Chapter 102 - 1 out of 4

Chapter 102 of 150 chapters

He calmed himself down and looked at War God UI.

No matter what happens, let’s just take the reward first before doing anything else.

Outside the pill furnace, white goose and Qin Xiao Lou were both a bit shocked, then breathed out in relief.

“Ok” Qin Xiao Lou doesn’t mediate anymore, only sat on a chair and crossed his legs, “now we’ll have to see his luck, whether or not he can awaken a Thaumaturgy after breaking through”

“As long as he’s safe, having a Thaumaturgy or not doesn’t matter” white goose casually said.

“Is Third brother fine?” Xiuxiu asked, not knowing anything.

“He’s fine” white goose nodded at her.

Xiuxiu smiled like she got a load off her chest.

On the War God UI, four patterns appeared on the wheel.

A line of text appeared in the middle of the wheel.

“Thaumaturgies has been rolled successfully, because the user’s Quest completion evaluation is S, you’ve received the highest amount to pick from: 4”

“The user can choose 1 out of 4 Thaumaturgy to awaken”

Looks like completing the Quest perfectly does have its benefits, Gu Qing Shan was a little surprised at being able to choose out of so many.

If he didn’t do anything, he’d probably only receive a random Thaumaturgy without the chance to choose.

Looking at the four patterns, he found whichever he looks at will light up and shows him a detailed description.

The first pattern is a clock.

A clock will always signify a time-based Thaumaturgy.

Time-based Thaumaturgies can only be either a God’s Chosen Skill or a Divine Skill.

Gu Qing Shan’s heart jumped a bit.

Then he looked at the detailed description

“God’s Chosen Skill: Timed Announcement”

“Description: On your 22nd birthday, exactly at 8 PM, you can use the skill to let the entire world hear your voice”

———-the fuck can this be used for?

As expected of a God’s Chosen Skill, it could be any type of strange and unusual effect.

Gu Qing Shan could almost feel the black lines on his head, so he skipped to the next pattern.

The second pattern is a fist.

“Martial Thaumaturgy: Air Fist”

“Description: Attack with your fist, within a 3-meter radius, as you use martial arts, you can hit your opponent with the strength of a normal fist attack”

With any martial artist, this would be quite a decent ability, but thinking, Gu Qing Shan feels that he should just keep going on the path of the sword.

Regretfully, he also skipped this one.

The third pattern is a girl.

“God’s Chosen Skill: Female transformation”

“Description: After use, the user will become female. Allure +1000%, personal strength increased to 115%”

Gu Qing Shan doesn’t even hesitate to skip this ability.

He’s feeling a bit anxious now.

Don’t tell me I couldn’t even get a single usable Thaumaturgy?

If there’s no choice, he can only choose Air Fist, it’s a practical Thaumaturgy, all things considered.

Gu Qing Shan sigh, then looked at the last pattern.

The fourth pattern are two silver slithering snakes.

As he looked at it, the two snakes quickly twisted together, forming one big words

“Smiting” (TN: as in Divine Smite)

As he saw that, Gu Qing Shan’s heart jumped again.

“It’s Smiting”

He spoke with a slight trembling voice.

He doesn’t even need to check the description and immediately chose this Thaumaturgy.

“The user has picked Smiting to be his Thaumaturgy, War God Thaumaturgy Quest reward complete”

“10 seconds later, the user will have a choice between Life or Death Lightning”

On the War God UI, the wheel began to shrink, then jumped to one of the black buttons at the bottom, replacing it.

There’s only two active buttons in the entire row of buttons right now, one of them was “War God Skills” and the other was this wheel.

On it, a small icon flashed.

If you look at it carefully, you’d see the words “Smiting” on the icon.

The wheel was completely empty except for this Thaumaturgy.

But Gu Qing Shan is already very pleased.

This is a mutated 5-Element, a Thaumaturgy that many dreams of having.

———Lightning element spirit energy

Lightning isn’t just very effective against demons, it also has numerous other unthinkable uses and characteristics.

In the previous life, after a certain person awaken a Lightning elemental root, he stole a Warship, risked the dangers of meeting space monsters to go to outer space and found a planet to live on.

This was a place the Confederate found after much research, known to have very few space monsters.

The Warship itself have a self-sufficient ecosystem, he only needed to provide it with energy for it to last for 50 years.

After 50 years he would die, but by then the world would’ve already ended and the rest of humanity already died out, it would have been a long enough life.

During the last few dark and depressing years of the Apocalypse, he would send a broadcast of his happy, luxurious daily life for the world to watch.

Right, when he left, he also took his girlfriend with him, a blond beauty.

As well as a dog.

And before the Apocalypse came, he was a chef.

His life was truly something to envy.

Luckily, that happy life only lasted for 7 years, because in the 8th year, a space monster passed by where he was and accidentally killed him.

When the news reached the survivors living the harsh life on Earth for the 8th year in a row, everyone felt a rare sense of happiness that couldn’t be described.

This is the most extreme usage of Lightning Element root; so Gu Qing Shan won’t attempt it.

But you can see from this just how useful Lightning can be.

Inside the pill furnace, Gu Qing Shan opened his eyes.

He’s already awoken the Thaumaturgy, what else did he need to choose?

“Choice begin!”

1 second later, the entire world disappeared in front of his eyes.

Gu Qing Shan found himself standing on a mountainous sanctuary, or to be precise, on a road of a sanctuary.

It was night, the rain was pouring with vigor, only when Gu Qing Shan appeared did the rain suddenly stopped.

All things became still, as the night wind slowly blew, lightning was brewing in the cloud above, occasionally let out a thunderous roar.

It was like the world itself was waiting for something.

Then words appeared from thin air, silently floated in front of where Gu Qing Shan stood.

“Thunder, outer Yin, inner Yang, creating thunder, contains sound but no substance”

“Lightning, inner Yin, outer Yang, sparking lightning, contains light without sound”

“Lightning and Thunder, mirrors Life and Death. Thunder is Death, there is nothing but to kill; Lightning is Life, there’s only a will to live. From Life and Death, choose only one”

“You have 1 minute”

Gu Qing Shan silently read all of it and went silent.

Main 5-Elements and mutated 5-Elements, from what he knows, the awakening process is always the same, so he had no idea that Lightning had such a way of categorizing.

But thinking about it clearly, normally when awakening an Element, most people awaken main 5-Elements; mutated 5-Elements are quite rare, and the rarest of them all would have to be Lightning, so he doesn’t have much information to go on in the first place.

Then which does he choose?

He only has 1 minute.

But Gu Qing Shan already made a choice.

He doesn’t have any interest in the killing aspect of Thunder, because he’s a sword cultivator, and there’s no lack of ways for him to kill with the sword.

If there are too many methods for them to do the same thing, cultivators would eventually have to think about which would be better, thus affecting their progress.

Gu Qing Shan have seen Lightning element cultivators fought their foes.

The strength of Thunder is outrageous, truly something designed to destroy.

In the past life, all players that awaken to Lightning elemental would always choose Thunder type, probably because they’re afraid they might not get strong enough attack skills.

But Gu Qing Shan is absolutely confident that his sword arts won’t lose to any Thunder type cultivators in destructive power.