Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of 50 chapters

Lu Qingming sat down at the small coffee table at the side. “Do you know why she did that? She did that because Uncle Xi adopted a girl, so she’s unhappy and jealous!”

He sighed. “Say, as someone that’s about to die, why is she still so petty? Isn’t it good that someone can be filial on her behalf and bring joy to the Xi family?”

As he spoke, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

When he looked up and met his cousin’s dark eyes, he felt an inexplicable chill run down his spine. “… C-Cousin?”

“Get up. You’re sitting in the wrong seat.” A moment later, his dark eyes moved away from Lu Qingming calmly.

“Huh? Oh!” Lu Qingming scratched his head and hurriedly got up to squat at the side.

I almost thought there’s a murderous glint in Cousin’s eyes just now.

Cousin’s clearly a person who doesn’t care about anything. Being as cold as a fairy in the Moon Palace at a young age, even Chang’e isn’t as cold-hearted as him.

Meanwhile, Xie Changze stood up with the book in his hand. The wind blew from time to time, and the young man’s clothes fluttered in the wind.

He turned his head slightly with an indifferent expression. “Presumptuously speculating about others and saying bad things about them, is this your upbringing?”

Lu Qingming felt a little wronged. “I didn’t even say anything! Besides, Yan Xi wasn’t in the right either. She’s too petty. No wonder everyone calls her a short-lived ghost…”

“When did you become so mean?” Xie Changze looked down at him. His tone was calm, but it had an inexplicable sense of oppression.

“You were a guest in someone else’s house, yet you’re still making rude comments about her. You deserved to be chased out.”

When Lu Qingming met his gaze, his heart skipped a beat, and he immediately fell silent.

I think, I might have said something wrong… Cousin really is angry… Boohoo, I’m scared!

“I, I was wrong!” Lu Qingming hurriedly apologized. “I won’t say it ever again.”

Only then did Xie Changze look away and turn to leave. “Also, she won’t have a short life. She will live longer than anyone else.”

The tall, jade-like figure disappeared from his sight. Lu Qingming stood rooted to the ground, his head full of question marks.

There were many questions that the little boy couldn’t understand.

Yan Xi fell asleep, and her dream was still filled with a number of chaotic figures.

When she woke up, everything around her was quiet and the sky was still dark. She walked to the balcony to take a breather before she put on her mask and went to the lakeside for her morning exercise.

Her body was still rather weak, so she didn’t dare to run and could only brisk walk.

There was usually no one around at this time, especially since this area was surrounded by mansions.

But this morning, there was actually someone jogging by the lake. The man had long legs and a slender figure, and the movements he made while running were full of strength and beauty.

Yan Xi narrowed her eyes with intrigue, and her mood had finally improved by a little bit.

The skies were clear, and life was lovable. There was no need for her to be dispirited over a mere Chen Xiangxiang.

Yan Xi brisk walked for half a round around the lake before walking back home. She then happened to see the man walking to the mansion next to hers after his run around the lake.

Their eyes met, and Yan Xi smiled politely. “Hello.”

The man nodded slightly, his gaze calm and gentle. “Hello.”

“Eldest Miss!” Someone rushed out of the courtyard. Yan Xi turned around and entered her mansion’s courtyard.

Xi Jingxing and Xi Yan were both awake. The two of them ran out in their pajamas and looked at Yan Xi excitedly.

Yan Xi smiled and greeted them. “Dad, Big Brother, I’ll go upstairs to take a shower, and let’s have breakfast together after that.”

When Yan Xi went downstairs, Xi Jingxing and Xiyan had already finished washing up. When they saw the rashes on Yan Xi’s face, Xi Jingxing exclaimed, “Yanyan, your face…”

“It’s the adverse drug reaction from taking a new medicine.” Yan Xi’s expression was calm.

During breakfast, both Xi Jingxing and Xi Yan’s expressions became heavier, and in Xi Jingxing’s eyes was the same painful and sad expression.

After breakfast, he specially asked the family doctor to give Yan Xi a body checkup and he also asked about the rashes on her face.

“The rashes aren’t serious. They will subside automatically some time after she stops taking the medicine. She just has to be careful not to touch it lest it leaves a scar.”

But it was impossible for her to stop taking the medicine. At this current stage, Yan Xi had to take the medicine every day to control her condition temporarily.

Xi Jingxing stared at Yan Xi’s horribly-shaped face that was covered in rashes and was in a daze for a moment.

“May I come in?” There was a knock on the door, and Chen Xiangxiang’s voice sounded at the same time.

After she came in, she took the initiative to greet everyone. She then also took the initiative to apologize to Yan Xi. “Sister Yanyan, I’m sorry for making you unhappy yesterday…”

She was sensible and well-mannered, so Xi Jingxing was very satisfied with her and pulled her over to show Yan Xi. “Yanyan, don’t you think Xiangxiang looks a lot like your younger sister? Your eyes look really similar!”

Yan Xi looked up and calmly sized up Chen Xiangxiang.

Chen Xiangxiang’s eyes were indeed very similar to hers, and the similarity was at least sixty to seventy percent.

It was just that Chen Xiangxiang looked more lively and beautiful, while Yan Xi looked calm and gentle. She held a natural power that was gentle, powerful, and able to reassure others.

Yan Xi smiled. “We don’t really look that similar anymore.”

Her face was covered in rashes, and she no longer looked the same as before.

Chen Xiangxiang’s gaze was very well-behaved. When she saw the rashes on Yan Xi’s face, she pretended not to see it. “Sister Yanyan, you will definitely recover soon! Uncle Xi brought me back because he wanted me to donate my bone marrow to you for your treatment…”

She spoke very excitedly, as if once the bone marrow was donated, Yan Xi’s illness would immediately be cured.

“Wait.” Yan Xi suddenly turned her head and asked Xi Jingxing, “Dad, isn’t it already our turn to get the F Research Institute’s single-cell injection medicine? Where did it go?”

Xi Jingxing was dumbfounded and he went silent.

Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help lowering her head.

Yan Xi’s gaze was also dazed for a moment. Then she heard Xi Jingxing’s hoarse voice. “The medicine has already been given to Xiangxiang’s mother.”

The anti-cancer drugs developed by the F Research Institute were already sold for as much as 1.8 million yuan per shot. Plus, it was the kind of drug that was priceless, and people had to queue for many years before they could actually get their hands on the drug.

Yan Xi has waited three years for the drug. Yet Xi Jingxing gave it to Chen Xiangxiang’s mother?

The room was so quiet that one could even hear a pin dropping on the ground. Everyone was in shock, especially Xi Yan and their family doctor, Mo Yun.

Everyone knew very well how long Yan Xi had waited for this medicine.

“Dad!” Xi Yan couldn’t help raising his voice. “Why did you give the medicine to an outsider? What about Little Sister?”

That’s a medicine that can save her life! Without it, she might really die!

Chen Xiangxiang’s face was pale as she looked at Xi Jingxing helplessly. Xi Jingxing’s face was full of shame, and he could barely lift up his head.

“The situation was urgent at the time. Xiangxiang’s mother also had cancer and she needed the medicine to save her life. Xiangxiang begged me, so I had no choice. After all, her deceased husband was from the Chen family…”

Mo Yun frowned upon hearing this. What kind of nonsense is Xi Jingxing saying? When did he become such a saint? He gave the medicine that could save his daughter’s life away so easily when someone begs for it?

After speaking, Xi Jingxing seemed to feel more at ease as he looked up at Yan Xi. “Yanyan, I’m sorry…”