Chapter 121 - The Holy Church

Chapter 121 of 150 chapters

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About half a day later.

The members of Bai Hua Sect were sitting at the lunch table as always.

“Shifu, Shifu, third brother finally isn’t training anymore” Xiuxiu says as she ran in, breathing heavily and excitedly.

For the last few days, whenever she didn’t have anything to do, she’d go to Orchid Hall to watch Gu Qing Shan train while encouraging him from the side.

“Not training? Then what’s he doing?” White goose asked.

“He’s taking a bath”

Xiuxiu slightly squints her nose, frowning as she said: “These last few days he’s been soaked in sweat and smelled really bad, I kept telling him to go clean himself up, but he only says a lot of weird things and doesn’t listen, today he actually went on his own”

White goose thought a bit, then smiled: “Looks like he’s improved enough”

Gu Qing Shan sat in a bath of warm water, looked at the description on his War God UI and clearly felt his hard work paying off.

“Shifting Flurry (Intermediate): Growth Skill, fires off 10 arrows in succession, each flying in unpredictable trajectory to attack enemies”

“Ground Shrink (Intermediate): Divine Skill, by selecting a point within range, or locking-on to the enemy’s presence; break through the restraint of space with a specific speed technique and instantly appear at the appointed area”

“Current range: 30m”

30 meters is enough for it to be used in a real battle situation.

Right at that moment, a flame flew in.

Gu Qing Shan took the flame talisman in hand, after infusing it with spirit energy hears Xiuxiu’s voice.

“Senior brother, senior brother, Shifu said she wants to pick out a Foundation Establishment scripture for you”

Gu Qing Shan smiled, putting the talisman away.

Opening his War God UI, he looked again at the amount of sand on his hourglass.

There’s only 7 grains of sand left in the hourglass.

He’ll soon be able to return to Reality.

Gu Qing Shan just stared at the hourglass, silently watching each grain of sand, just like they were in low-speed, falling down ever so slowly.

Then time comes.

The light flashed, and he disappeared from the cultivation world.

Saint Orlank Holy Empire.

The Royal Palace.

“There’s still no information?”

“Why is there still no information? Do all of you know only to sit around and do nothing!? USELESS! I’LL HAVE YOUR HEADS!!”

The Emperor, an old man whose hair has already turned grey sat on the throne, his face chilling cold.

All the officers below was trembling, bowing their heads to the ground: “The princess said that she would immediately return, but the people we have stationed at the border still say they haven’t gotten sight of the princess’ Floating Fire”

“Hmph, useless, all of you, I’ll give the order right now, kill—“

Suddenly, the old man noticed that the woman whose whole body was emitting holy light was gesturing to him.

The old man understood.

He waved his hand in annoyance, almost screaming in anger: “Get out of here, all of you! Don’t let me see you incompetents anymore!”

All the officers felt cold sweat, quickly retreated outside.

If was only when they left that the old man finally calmed his breathing, his expression relaxed.

“Venerable Pope, the matter that this King had asked of the Church, how goes the progress?” The old man’s tone became soft.

“It’s being dealt with, your majesty, you need not concern yourself as it will very quickly be finished”

The woman replied, she was wearing pure white church attire, her body itself was emitting a dim but radiant holy light.

She seems to be about 50 years old, a graceful figure, a bright halo hanging above her head. At a glance, you’d think that the Saint Mother herself has descended from heaven.

Such grace, such solemnity, if she were to appear outside the palace, there would be no shortage of mortals willingly kneel down before her.

But unfortunately, she had a thin veil of silk on her face, ensuring that none will see her true face.

“You’re all dismissed, the Pope and I have matters to discuss” The old man ordered.

Then everyone was dismissed.

The entire great hall was filled with silence.

“Come” The old man on the throne said.

The Pope didn’t reply.

“Come, I beg you”

The old man’s tone began to change to begging.

The Pope deeply sighed, as she slightly raised her church attire’s hem, slowly walking up towards the throne.

Her feet weren’t quite right, so her steps were slow, but the old man appeared clearly happier.

As the Pope arrived at the throne, she stood right beside the old man.

She rubbed the old man’s head, whisper: “It’s fine, even though some people don’t know regret even when they die, but they’ll meet their ends today”

The old man was already half-crying: “You know that’s not what I want”

The Pope stops a bit, then her voice became softer: “It’ll be soon, hold on for a bit more, it’ll be very soon”

“I can’t hold on; I don’t want to! I want ——–“

Suddenly the old man’s voice stopped.

His head slowly dropped, his body sitting on the throne seems like it just lost its soul.

A hand stuck out from the old man’s chest.

A pair of hand that’s full of sharp claws, stuck out from inside the old man’s body, reaching out.

As the pair of hand used a bit of strength, and the old man’s chest opened.

There weren’t any organs in the old man’s body, only a little man hiding inside.

A midget whose body wrinkled all over, barely any hair on his head, and a face that’s all pruned up.

But his voice was a high-pitched screeching voice.

The midget was crying: “Mother, I don’t want to be in here anymore, it’s so lonely here”

“Be good, precious” the Pope hugged him, whispering: “Just give Mother 2 more days, then I can firmly hold this country in my hand, and you won’t have to keep up this act anymore”

The midget held the Pope tight, shouting in frenzy: “Why don’t you understand what I’m saying, I want Anna, I want Anna, I want her to be my bride!”

“Anna will be yours, no one can take her away, my dear child” the Pope softly spoke.

Suddenly she lifted her veil, revealing a pair of empty, black eye sockets.

She lightly held her child’s face, saying: “Be a good boy and listen to Mother, then you’ll get Anna”

“This is the Empire’s thorned rose, if you won’t try your best, how could you possibly get her in your hands?”

The midget sobbed, asking: “Is that true?”

“It’s true” the Pope held the midget, telling him: “You only need to try and hold on for another 2 days, then I’ll bring Anna back to marry you”

“Ok, then I’ll try, I’ll definitely, I want Anna” the midget said, then crawled back inside the old man’s body, closing his chest from the inside.

The old man’s head suddenly got back up, speaking in an old voice, but with a frenzied tone: “I want Anna, I want her, she’s my bride”

Suddenly, the sound of something falling could be heard outside the hall.

“Who is it!” The old man shouted.

As soon as he shouted, the Pope has already stood at the bottom of the stairs again, the veil was already back on her face.

Looking at her graceful, noble visage, people would think she never left there at all.

Outside the hall was a frightened voice.

“Your majesty, princess Anna sent a message, saying that she wants to contact you directly”


The old man happily yelled, his hands placed on the throne, wanting to stand up.

But when looking down at the Pope, even through the veil, he could tell the Pope was not happy.

The old man shrunk back down, clearing his throat: “Then connect her immediately”

Very quickly, the secret communication device was set up and connected.

The screen lit up.

The communication device got through several layers of security, transmitting images far away from the Confederate all the way here.

Both the old man and the Pope stared at the screen, their faces changed.

“Who are you?”

The old man’s voice contained anger, killing intent, as well as envy.

On the screen, Anna and Feng Huo De was standing a bit away, as a crowd of frenzied people were rushing towards them, trying to but couldn’t reach where they are.

While a young man much more handsome than himself was facing the screen directly.

“My greetings, your Majesty the Emperor of the Holy Empire. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gu Qing Shan”