Chapter 110 - Ascending Sky Palace

Chapter 110 of 150 chapters

They are such simple words that as long as you are paying attention you’d be able to make it out, so many people there raised stifled laughs.

Lee Chang An was very angry, enough to almost want to go and kill them.

But in front of all those people, he definitely can’t do such a thing.

Lee Chang An calmed his emotions, tapped his Inventory Bag and took out a talisman.


He silently shouted, activating the talisman.

The talisman quickly burned up, turning into a Phoenix.

“A divine beast!”

Someone shouted in surprise.

Everyone quickly focused their eyes.

Even Spirit Beats Sect doesn’t own a divine beast.

The phoenix happily cawed, spread its wings wide and flew to the sky.

On the way, all things it passed through became a road of fire.

The sky turned into a road of fire.


Lee Chang An ordered.

All the members of Blue Clouds Pass walked on this road straight to the Sky Palace.

Miraculously, the fire doesn’t seem to hurt them at all.

While Lee Chang An ascended, he even looked down mockingly at Gu Qing Shan.

He also opened his mouth and soundlessly said something.

“Just you wait”

Gu Qing Shan ignored it, but still praised: “This method of ascending the Sky Palace really is outside the box”

“Senior brother isn’t mad?” Xiuxiu curiously asked.

Gu Qing Shan smiled, then took out a bunch of snacks.

He asked: “What do you want to eat, Xiuxiu?”

Xiuxiu was already bored of watching, so when she saw these snacks, her eyes glowed in excitement.

“When did senior brother buy all these, how come I didn’t know?”

“I bought them all when you were busy looking at the spirit beasts”

“Hm, so delicious, senior brother is so good”

“Of course I am”

Blue Clouds Pass had just used an unforgettable method to ascend the Sky Palace.

After them, a loud Buddha chant was heard.


One of the 3 Saints, Great Monk of Sorrow’s sect is also here ———Spirit Leaf Temple.

The one that is in charge on their side is a young monk who has his eyes closed, looking around 17-18 years old, about the same age as Gu Qing Shan.

As he chanted, golden lotuses sprouted from the earth, lifting the people of Spirit Leaf Temple up to Sky Palace.

“Wow, Golden Lotus From Earth, this is a Buddhist thaumaturgy, what an eye-opener indeed!” Xiuxiu ate her snacks while excitedly commented.

Then she suddenly thought of something.

Something extremely important.

“Senior brother, senior brother!”


“We both don’t know how to fly; how do we go up?”

Gu Qing Shan looked around to see there weren’t many other people atop the mountain anymore.

“No need to worry” Gu Qing Shan smiled, “Shifu is even more concerned about this type of thing than we are”

The tapped his Inventory Bag, taking out a communication talisman.

“Bai Hua Sect” Gu Qing Shan raised his voice.

These three words were like magic, as soon as they were heard, even the cultivators already on the Sky Palace had to look down.

“Gu Qing Shan, here to bring our sect members to participate in the semester examination!”

After saying so, he solemnly bowed at Sky Palace.

As the communication talisman was activated by his spirit energy, it turned into a flame and flew away.

They all waited for a few breaths, but nothing happened.

Lee Chang An’s face visually changed, his thoughts quickly turned.

Who could’ve known, this guy is actually from Bai Hua Sect, no wonder he dared to oppose me.

But so what if he’s from Bai Hua Sect, I’m also a Saint’s disciple, I’ll step on you, step on you!

Ning Yue Xi…

Thinking about the beautiful Saintess, his eyes became even fiercer.

———-may be stepping on him might be more effective than anyone else for this.

As he thought so, he quickly acted.

The sound of his laugh quickly came from the Sky Palace.

All the cultivators turned back to see it was Blue Clouds Pass’ Lee Chang An

Lee Chang An shook his head, saying: “Bai Hua Sect only sent two people, if you can’t come up here then you’d better just leave”

As everyone heard that, they were all confused.

Why does that mean?

Does Blue Clouds Pass and Bai Hua Sect have some discord?

But Bai Hua Sect shouldn’t get into any problems at this kind of occasion though?

Then again, Bai Hua Fairy is very hard to predict, so who knows what could happen.

Lee Chang An dared to say it, but normal cultivators like them don’t. They all shut their mouths, only exchanged looks or sent voices to each other and stayed completely silent, afraid they might invite some unwarranted trouble.

