Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of 50 chapters

Yan Xi’s expression was calm, and there were no longer any emotions surging in her heart.

After all, she had gotten to know the outcome in advance, so there was indeed nothing to be surprised about.

“But Dad, I’ve been waiting for this medicine for three years.” Yan Xi lowered her gaze, and her face was faintly pale. “I might not have another three years to wait for the medicine again.”

It might even take more than three years for them to get the medicine again. There would be too many unforeseen changes in between, and it was unknown if Yan Xi’s body would still be able to hold on until then.

Xi Jingxing’s breathing stagnated, and his heart suddenly hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

Only then did he seem to realize that this casual move of his had in fact, cut off his daughter’s hope of survival.

At the time… He couldn’t blame Chen Xiangxiang for it either, but he could no longer face her pitiful face.

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

“It’s all my fault!” Chen Xiangxiang bit her lower lip lightly and took the initiative to take over the responsibility. “I was the one who knelt down and begged Uncle Xi. I…”

“It’s understandable that you begged for medicine for your mother,” Yan Xi suddenly interrupted.

It was understandable that Chen Xiangxiang wanted to save her mother, but there was nothing excusable about Xi Jingxing giving up the medicine that could save his daughter’s life.

“Since it’s a medicine that could save lives, it doesn’t matter who uses it. It’s fine as long as it can be used. At worst, I’ll just continue queuing for the medicine.” Her expression was calm, and her gaze was clear, as if she wasn’t the one who lost the medicine.

However, Xi Jingxing felt as if he had been slapped, and his face was burning. He had never been in such a embarassing state before.

“Sister Yanyan, you still have me. I can donate my blood and bone marrow to you! Our bone marrows are compatible. I’ve already done the check-up!” Chen Xiangxiang suddenly said.

Yan Xi had just interrupted her because she didn’t want her to talk about this topic.

In the novel, Chen Xiangxiang was the one who mentioned donating her bone marrow first.

Thus, the matter of the two doses of medicine passed just like that, as if it hadn’t existed at all.

After donating her bone marrow, Chen Xiangxiang had completely become Yan Xi’s savior, and Yan Xi was then destined to be inferior to her.

Every time there was a conflict between the two of them, everyone would side with Chen Xiangxiang and use her identity as Yan Xi’s savior to suppress Yan Xi, forcing her to give in to Chen Xiangxiang time and time again.

Because of the bone marrow donation, Xi Jingxing and Xi Yan had also started to treat Chen Xiangxiang well, and her status in the Xi family became extraordinary.

Chen Xiangxiang calmly accepted the role of being Yan Xi’s savior, completely not mentioning that the Xi family had used the medicine that could have been used to save Yan Xi’s life, on her mother.

Since she already knew all of this, it was impossible for Yan Xi to accept Chen Xiangxiang’s bone marrow donation and make herself owe someone else a favor for no reason.

“Forget about donating your blood and bone marrow to me. You’re so thin. Your body probably won’t be able to take it.” Yan Xi smiled calmly. “Besides, with the Yan family’s financial resources, it’s not like they won’t be able to find another suitable bone marrow donor.”

Her grandfather had told her that the Yan family members had their own pride, and she had been by her mother’s side since she was young, so she had already become indifferent to life and death.

If I have to tolerate and be inferior to Chen Xiangxiang just because I accepted her bone marrow donation, allowing her to slander me and my mother’s reputation, I would rather die.

Although Mum might not have been able to make it in time back then, it might not be the case for me. It’s not impossible to cure cancer by myself.

Chen Xiangxiang’s expression stiffened. She probably didn’t expect that someone would reject the hope of living.

Xi Jingxing frowned. “Don’t be childish, Yanyan. Xiangxiang is donating her bone marrow on her own accord.”

“Yeah! She stole your medicine. What’s wrong with her donating her bone marrow to you? Isn’t that what she should do?” Xi Yan originally had a good impression of Chen Xiangxiang. But now that he heard the whole story, he instantly had a problem with her.

