Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 50 chapters

The environment inside the room was alright, and there was also a bathroom with a bathtub in it. But the size of the room was a little small, as well as the balcony, so the view wasn’t wide enough.

A hint of unwillingness flashed across Chen Xiangxiang’s eyes, but it was quickly covered up.

Huo Ziang’s voice was full of nostalgia as he said, “I’ve stayed in this room before.”

Fu Yuhuai chuckled. “What do you mean? This is clearly my old room. I’ve lived here for many years.”

This room was the closest to Yan Xi’s room. When he was young, as long as there were any strange noises coming from his room, Yan Xi would immediately come over to accompany him.

She was so gentle and considerate, as if she would always open her warm arms to me. It’s just a pity that…

Fu Yuhuai was smiling, but his eyes were dark and bottomless.

Chen Xiangxiang bit her lip. She didn’t expect their focus to be such.

The Yan family clearly has bigger and better guest rooms, yet they arranged such a small room for me. Is Yan Xi really not deliberately making things difficult for me?

But since Huo Ziang and Fu Yuhuai had already said those words, she couldn’t show her dissatisfaction. “Really? We’re really so fated to have all stayed in the same room before.”

Not long later, Butler He came over and invited Chen Xiangxiang downstairs, saying that the cake was ready.

“Yuhuai.” Chen Xiangxiang turned to look at Huo Ziang and said softly with a nervous look in her eyes, “Brother Ziang, can you accompany me to cut the birthday cake?”

After a pause, she explained, “You’re the friend I value the most, so I hope…”

Huo Zi’ang’s gaze softened as he looked at Chen Xiangxiang. He nodded and said, “Let’s go.”


Butler He had already gotten someone to push the large five-layer birthday cake out. Everyone surrounded the birthday cake and waited for Chen Xiangxiang excitedly.

Seeing Chen Xiangxiang come downstairs with Huo Ziang and Fu Yuhuai, they all greeted her with a smile. “Xiangxiang! Young Master Huo! Young Master Fu!”

Most of these students came from wealthy families. And at first, everyone actually didn’t think much of Chen Xiangxiang, because she came from a small mountain village.

However, Chen Xiangxiang gradually won most of their hearts over with her charisma and abilities, and she became the most popular person in the class.

There were still some rich young ladies who looked down on Chen Xiangxiang. They kept mocking that no matter what she becomes, she would still be a pheasant that can never become a phoenix, and that she was still essentially a poor person.

Therefore, for Chen Xiangxiang’s birthday this time, some people wanted to hold a birthday party for her, in disguise of wanting to see her embarrass herself.

If you really have the ability, show us your mansion and invite everyone to visit it.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xiangxiang had really invited them over to a real mansion. The mansion covered an area of a few hundred square meters, and there were also many servants, which utterly shocked everyone.

Most importantly, Chen Xiangxiang had actually also invited the school hunk, Fu Yuhuai, and the top celebrity, Huo Ziang, to her party. The three of them seemed intimate with each other, so they were obviously very good friends.

With this, no one would still question Chen Xiangxiang’s identity and her status in the Xi family.

She was undoubtedly the eldest miss of the Xi family!

“Xiangxiang, come and cut the birthday cake quickly,” someone said warmly. His attitude was much more enthusiastic than before.

Chen Xiangxiang stood in the middle of the crowd, like a moon that was surrounded by a myriad of stars. She looked at Huo Zi’ang and Fu Yuhuai standing behind her and felt extremely satisfied.

She smiled and gave a speech under the urging of everyone. She was composed and gracious, and in anyone’s eyes, she looked like a true young lady of a wealthy family.

She blew the candle and cut the cake. A sharp voice suddenly said, “Xiangxiang, why isn’t your relative coming down?”

The girl who spoke was called Zhan Xinrong. Her family was doing business in the financial sector, and she had always been a domineering person.

She held it in for a long time and finally couldn’t take it anymore. That woman didn’t even greet us just now. Isn’t she a bit too rude?

“By the way, your cousin and the others were also chased out by her. Who exactly is she? They were just joking around. Can’t she take a joke?”

Chen Xiangxiang’s smile became a little forced.

“That’s right. Why didn’t she come down and have some cake with us? She’s being too antisocial, isn’t she?” Another sour voice sounded. It was the voice of Class One’s class belle, Wang Zinan.

Her family background wasn’t especially good, but because she looked pure and beautiful, and had good grades, she was very popular with boys. The eldest young master of the Xi family, Xi Yan, was also one of her suitors.

But Wang Zinan had a strong and aloof personality, so she had never agreed to Xi Yan’s courtship and only treated him as an ordinary friend.

But when she saw Yan Xi appear just now, she subconsciously treated her as an imaginary enemy.

Although she didn’t show her face, her eyes and brows were so exquisite like they were like the mountains and rivers in Jiang Nan1. She was tall and had a good figure, and her waist was so slender that it could be held with one hand. Even her movements showed that she had a good upbringing… There was no guy who would not like such a girl. Wang Zinan had also sensitively noticed the change in the way a few of the guys looked at Yan Xi.

This made her feel a little jealous.

As soon as Wang Zinan said this, a few boys started to make a commotion. “That’s right. Why didn’t she come down and play with us?”

“Why don’t we get someone to invite her down?”

“Xiangxiang, it’s your birthday today, yet she actually didn’t come down to celebrate your birthday with you? She’s taking you way too lightly.”

“I think she doesn’t even take Young Master Huo and Young Master Fu seriously!”

These two people were clearly cheering Chen Xiangxiang on a lot. Even if it was for the sake of these two people, she has to come down!

Being so unsociable, does she still even want to survive in our circle in the future?

Chen Xiangxiang hurriedly explained, “No, that’s not the case. She… She’s not feeling well and needs to rest. Don’t say that about her…”

But in the eyes of others, this explanation was just an excuse.

Huo Ziang frowned slightly, and his expression darkened as he was about to flare up.

“Have all of you finished eating the birthday cake?” Butler He’s voice suddenly sounded from the speaker.

Everyone smiled and said no. They thought that Butler He had arranged something especially important, so they curiously asked Chen Xiangxiang what kind of surprise she had prepared for everyone.

The last time Zhan Xinrong held her birthday banquet, she gave every guest a new iPhone as a gift after they cut the cake. She was so generous that it stunned everyone.

Since the Xi family values Chen Xiangxiang so much, they must be giving some gifts.

Wang Zinan restrained the curiosity in her eyes and tried her best not to reveal her petty and poor aura. But to be honest, she really wanted another new iPhone.

Because in the end, the iPhone she got from Zhan Xinrong’s birthday banquet was taken away by her ignorant and incompetent brother, who gave it to his girlfriend.

Chen Xiangxiang also smiled, because Xi Yan had also attended Zhan Xinrong’s birthday banquet last time.

Although he had something to do at the last minute and went out with Uncle Xi today, he definitely would’ve instructed the butler to prepare everything properly.

Just as Chen Xiangxiang put on the posture of a host and was preparing to go up and say a few words after Butler He announced the surprise…

Butler He held the microphone and nodded. “Oh, you’re all done eating, right? Okay, then Miss Chen Xiangxiang’s birthday banquet will end here today. Thank you for coming. Now, please leave in an orderly manner.”