Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 50 chapters

Chen Xiangxiang finally understood what Yan Xi meant when she said, ” I hope I didn’t ruin your fun.”

She clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles turned pale. Only then did she suppress the awkwardness and embarrassment in her heart. “Uncle He, please stop joking…”

What’s the difference between this and chasing them out? These young masters and young ladies have big tempers. If we really offend them, Butler He won’t be able to bear the responsibility!

Chen Xiangxiang hoped that Butler He could be sensible and change his words to redeem himself. He shouldn’t be so unappreciative.

At the same time, she looked at Fu Yuhuai expectantly. He has always been happy to speak up for me.

Butler He was expressionless. “I’m sorry, but this is Eldest Miss’s instruction. Eldest Miss said that she has already allowed all of you to finish the cake for Young Master Yuhuai and Young Master Ziang’s sake.”

To be freeloading in our house and still daring to say bad things about our Eldest Miss, where do these nobodies get the shame to do that from?

Fu Yuhuai let out a low laugh. “Oh~ For my sake~” He dragged out his words, as if he was about to flare up the next second.

“Then, Xiangxiang, invite your guests out.” Fu Yuhuai’s expression suddenly darkened, but it wasn’t towards Butler He.

Chen Xiangxiang had never been so embarrassed in her life.

The group of more than twenty people were quickly invited out of the Xi family mansion.

Many people were sent over by their families’ chauffeurs. At this moment, the chauffeurs hadn’t arrived yet, so they could only stand outside and wait.

It was still the cold weather in spring so the girls that stood outside in a small gown soon started shivering from the cold. The boys were also suffering as well, because they had given their suit jackets to the girls. They were only wearing a thin shirt, yet they still had to pretend to be a gentleman even though they were shivering from the cold too.

Zhan Xinrong had a bad temper so she crossed her arms and looked at Chen Xiangxiang, who was trying her best to calm everyone down, with a scrutinizing gaze.

“Didn’t you say that you’re the eldest daughter of the Xi family? Then what’s with that girl just now?”

“What do you think? She’s lying to us, of course! Who doesn’t know that the Xi family has an eldest miss to begin with? Now that the person in question is back, she doesn’t mean a thing!” Luo Wanrong was disdainful, and she had also only just remembered the eldest miss of the Xi family.

When she was young, she was once the most dazzling existence in the circle of the first-rate aristocratic families in Bei Qiao City. She was what everyone called, the trophy child.

Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to have a good life. First, Mrs. Xi —whose name was Yan Qingcheng— had contracted cancer, and Yan Xi then focused on taking care of her sick mother. From then on, she faded from people’s sight and she didn’t even continue studying anymore.

After Yan Qingcheng passed away, Yan Xi fainted on the day of the funeral and was sent to the hospital for a checkup. After doing the checkup, it was found that she had blood cancer.

At the time, Yan Xi was not even 15 years old. After that, she had been undergoing treatment for three years and had never shown her face in public again.

Everyone almost thought that the eldest miss of the Xi family had already passed away.

Besides, didn’t the Xi family happily call Chen Xiangxiang over just to replace the real eldest miss and take care of the Xi family members?

But, judging from what we saw just now, it seems that the person in question is indeed still sick, but not on the verge of death. Her figure was thin, but she still looked fine.

She’s not even dead yet, yet Chen Xiangxiang is already holding a birthday banquet with such fanfare. Does she really think that the eldest miss of the Xi family is made of clay and doesn’t have a temper?

Luo Wanrong felt that the Xi family’s matter was especially annoying. She started to have some opinions about Chen Xiangxiang in her heart, and her thoughts of interacting with her had also faded.

Chen Xiangxiang pursed her lips, and her eyes started to get watery. “Wanrong, I didn’t lie. Uncle Xi does plan to adopt me as his adopted daughter, which is why there are rumors about me being the eldest miss of the Xi family, but I’m actually not. I know I’m not worthy of that title too.”

