Chapter 116 - Path to Heaven

Chapter 116 of 150 chapters

He then walked to where Ning Yue Xi and carried Xiuxiu again.

“Senior brother” Xiuxiu hugged him close.

“Hm, no one gets to bully our Xiuxiu” Gu Qing Shan smiled as he rubbed her head.

Ning Yue Xi’s sight was also stuck onto him, almost unable to take it off.

Everyone silently watched his scene, still unable to take it in.

He was killed just like that?

This was a direct disciple of one of the 3 Saints, Xuanyuan Tianzun, yet he was killed in front of everyone just like that?

Very quickly, the policing cultivators went up to clean the body, to prepare for the next step of the semester examination, the entire process was swift and quick.

Even after 10 minutes of cleaning, Xuanyuan Tianzun still hasn’t shown himself.

Xuanyuan Tianzun is known to be someone that conceals his defects and mistakes, yet he’s not showing up after his disciple was killed, very clearly showing his attitude.

It was now that all the elders exchanged looks and nodded.

If the Saint doesn’t show up, that means they had silently agreed to this and everyone can just ignore it.

Some cultivators were looking at the ring, some at Gu Qing Shan, but no one dared to speak even half a word about how he killed someone.

Everyone had the same thought in their minds.

This is a psychopath, absolutely do not offend him.

A while later.

Even if there was a bit of distraction, the semester examination is still a very important tradition to humanity, they still have to complete it with the same ceremonies no matter what.

“This semester examination’s first place” an elder of Thousand Swords Sect announced, “Bai Hua Sect, Gu Qing Shan”

Everyone was shocked, but also quickly understood.

It was 1 person against 20, yet he killed one, severely injured another, beat 15 unconscious, and the other three kneeled on the ground to apologize.

After that Lee Chang An also accepted his challenge to went down, but got slashed countless times without being able to retaliate, then got beheaded.

This young man looks well-mannered, but with a sword in hand, he was fierce like an angry flame.

If he isn’t first place, then who would be?

Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised as well.

He finally felt the true power of Bai Hua Fairy’s name on the cultivation world.

Even after he made such a ruckus, no one dares to say anything, the only one that dared to was scared silent. This feeling was quite nice.

“Senior brother, you’re first place” Xiuxiu joyfully clapped her hands.

Gu Qing Shan smiled, stepped up to receive a seal made of spirit jade from the Thousand Swords Sect’s Elder.

It is basically a first place trophy, Gu Qing Shan only looked at it for a bit out of curiosity before putting it away.

This thing is pretty much useless, but with Shifu’s personality, she’ll probably use it to show off how well she teaches her disciple.

After that, Thousand Sword Sect’s Elder announced the 2nd and 3rd place.

Which were the cultivators that kneeled down to beg for forgiveness.

After thinking a bit, the crowd agreed.

Because the rest of them was already beaten unconscious by Gu Qing Shan, the only ones left who can still move and aren’t unconscious are them.

Ignoring the inner turmoil of the cultivators, this round of the semester examination is done.

Thousand Swords Sect’s master came to the middle of the platform, kneeled down as he put his hand on the pattern on the floor.

Circulating spirit energy around his entire body, he infused it into the floor.

In a single second, a golden light emits from the floor, shooting straight up.

Thousand Swords Sect’s master bowed deeply to the ground, then solemnly stood up and said: “Humanity’s Semester Examination is finished, let Divinity descends!”

As he spoke, the golden light disappeared.

After that was a different mystical sight.

Behind the platform, from the half-destroyed palace, a long staircase appeared.

The entire staircase was made from an unknown material, having been through the ravages of time, it has become incredibly shabby.

The staircase that appeared from thin air led upward to the sky.

“Senior brother, what is that?” Xiuxiu asked in a low voice.

“The Path to Heaven” Gu Qing Shan was also looking at this scene, “but it’s a broken Path to Heaven”

Sure enough, after reaching a certain height, the stair stopped extending.

