Chapter 118 - Teaching

Chapter 118 of 150 chapters

The cultivators quickly rushed to Bai Hua city, loudly telling people to stay off their way.

“Every single time is a strange and weird test to solve, we can’t clear them either way, so I might as well stay at Bai Hua country to cultivate”

“That’s right, it’s only 10 years, our lifespans are over a few hundred, it’s nothing but the blink of an eye”

“The Saint had made many changes so that this place is always full of spirit essence. Not only does cultivating here for 10 years better than other places, but I also don’t have to take those strange tests? This deal is very good”

“That’s right, Bai Hua Immortal country is rich in resources, you can get anything you want here. The only thing that’s missing is a green building” (1)

“What nonsense are you saying? Blue Clouds Pass is a Daoist temple, Spirit Leaf Temple is a monastery, this is Her Eminence own country, where in the 3 Saints’ territory would you find those things”

“You’re not wrong, I’ll first have to find a place to live!”

“Fellow Dao seeker, I know that you’re good with talisman, I myself is an expert pill maker, how about we open a store together?”

“Good idea, let’s find a bar, we’ll talk”

Seeing the crowd dispersed, Gu Qing Shan smile slowly lifted.

From now one, anyone that comes to Bai Hua Immortal country will be living right under Shifu’s watchful eyes, no matter if they’re good or bad, evil or not, time will always tell the most truthful story.

Compared to Shifu turning into white goose and pick them out one by one, or Qin Xiao Lou having to squeeze his brain dry to think of a test, this is much easier and much more reasonable.

Not to mention, Blue Clouds Pass’ disciples range in the thousands, while Spirit Leaf Temple’s believers spread all over the world. Yet since Shifu’s Sainting, she has always been alone, there’s no parents, brothers or sisters, even Shifu’s seniors and juniors in her own sect are no longer here.

She must also have been through many hardships to get to where she is today, and when she finally reached it, she has already lost all the people she could be close with.

And then, Shifu is also a person that really cares about her reputation.

From now on, the more people stay at Bai Hua Immortal country, the less clones she has to keep up, just for this façade of a country, for a façade of hustle and bustle of the city.

Bai Hua Immortal country only need some real people living in it to become truly hustle and bustle.

In just a few years, this place might really become a true cultivation country.

After most already dispersed, Gu Qing Shan just sat down on the green rock.

He closed his eyes and starts meditating.

That’s right, every single minute counts, he doesn’t want to waste any time.

He doesn’t know, Bai Hua Fairy was standing in the clouds, silently watching it all from start to end.

As night falls, white goose came.

“Let’s go back, dinner is ready”


Gu Qing Shan stood up and followed behind white goose’s flight.

Bai Hua Palace.

The four disciples and their Shifu sat around the table, enjoying Qin Xiao Lou’s cooking.

Bai Hua Fairy suddenly spoke: “From tomorrow onwards, all of you don’t need to pick people at the green rock anymore”

Qin Xiao Lou was surprised: “Why? You won’t make Xiuxiu do it so early right?”

“I’m not, I felt that Qing Shan’s method from today is quite good, so we’ll keep using this method from now on” Bai Hua Fairy said.

They all looked at Gu Qing Shan questioningly.

Gu Qing Shan then told them about his prerequisites.

Qin Xiao Lou was glad: “That’s great then, this young master is truly free from now on”

Xiuxiu also breathed out, thinking to herself: “That’s good, I was afraid of having to think every day about what test to give, now I don’t have to think anymore”

Seeing their reactions, Bai Hua Fairy smiled and said nothing else.

After their meal, she told Gu Qing Shan to remain on his own.

“I’ve already known about what happened during the semester examination”

“Tianzun is a person that holds a grudge and likes to hide his mistakes. Even though I’ve made peace with him, he could possibly go angry one day and want to take revenge for his disciple”

“Of course he wouldn’t do it himself, but he’ll definitely order some high-ranked cultivators to watch you”

“Shifu can’t always be around to look out for you, so you have to grow stronger faster, enough to at least be able to get away”

Bai Hua Fairy told him truthfully.

Gu Qing Shan thought about it, then asked: “Then what should I do?”