Chen Xiangxiang’s face was full of guilt. She clenched her fists and made up her mind. “Sister Yanyan, stop talking. I want to donate my bone marrow to you because that’s what I should do… I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

When she said the words ‘debt of gratitude’, she felt like vomiting blood. What the hell? How did the situation get reversed for Yan Xi to become my family’s life savior?

I clearly wanted to take the initiative and make Yan Xi owe me her life forever so that the others will be grateful to me.

But now, I’m being put in such a pathetic situation and instead, I need to get Yan Xi to accept my bone marrow. Otherwise, I might not be able to get around this hurdle for the rest of my life.

Chen Xiangxiang didn’t expect to get off with a bad start.

“Debt of gratitude? It’s not that serious.” Yan Xi smiled and shook her head. “The two single-cell injections from the F Research Institute are publicly sold for 1.8 million yuan each. The Yan family did spend some effort to get them, so I’ll count that fee to be 200 thousand yuan. You can just return me 3.8 million yuan, then you won’t owe me anything anymore.”

Charging at the price of 3.8 million yuan, Yan Xi wasn’t bullying Chen Xiangxiang. In fact, she was already being very nice to her.

Sure enough, once she said this, Xi Yan was the first to explode. “3.8 million? That’s not possible! Uncle and the other people in our family spent a lot of effort to get those injections!”

Otherwise, why would Yan Xi even have a spot to line up among the numerous cancer patients in the world? It was all thanks to the Yan family.

The gaze Xi Yan had when he looked at Chen Xiangxiang was no longer as happy as a few days ago. The only thing that remained in his eyes was hostility. If I knew that this woman is here to harm my sister, I would have wanted to kill her!

Xi Jingxing also felt that it was inappropriate. “Yanyan, that would be too disadvantageous for you. You can’t possibly do that…”

He looked like he was thinking for Yan Xi’s sake wholeheartedly as he frowned. “Yanyan, don’t be too kind and don’t think about it too much either. Donating her bone marrow is what she should do as the child of the beneficiary…”

“Since you feel that I’m at a disadvantage right now, why did you give up the medicine back then?” Yan Xi suddenly asked.

These words stunned Xi Jingxing. Then, guilt surfaced in his eyes.

At the time, he was possessed. When he saw Chen Xiangxiang kneeling at his feet and begging bitterly, her face, which resembled Yanyan’s, was covered in tears and full of despair. It reminded him of the hardships Yan Xi had gone through when she searched for the cure for his wife.

For a moment, his heart softened, and he then gave the medicine to Chen Xiangxiang.

Although he regretted it afterward, he comforted himself that it would be the same since Chen Xiangxiang was willing to donate her bone marrow to Yan Xi.

But now, facing Yan Xi’s condemnation, he felt very uneasy. This uneasiness intensified his regret.

Chen Xiangxiang was slightly shocked. She knew that things couldn’t continue to go on like this, and she just wished she could give the bone marrow to Yan Xi immediately.

How could Yan Xi let her speak again? She smiled and said, “Since you already gave it up, there’s nothing to be at a disadvantage about. After all, a life was saved, wasn’t it?”

She smiled at Chen Xiangxiang. “You can write me an IOU1, right? This way, you’ll work hard to earn money in the future, and you won’t have to feel sorry toward me anymore.”

Just like that, Chen Xiangxiang could only helplessly and passively write an IOU for Yan Xi.

When she was invited out by the butler, she heard Xi Yan complaining, “I’m so angry! Yanyan, you’re too kind! Why do you have to be so considerate for others and take care of her pride? Has she ever thought about you?”

Meanwhile, Xi Jingxing sat at the side without saying a word, his heart full of pain, guilt, and worry.

He didn’t even look at Chen Xiangxiang once.

All of this made Chen Xiangxiang feel annoyed. She knew that even though she had written an IOU and it seemed like they wouldn’t owe each other anything, she had actually lost completely and would forever be inferior to Yan Xi in the future.