The tallest steps look like it was suddenly cut off, or destroyed by something.

This is a Path to Heaven broken from before humanity has started recording history, there is no way for anyone to use it to climb up to heaven.

“The age of Divinity…” Gu Qing Shan muttered to himself.

In an age long passed, after the semester examination is done, the Path to Heaven will appear, as the best cultivators of that time will receive the honor of meeting Divinity.

But now, as the Path to Heaven is cut off, there is no signs of any world above.

And definitely no signs of any Divinity.

This mystical sight only lasted for a bit before the Path to Heaven disappeared.

This semester examination is now considered complete.

No one could see past the thick clouds.

Inside the cloud, two people were playing chess, as another stood watching them.

The ones playing chess were Bai Hua Fairy and a red-faced Daoist, while the one watching was an old monk.

The 3 Saints of humanity.

The red-faced Daoist is Xuanyuan Tianzun, while the monk of the Great Monk of Sorrow.

Xuanyuan Tianzun lightly scoffed, saying: “Too cruel, too cruel”

“Cruel my ass, he died in one slash, what pain could there be” Bai Hua Fairy replied.

“What about before when he was skewered on the sword?” Tianzun glared back.

“Saying that, you mean you would rather I showed up myself?” Bai Hua Fairy squinted her eyes.

Xuanyuan Tianzun slightly shrunk back, not saying anything.

Bai Hua Fairy spoke again: “Your disciples tried to ruin my sect’s reputation, if my disciple hadn’t acted and I went down myself, what do you think would’ve happened?”

Xuanyuan Tianzun still stayed silent.

Bai Hua Fairy continued: “That year when I was running for my life, finally escaped from that person’s grasp, it was a life-saving favor”

Both the other Saints couldn’t understand why she suddenly mentioned her past.

This was Bai Hua Fairy’s taboo, something that no one can ever mention, but today she was mentioning it herself.

Bai Hua Fairy continued: “I was able to survive that year, was thanks to Xiuxiu”

The Great Monk of Sorrow looked up at the sky, then looked down.

“Hm? Looking at your female disciple, this monk could only think she’s about 8——- ah? That’s not it…”

“Such a thing can happen?”

He muttered.

“What’s that?” Xuanyuan Tianzun is still angry, but curious at the same time, couldn’t help but looked down.

“Ah? Time has stopped on her body; her soul vessel is still very deeply wounded”

Xuanyuan Tianzun’s eyes glowed bright.

“That’s right, to let me escape, Xiuxiu was imprisoned in a Spirit Beast Bag. Tortured for 5 years, and she still didn’t reveal where I was” Bai Hua Fairy sighed deeply as she said so, “I owe her my life”

“That’s why” Bai Hua Fairy said, “if someone were to hurt her, even if I die, I’ll avenge her”

Xuanyuan Tianzun hearing that, seeing Xiuxiu, immediately knows that she was telling the truth.

This little girl really isn’t simple, and she’s also really Bai Hua Fairy’s reverse scale.

If they really sent someone to hurt Xiuxiu, Bai Hua Fairy will truly become furious and directly destroy their sect.

Xuanyuan Tianzun sighed: “Hah, fine then, that disciple of mine really did need to train his mind a bit, but it’s my fault I didn’t teach him and left him to his devices like that”

“No need to feel too bad” Bai Hua Fairy also said: “This time I was also in the wrong, I only wanted them to be safe, but failed to think that someone would actively pick on them”

The Great Monk of Sorrow chanted Buddha once, as both of them has took a step backwards, this was the best possible result.

Bai Hua Fairy: “Tianzun, this matter is settled, let me say I’m sorry and we let go of it, how about that?”

Xuanyuan Tianzun thought for a bit, then nodded.

Seeing him nod, Bai Hua Fairy said her formalities to The Great Monk of Sorrow, then disappeared.

In the clouds, there was only Xuanyuan Tianzun and the Great Monk of Sorrow left.