Chapter 112 - Sect entrance test

Chapter 112 of 150 chapters

“You’ll focus on the sword from now on?” Ning Yue Xi asked.

Gu Qing Shan kept his hesitant expression, saying: “Perhaps, asides from training the sword, I could also occasionally train with the Blade”

“You can’t” Ning Yue Xi advised him against it, “no matter if it’s the sword or the Blade, true strength comes from being single-minded, you can’t split your concentration”

“If that’s so, then fine” Gu Qing Shan reluctantly said: “I’ll focus myself on the sword”

“Hm, that’s right” Ning Yue Xi nodded, pleased.

All the male cultivators in the area have already bowed their heads in dejection, speechless.

Saintess, this isn’t how you normally are!




The resounding sound of the bell.

The 3rd round of the examination is about to begin.

Ning Yue Xi hesitantly said: “I’ll have to leave, I’m responsible for the 3rd round of the examination”

“Ok then” Gu Qing Shan nodded, taking out a communication talisman.

This is his communication talisman.

Ning Yue Xi quietly took it, taking out a communication talisman of her own, nodded and gave it to Gu Qing Shan.

All her fellow female cultivators hide their smiles with their sleeves, but couldn’t hide it with their eyes.

Ning Yue Xi is also easily embarrassed, so she turned around and declared: “Sisters, let us leave”

“Senior brother, we’ll be going first, see you!”

“See you”

“Sisters, see you!”

“Little sister, remember to listen to your senior brother ok, if you’re free, come to Heaven’s Limit Sect”

“Yes, I’ll definitely come”

After all their formalities, Ning Yue Xi brought her smiling sisters back to Heaven’s Limit Sect.

“How is he?” One of them silently asked.

The others held their secret art jade tags, then all at once: “Full marks!”

Right after was the 3rd round of the semester examination.

It was only at this stage that the elders and leaders of large sects started to become serious.

The elites that represent their sects also showed full interest.

The first round is very simple, its main purpose is to evaluate the new blood; the second round is testing their knowledge, to further explore their temperament and talents, to separate the riff-raffs from true cultivators.

This is meant to filter out people who are weak-minded, or so lazy that they don’t have the will to cultivate. No matter how talented they are, they will not be accepted.

Because such a situation has happened before.

There was once a person who is quite decently talented, but a complete coward. After being raised with mountains of resources, he easily reached a decently high realm of cultivation.

But the results of that was, even as a Golden Core realm, he was so scared that he literally pissed himself facing weak demon beasts.

Even among peers in his sect, he never dared to spar or fight with anyone.

Meaning, the sect had used so much resources just to raise a good-for-nothing.

People who are like this must be filtered out from the very start.

After two rounds of filtering, the third round is the real place to pick out talents.

The true talents and potential of a cultivator will be shown in this round.

During this round, the only newcomers left would be exceptionally talented martial artists, or lone cultivators that made it to qi training and Foundation Establishment through their own effort.

There are no “average person” in this round.

“Average people” has already been eliminated from the other two rounds, where they’ll climb up step by step, solidifying their foundations, train their temperament, learn about the common sense of cultivation ————this is a process that cannot be passed.

A large bronze plate and its support was brought by two cultivators onto the platform.

Ning Yue Xi softly jumped onto the platform, standing next to it.

Just by standing there, she was like a descended angel, pure and beautiful.

All the male cultivators’ sights clung onto her, unable to take them off.

Ning Yue Xi began to host the 3rd round’s examination.

She announced: “Semester examination, 3rd round, start!”

“All newcomers who has passed the 2nd round are to come up here and place their hand on the bronze plate”

“A reminder, those that have already joined a sect still have to come here to join the 3rd round”

From start to finish, there was no ruckus to stop her words, and no one voiced their resistance.

All the elders of the sects exchanged looks, nodding to each other in satisfaction.

In the previous years, there would always be some ruckus at this stage.

Quite a few newcomers don’t want to touch the bronze plate, afraid that their elemental root or unique abilities will be revealed.

They don’t understand that their small little tricks couldn’t even count as actual abilities, not to mention completely insignificant in the face of actual cultivators.

But since the host this time was Ning Yue Xi, all those hot-headed, or cold-blooded, or self-centered, narcissistic male newcomers all stayed silent without raising any ruckus.

Maybe it’s because they want to show off their good side to the beauty that is Ning Yue Xi?

Ning Yue Xi is Heaven’s Limit Sect Saintess, as well as their next sect leader in line.

Thinking that they could catch her eyes, even if a little bit, they’re all very glad to show off their best side.

“Seems like next year, we’ll need to have her host the 3rd round again” one sect’s elder suggested.

“That’s a good idea”

“I agree”


All the elders were busily discussing among themselves.

The very first newcomer went up, nervously touched the bronze plate.

A red light shot out from the plate, circled around him once before going back into the plate.

“Very good, you have a Fire elemental root, but it’s not awaken yet, do your best to cultivate from now on. Step down now”

Ning Yue Xi said.

Behind her, a row of judging cultivators each held a jade tag in their hand, recording the person’s results.

The newcomer happily bowed, silently looked at Ning Yue Xi a bit longer before stepping down.

The second newcomer went up, also touching the bronze plate.

Suddenly it spun, turned into a large bell and trapped that person inside.

Ning Yue Xi lightly tapped the bronze plate, retracting it.

She told the newcomer who was still stunned: “You have a trapping type God’s Chosen Skill, do your best to cultivate and awaken it one day”

The newcomer was joyfully bowed, quickly stepping off the platform.