Bai Hua Fairy answered: “Enter seclusion”

“Seclusion?” Gu Qing Shan was surprised.

Bai Hua Fairy looked at him, then laughed lightly as she said: “Your first brother’s path is a different one, your second brother isn’t cut out for this, and Xiuxiu is still too young, so only you are left”

“You’re very hard-working with your cultivation, your talent is also decent, and the most important thing is that you are firm with your decisions, very suitable with my teachings”

Gu Qing Shan felt shaken.

Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling wants to pass on her teachings! Pass them on to him!

Would it be Divine Skills?

It could only be Divine Skills.

Then which Divine Skill will it be?

The Truth from Void?

Sleeves of Holding?

Or the scariest one, The Forgetting River?

Right at this moment, Gu Qing Shan felt just how lucky he was.

To be able to learn a Divine Skill is the most beautiful dream any cultivator can have but never reach.

Asides from Tianzun and Sorrow, the other 2 Saints, anyone would give up everything to have the chance he’s given right now.

“Do you agree?” Bai Hua Fairy asked.

Gu Qing Shan forced himself to stay calm, asking: “I’m already cultivating the path of the sword, would it clash with Shifu’s techniques?”

“Of course I won’t teach you what isn’t appropriate, the Skill I’m about to teach you absolutely will not affect your swordsmanship’s growth” Bai Hua Fairy was very pleased with his level-headedness.

“Then I’ll be honored to” Gu Qing Shan said.

“Very good

Bai Hua Fairy stood up, slowly walked until she stood opposite of Gu Qing Shan.

“Today I will give you a first impression, so that you’ll know what Skill you’ll be learning”

She smiled then said: “I’ll limit my power to also be Foundation Establishment. You can attack me, I’ll let you experience what you’re about to learn”


Gu Qing Shan solemnly bowed, stepped forward and rushed at Bai Hua Fairy.

Bai Hua Fairy only stood there, smiling, unmoved.

Her smiled contained a hint of ease and playfulness.

Seeing that, Gu Qing Shan felt a bit annoyed.

I know you’re a Saint, but you’ve already limit your power to Foundation Establishment and yet you’re still like this, aren’t you underestimating my abilities?

Seeing the distance between them became closer and closer, Gu Qing Shan said: “Shifu please be careful, I’m about to use a Secret Art”

Bai Hua Fairy only smiled in response.

She’s looking down on me that much? Gu Qing Shan became more serious and rushed straight at Bai Hua Fairy.


He shouted, grabbing the air, but felt nothing.


Where’s my sword?

How come I can’t find my sword?

Right at that moment, Gu Qing Shan gritted his teeth, tapping his Inventory Bag to take out the Night Rain.

———-but the Night Rain also wasn’t there.

Gu Qing Shan used his inner sight to double check, still couldn’t find where the Night Rain was.

No swords, no bow, his entire arsenal of skills is now useless, how will he fight now?

But why did both his sword and bow disappear?

Gu Qing Shan suddenly stopped.

“Shifu wants to teach me the technique to steal things from far away?” He asked.

This technique really is obscenely strong, when she fought against the 5 Beast Saints, she took away all their weapons and treasure in seconds, making all 5 Beast Saints’ fighting strength drop drastically.

“It’s not that, the stealing technique isn’t something you can use openly in a fight, not to mention it also involves my God’s Chosen Skill, so I have no way to teach you”

Gu Qing Shan felt a bit disappointed.

Bai Hua Fairy continued with her explanation: “What I want to teach you is this”

As soon as she said that, she appeared right in front of Gu Qing Shan, striking with her palm.


Gu Qing Shan was sent flying, only able to roll and got up back up when he was about to fly outside the hall.

This palm strike’s force was extremely well managed, its power was focused on pushing forward, enough to knock Gu Qing Shan away, but didn’t hurt him one bit.

“Did you see how I moved?” Bai Hua Fairy asked.

Gu Qing Shan thought about it and suddenly realized, even when Shifu limit herself to Foundation Establishment realm, he still couldn’t follow her movement at all.

This is a bit unbelievable.


(1)green buildings: this is a literal translation, in a normal context, it means “prostitute house”