yuhuai’s bag in confusion and started to run after him as well. But after a few steps, he realized that he couldn’t catch up with Fu Yuhuai at all because he was running too quickly. He was literally running with his life.

What happened? It’s been years since I last saw Fu Yuhuai lose his composure like this.

“Zhang Kai!” Chen Xiangxiang walked over with a few people, and her expression wasn’t good. She just saw Fu Yuhuai when he was running into the school and she took the initiative to greet him, but Fu Yuhuai didn’t even look at her.

“What happened to Yuhuai? Did something happen?” She still kept a faint smile on her face since she was in front of so many people.

Zhang Kai shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Chen Xiangxiang frowned and had a bad premonition.

“By the way, have you seen Yan Xi today?”

At the Academic Affairs Building…

Lu Qingming opened the window and looked at the falling cherry blossoms outside.

“Cousin, isn’t this tree living a little too arrogantly ever since you saved it? Why are the flowers blooming so wonderful- Woah!” he exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” Jin Zhao loved watching shows unravel amongst other people, so he immediately leaned his head over.

“Yan Xi?” Lu Qingming was stunned. “Wait, why is she heading towards the north gate? Doesn’t she know that it’s a trouble spot?”

Ying Shiyu walked over with her phone. “I heard that Zhang Fan and the others from the Junior Year’s Class 29 got someone to spread the news that they’re going to fight with Yan Xi. They have already gone over to the north gate.”

“A gang fight?!” Lu Qingming was so shocked that he felt that his eyes were about to fall out. This isn’t like the usual Eldest Miss Xi!

As the most educated and sensible top socialite of Beiqiao City, how is it possible that she’s going to fight with someone?

Jin Zhao frowned. “Isn’t it a gang fight? But why is Yan Xi alone? Did she not find anyone to help her?”

“Who can she find for help? Fu Yuhuai?” Ying Shiyu pursed her lips and glanced at her phone. “Zhang Kai had just called a lot of people, saying that Young Master Fu is going to race in Hongyang Mountain and so they’re inviting people to go with them!”

A ridiculous thought surfaced in their minds simultaneously. Is Yan Xi really planning to fight alone?

That sounds very valiant of her, but isn’t she sick?

Can a blood cancer patient even fight? She won’t be bleeding profusely from just doing two moves and get sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, right?

“Zhang Fan and the others will know their limits, I guess…” Lu Qingming muttered.