The 3rd newcomer went up, but this time the bronze plate stayed still.

Seeing the newcomer, a bit lost, Ning Yue Xi lightly smiled and encouraged him: “No worries, even without an elemental root or God’s Chosen Skill, you can still cultivate yourself, one day you’ll definitely become strong”

As he heard that, his entire body became alive again.

He blankly stared at Ning Yue Xi, clasped his hands and bowed: “Thank you fairy, for your teaching”

This scene will become something that he never forgets.

At the end of his life, throughout his countless experiences and struggles, as well as times of happiness and glory, never will he forget that during this day of a semester examination, a brilliantly beautiful woman that encouraged him so.

As time passed, the 3rd round was already half done.

One newcomer whose sect has already been determined went up. Seeing Ning Yue Xi was the examiner, he couldn’t wait anymore and also wanted some glory, so he quickly touched the bronze plate.

As he touched the bronze plate, it showed phantom images of countless weapons, finally stopping at the sword.

Many cultivators below immediate paid attention ———-perhaps the Saintess will no longer hate sword cultivator from now on?

If that’s the case, at least that guy did something good for everyone.

But as soon as Ning Yue Xi saw the sword phantom, she scoffed coldly: “You trained with the sword? Then you’ll be a sword cultivator, go, quickly scram!”

The other person was shocked speechless, then Ning Yue Xi swung her sleeves, using her spirit pressure to push him off.

Many people in the crowd that had weapon shrunk their heads.

All the sword cultivator instantly felt hopelessness again.

Xiuxiu found it interesting so she tiptoed, trying to get a better look.

Gu Qing Shan rubbed Xiuxiu’s head, carefully asked: “Are you still anxious?”

Xiuxiu looked up, then truthfully answered: “Not anxious, everything is so fun, but there are so many people so I can’t see the stage”

Gu Qing Shan thought a bit, then held Xiuxiu and placed her on his shoulder.

“How about now?” He asked.

“Wow, I can see everything, thank you, senior brother!” Xiuxiu was very happy.

Cultivators from all sides glared are them ——–are you two here to have fun or participate in the semester examination!?

At this moment, a girl stepped up and touched the plate, suddenly it burst into flame and broke into two pieces.

The girl was scared stiff, sobbed and said: “It’s not me, I didn’t break it!”

Ning Yue Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, lightly tapped the broken bronze plate to turn it back to normal.

“You have an unawakened Fire elemental root, as well as an unawakened Attack-type God’s Chosen Skill, talent like yours is very rare, do your best to cultivate and quickly awaken them” she casually said.

The girl finally understood that it’s because she had both an elemental root and a God’s Chosen Skill, immediately stopped crying and smiled.

As soon as the girl stepped off, numerous sect elders stepped out to try and recruit her.

Another newcomer went up, placing his hand on the bronze plate.

The plate then showed a cultivator’s phantom who was quickly doing a series of fist martial arts.

“You’ll probably awaken to a fist-type martial thaumaturgy; you should do your best to improve your martial arts skill” Ning Yue Xi nodded.

The other person joyfully stepped off.

“There’s quite a few good seeds here” Gu Qing Shan muttered.

Xiuxiu sat on his shoulder, suddenly asked: “Senior brother, will we come up there?”

“We won’t” Gu Qing Shan answered.

“Ah, but I’m so curious”

Gu Qing Shan asked: “What are you curious about?”

Xiuxiu: “I’m curious what would happen if I touch the plate”

“A dark-grey colored thread of light will fly out and circled you once” Gu Qing Shan continued, “perhaps it won’t be just a thread, the specifics will have to depend on how strong your elemental root is, the stronger the root the stronger it will show”

He also added: “Our sect also has one of these, if you’re very curious, when we come back we can ask second brother to find it for you to play with”

Xiuxiu nodded satisfyingly, then suddenly asked: “If Shifu were to touch it, what would happen?”

Gu Qing Shan thought for a while, then said: “It would probably change for 3 days and 3 nights, each time showing a different thing”

Xiuxiu couldn’t help but laugh.

While they were talking, a man about 20 years old walked towards them.

“Hm? Hello fellow Dao seeker, is there anything you need?”

Gu Qing Shan evaluated the person, then asked.

The man suddenly kneeled down on the spot, bowing to Gu Qing Shan, making the two of them almost jumped in surprise.

Then he said: “This humble one has always head his loyalty to Bai Hua Sect, I beg of you to take me in, I’ll be very grateful”

Gu Qing Shan and Xiuxiu exchanged looks, as Xiuxiu asked: “Senior brother?”

Gu Qing Shan looked at the other person, saying: “If you want to join Bai Hua Sect, then come to Bai Hua Immortal country to attempt the Bai Hua lists. If you succeed, the Saint will evaluate whether or not you have the ability to join us”

The other person quickly: “This humble one does not dare to wish for the Saint to take him”

Gu Qing Shan was surprised: “Then what are you kneeling for?”

The other person’s eyes showed slyness, loudly saying: “I beg you to take me as your disciple!”

Gu Qing Shan almost coughed up blood.

“Fellow Dao seeker, I’m not even as old as you are, this is not appropriate” He said.

“Is it very appropriate, how could it not be, a person like you must be extremely talented, unrivalled in both brain and brawn, in the future you would definitely be the core of humanity’s might, possibly even a Saint, so please take me as your disciple!” he said determined.

All the other people watched him in confusion, then suddenly realized.

That’s right, no matter how he really is, he’s a member of Bai Hua Sect. If you can become his disciple then you’re also a member of Bai Hua Sect by proxy.