Suddenly a 7-colored cloud appeared at the horizon.

This cloud was as beautiful as it was majestic, containing a dignified air, enough for all that sees it to become immersed.

The 7-colored cloud quickly descended, turning into a beastly wild, mature older woman as she reached the top of the mountain.

Gu Qing Shan pulled Xiuxiu and quickly bowed, saying: “I greet you, Saint”

The mature woman smiled, saying: “No need to be so formal, I’m here on orders of Fairy to assist you”

Saying so, she twirled her body, turning into a giant peacock with majestic tail feathers.

Normally, only male peacocks would have colorful tail feathers like this, but how could Beast Saint Peacock be compared to a normal peacock? As a divine beast, every feather on her body contains immense beauty and essence of her Dao, it could even help with feeling and comprehending the laws of the world.

“We’ve troubled you, I can offer nothing but gratitude” Gu Qing Shan once again bowed.

Beast Saint Peacock felt his respect and nodded: “Let’s go”

As she swung her wings, Gu Qing Shan and Xiuxiu quickly got on her back.

Carrying the two of them, Beast Saint Peacock spread her wings and ascended Sky Palace.

Her beautiful form seems just like a cloud of 7 colors, but more slender and soft, unforgettable to all that sees it.

All the cultivators couldn’t help but held their breath at this scene.

Sainted realm is the limit of cultivation, the symbol of status, a title without equals, a position that’s always treated with the utmost respect.

In the entire history of humanity, there hasn’t been a single person that could make a Sainted realm beast into their steed.

The actions of Bai Hua Sect this time would definitely still be a topic of discussion, not only for the next few dozen years, but perhaps hundreds.

Gu Qing Shan and Xiuxiu dropped down onto the Sky Palace square, as Beast Saint Peacock nodded at them, turned into a cloud and softly drifted away.

Looking to her left, Xiuxiu saw a bunch of cultivators looking at them, stunned. Looking to her right, she also only saw a bunch of cultivators looking at them, stunned.

She asked Gu Qing Shan in a low voice: “I think Shifu might have gone a bit overboard”

Gu Qing Shan replied, also in a low voice: “Shifu purposely wanted such an effect”

Xiuxiu thought about it a bit, then nodded in agreement.

After a while, everyone finally regained their senses, got back to discussing among each other.

Lee Chang An’s face was sour as lemon, annoyed. He turned away and acted like he didn’t see it to get over his annoyance.

10 minutes later, the semester examination officially started.

The very first round is very simple, all they had to do is show off their strongest ability, 7 sect masters that was nominated by the cultivation world will begin to evaluate them, if they feel like they’re talents that can be nurtured, they’ll be passed.

During this time’s semester examination, all sects basically opened their back door, even martial artists that are halfway decent will be accepted into a sect.

The first round quickly finished, as most martial artists and low-rank cultivators were accepted into one sect or another.

Quite a few were so happy they cried.

Gu Qing Shan was also very sentimental, during the part life, he came here as a lone cultivator, but since he only knew a single sword style, he couldn’t even make it past the first round.

At the time, he was so poor, that even that sword style was something he had gotten from risking his life at the frontlines.

After the first round is the second round.

The second round is to test their knowledge.

Members of sects will categorize and test the lone cultivators, those that pass will go onto the next round.

Entering the next round is the same as getting the qualifications to become an inner-hall disciple, if you fail, you’ll have to keep training yourself as an outer-hall disciple. (1)

Four Martial Eminence are responsible for testing the martial artists and martial cultivators. Three 5-elementalist are responsible for spell users. Three sword cultivators are responsible for testing sword cultivator, Blade users and other weapon-specialized cultivators. And two Elders are responsible for testing God’s Chosen Skills.

Xiuxiu doesn’t do anything else but watch the process of testing God’s Chosen Skills, completely interested.

“Senior brother, can we really just stay here and do nothing like this?” She asked anxiously.

“Doing this is for the best, we get to open our eyes to the world, and come back safely, perfectly complying with Shifu’s orders” Gu Qing Shan smiled and answered.


(1) inner hall and outer hall: A common way to separate cultivators in a sect. Inner hall cultivators usually are more talented, so they get more resources to become stronger quicker, and will usually take up important positions in a sect. Outer hall cultivators are less talented, get less resources but have to contribute more to the sect through various kinds of works, they basically make up most of the low-mid ranged fighting strength of a sect.