Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of 50 chapters

Moreover, now I need to pay her 3.8 million yuan!

Yan Xi really dared to ask me to pay her 3.8 million yuan!

Where am I going to get so much money?! I’m not from a wealthy family, and without rich parents, how can I earn so much money on my own?

At the thought of her mother, who only knew how to cry and ask her for money, she felt irritated.

If not for the fact that she’s still useful, would I have racked my brains to save her? Did she really think that it’s so easy to take Yan Xi’s medicine?

If Xi Jingxing regrets it, he’ll definitely have a grudge against me. By then, how am I supposed to carry out my future plans?

Chen Xiangxiang returned to her room and closed the door before calling out in her heart, “System, what’s my favorability score from Xi Jingxing and Xi Yan now? Also, how can I earn 3.8 million yuan as quickly as possible?”

By coincidence, Chen Xiangxiang had bound herself to a system called ‘Heartthrob’.

She could gain points by earning her male targets’ favorability scores to exchange for all kinds of heaven-defying rewards, and thus reaching the peak of her life.

This made her ecstatic, because she knew that she was extraordinary and destined to be the phoenix that soared the nine heavens1.

Yan Xi was her stepping stone to achieve her success, and she was the existence that Chen Xiangxiang had to replace.

“Xi Jingxing’s favorability score has decreased to 50%. Xi Yan’s favorability score has decreased to 1%.” A cold mechanical voice sounded in Chen Xiangxiang’s ear, making her heart sink.

“Why did it drop so much?” It’s fine if Xi Jingxing is hypocritical, but Xi Yan’s favorability score has almost hit zero!

To think that I’ve been helping to matchmake him and Wang Zinan such that even on an important occasion like yesterday’s birthday banquet, I lowered myself and invited a poor person like Wang Zinan to attend.

“Forget it.” Chen Xiangxiang didn’t mull over it for long. At this point, there’s no point in doing that. I might as well think about how I should get myself out of my current predicament.

“System, I remember that I can exchange 10 thousand points for cash.” Chen Xiangxiang thought for a moment before saying, “I want to exchange those points for 3.8 million yuan.”

“10 thousand points can only be exchanged for 100 thousand yuan in cash.” The system voice was still cold and heartless.

Chen Xiangxiang frowned. “Why is the amount so little?!”

The system’s rewards in other aspects were very generous. For example, it gave her delicate skin, seductive eyes, and all kinds of priceless treasures like luck and health. But it was very stingy in terms of money.

The points she had painstakingly earned from farming1 so many Favorability Scores were only enough to exchange for 100 thousand yuan!

Forget it, getting 100 thousand yuan is better than nothing. “Forget it. 100 thousand yuan it is. Hurry up and exchange it for me!”

Xi Jingxing and the others are all aware about my current financial situation. If I take out 3.8 million yuan all of a sudden, they will probably question me where I got the money from.

If I give Yan Xi 100 thousand yuan and say that I had worked hard to earn it, it will be just enough to express my determination to repay her and make everyone feel that she’s forcing me to return the money.

In the end, I’ll even be able to get some sympathy points.

Killing three birds with one stone, this plan is perfect. Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help smiling smugly.

The ‘Heartthrob’ system paused for a moment before the mechanical voice sounded again. “… Sorry, host. You do not have enough points to exchange for cash.”

“Not enough points? How is that possible?!” Chen Xiangxiang was speechless. She had confirmed this morning that she had at least 18 thousand points.

Even if Xi Jingxing and Xi Yan’s favorability scores decreased, there would still be at least 10 thousand points.

“… You currently have 6,000 points. Please work harder to increase your target’s favorability score to earn more points.”

Chen Xiangxiang’s heart completely sank. She wasn’t stupid, so she quickly realised what happened. “What are the current favorability scores for Huo Ziang and Fu Yuhuai?”

“… Huo Ziang’s favorability score has decreased to 10%. Fu Yuhuai’s favorability score has decreased to 60%.”

Fu Yuhuai’s favorability score only dropped by 10% so it’s still within an acceptable range. But Huo Ziang’s original 60% has actually dropped to 10%?!

Seems like they already know what happened just now.

Huo Ziang sure is cold-blooded and heartless. It was so difficult to increase his favorability score, yet it fell so quickly. He basically took me for a live bone marrow bank for Yan Xi!

Chen Xiangxiang gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to break, and she could only flip through the book helplessly.

Fortunately, Shengyang High School —the elite school she was studying in— had all sorts of scholarships. She had already exchanged for a smart brain through the system, so she was determined to get the first-class scholarship for the monthly exam.

After Yan Xi settled the matter about the bone marrow donation, she took a look at the IOU and was very satisfied.

She had no intention of making things difficult for Chen Xiangxiang, but she couldn’t let others bully her either.

If Chen Xiangxiang really becomes famous in the future by stepping on me to get to the top like what was written in that novel, she can just wait to get slapped in the face.

She put on her mask and prepared to discuss going back to school with Xi Jingxing.

When she opened the door, an exquisite and small Black Forest cake suddenly appeared in front of her.

A candle was burning quietly on it, illuminating the young man’s exquisite eyes and brows, which seemed to be covered in a layer of warmth.

“Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~” Fu Yuhuai’s fox eyes were full of smiles as he hummed the birthday song softly and gently. “Happy birthday, Yanyan.”

“I wish you…” The tip of his tongue pressed against his teeth as he spoke, as if he was praying piously, just like in the past. “…A long life.”

Yesterday was Yan Xi’s birthday according to the Geogorian calendar, but the Yan and Xi families were both traditional families, so they had always only celebrated their children’s lunar birthday.

Yan Xi’s mother, Yan Qingcheng, doted on her a lot. So on Yan Xi’s twelfth Gregorian birthday, she even prepared a birthday banquet with great fanfare.

That was the very day that Yan Qingcheng fainted from exhaustion from arranging the birthday banquet. After she was sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in less than three years.

Thus, Yan Xi’s Gregorian birthday had also become a pain that the Xi family refused to touch. No one celebrated her birthday on this day anymore, and Yan Xi had no intention of celebrating it either.

But at that time, Fu Yuhuai had already returned to the Fu family. The young man probably still stubbornly believed that his Sister Yanyan deserved to live a long and happy life. Therefore, he would specially come to give her his blessings on the second day of her birthday every year.

“Thank you.” Yan Xi smiled and glanced at the cake lightly. “But I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat the cake, so I can only ask you to help me settle it.”

The smile in Fu Yuhuai’s eyes froze for a moment. “Yanyan, aren’t you going to invite me in to sit for a while? You didn’t even make a wish and blow out the candles.”

Yan Xi pointed at the mask on her face. “Sorry, I’m afraid it’s not convenient for me. Besides, I have something on now. Let’s talk again when I have time.”

Fu Yuhuai smiled helplessly. “You’re always very busy.”

After a pause, he said casually, “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you’re deliberately avoiding me.”

Yan Xi smiled. Even though her face was covered in rashes and was comparable to disfigurement, her eyes were still so beautiful that it was soul-stirring. When she smiled, there were bits of starlight rippling in her eyes, making one’s hearts tremble.

“As long as you’re willing, you’ll always be my best younger brother,” Yan Xi said meaningfully.