Zhan Xinrong was originally very angry that Chen Xiangxiang had embarrassed her. But now that she saw that Chen Xiangxiang’s eyes were red, she was instantly furious at Luo Wanrong’s aggressiveness.

“It’s not like you can’t see how much the Xi family likes Xiangxiang. What do you mean by substitute? They adopted Xiangxiang purely because they like her. As long as the adoption relationship is established, Xiangxiang will be the young lady of the Xi family, and she’ll be the only young lady soon. Why? Do you have a problem with that?”

Luo Wanrong snorted coldly and couldn’t be bothered to argue with her.

Coincidentally, the cars arrived, and the group parted unhappily.

After Chen Xiangxiang sent them away one by one, the smile on her face faded. She really didn’t expect Yan Xi to fall out with her like this.

It is indeed very embarrassing for me to have my identity exposed today, and I have also lost my reputation in the circle. But Yan Xi didn’t gain a lot of benefits either. She’s the eldest miss of the Xi family, yet she chased all the guests out because of her jealousy. She’s simply just ill-bred to the extreme.

To do such a rude thing, Xi Jingxing will definitely be busy apologizing to all the families tomorrow.

Who knows who would be the one that’s actually embarrassed?

This was the first time Lu Qingming had been chased out in such a disheveled state. In short, he felt very sour.

That eldest miss is so tough. Most aristocratic families pay a lot of attention to their reputation and etiquette. As long as there is no deep hatred, everyone who goes to their house is a guest, and it’s really rude to chase away all the guests.

The reputation of the eldest daughter of the Xi family being hot-tempered and insensible will most probably be spread throughout Bei Qiao City tomorrow.

Tsk, tsk. The number one aristocratic young lady in Bei Qiao City? She’s going to have give this title to someone else in the blink of an eye.

He didn’t wait with the group of people, and instead went straight to his cousin’s mansion next door.

In the Chinese-styled courtyard, the early-blooming cherry blossoms had already bloomed.

Lu Qingming thought of the multiflora roses that were all over the courtyard walls. It’ll probably be the blooming season soon, and by then, the walls will be full of roses again.

Unfortunately, Cousin is like an iceberg that wouldn’t melt for ten thousand years. Though he looks gentle and refined, he just doesn’t let others use his flower wall to take photos.

Under the eaves, someone was sitting quietly in a large rattan chair. He was dressed in a long Chinese-style snow-colored robe and had a book on his knees. Cherry blossoms fell all over his body, making him look as elegant as a painting.

He looked to only be about 18 or 19 years old, but his eyes were extremely beautiful, so beautiful that it was as though the boundary of gender had been blurred.

Lu Qingming had complained more than a hundred times that it was all his cousin’s fault for causing him to completely lose all concept of girls’ beauty. He felt that everyone looked average and was once suspected of not being straight.

But he was actually very jealous of his cousin. Why didn’t I inherit even a single bit of this stunning beauty?

“Big Brother!” Although he was jealous, Lu Qingming was still very afraid of him in his heart, which was why he had even walked over with much lighter steps.

When he got closer, he realized that his cousin was in fact, not reading. His dark eyes were quietly looking in the direction of the Xi family mansion.

Lu Qingming instantly remembered the grievance he had just suffered.

“Big Brother, let me tell you this. The eldest miss of the Xi family, who has cancer, is back!”

The man’s slender and fair fingers suddenly trembled slightly. The owner of the hand suddenly looked up at him and said in a cold voice, “You mean Yan Xi?”

“Ah, right.” Lu Qingming scratched his head. He had too little interaction with her, so he couldn’t even remember her name. “I think that’s her name.”

“Say, Big Brother, when she was young, the elders in the family always said that the eldest miss of the Xi family had good etiquette and manners. They bragged so much about her. But in my opinion, even if she was good when she was young, she might not be good when she’s older! Do you know that she actually got the servants to chase all of us out today?!”