Chapter 122 - A deal

Chapter 122 of 150 chapters

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“What do you want? Why are you there with my Anna?” The old man tried his best to hold back his emotions, almost couldn’t hold his scream at the screen.

“Didn’t you give them a mission to come to the Confederate and look for top-level talents?” Gu Qing Shan pointed at himself, “I am that talent”

The old man was a bit stunned, then suddenly remembered something and muttered: “…So I did”

Gu Qing Shan said: “I am the top Mech technology scientist of the Confederate, currently surrounded by a horde of virus infected, Anna said if I have any request to make, I’ll have to get your permission first”

The old man was stunned again.

The Pope waved her hands and two black-robed Church members appeared.

“Is he really the top Mech technology scientist of the Confederate?” the Pope coldly asked.

One of the black-robed answered: “Gu Qing Shan, the newest expert in Mech technology research and development.The recorded footage of the Mech that you saw from before, that was the Blazing Angel that he created”

“He created that Mech?”


The Pope stopped for a bit, slightly intrigued.

She nodded at the old man.

“Gu… Qing Shan? What do you seek? Protection from the Holy Empire?”

The old man was looking at him, but occasionally darted his eyes at Anna standing far behind, concerned.

“I wanted to hire Anna and Feng Huo De’s help to escort me to a safe location, but they won’t agree”

“Of course they can’t, she has to immediately ——–“ the old man couldn’t keep silent.

But the Pope placed her hand on the old man’s shoulder, shutting him up.

The Pope asked softly: “Scientist, for your life, what are you prepared to contribute to the Holy Empire?”

“5 of the newest Mech technology research results, all of them are cutting edge and ahead of the time” Gu Qing Shan quickly said.

The Pope looked at the black-robed.

He tossed a coin, checking heads or tails and nodded: “It’s the truth”

The Pope squints her eyes.

“For your life, 5 is too little” she said.

“I can give you one more research for a total of 6, as long as you let them protect me” Gu Qing Shan replied.

The Pope suddenly asked: “And I presume all of them are yours?”

“That’s right, I can give you a part of them first as a deposit” Gu Qing Shan answered.

As he spoke, he sent over a packet of data.

The Pope looked at the other black-robed man.

He came up and checked the data.

After a while, he nodded: “Compared to our current level of Mech technology, it’s at least 1 step more advanced. A few of the techniques that we’ve only just begun to theorize about, they’ve already completed, and without any flaws”

Then he showed a face of regret, saying: “Unfortunately, the data here was cut off halfway”

“A very careful person” the Pope smiled.

Her interest grew even more.

———she really didn’t think Anna would find such a big catch.

Seems like this strong-willed little princess is also quite the capable person.

Unfortunately, she’s about to take control of the country, and since Anna is a member of their Royalty, she definitely can’t be used.

Oh well, let’s just make her my child’s bride as planned, to keep him happy.

The Pope smiled, then spoke into the communicator: “What do you say we establish long-term contact? As you know, on the technological front, our Holy Empire is quite behind”

Gu Qing Shan very respectfully said: “I still have over a dozen researches on hand, if the Holy Empire wants them, then please be prepared to pay the appropriate price”

“As a Confederate scientist, you would not stay loyal to the Confederate?” The Pope asked.

Gu Qing Shan smiled, then answered: “If you know about what I have been through, then you are very clear about my attitude towards the Confederate”

Then he pointed at the scene behind himself, continuing: “The times have changed, I also need to make preparations for myself”

The Pope then accepted a portfolio from one of the black-robed men, quickly skimming through it.

That sounds about right, Confederate aristocrats are always like this. Even the interstellar warp technology from over 30 years ago was gotten by them through the same methods.

The person called Gu Qing Shan seems to be going through the very same thing, but his life is still safe at the moment, thanks to the world changing so rapidly.

This type of person would definitely not hold any loyalty to the Confederate.

Right after, the other black-robed man rubbed the coin in his hand, adding: “He isn’t lying, he truly does hold over a dozen more core technologies”

The Pope was now truly serious about this matter.

Advanced Mech technology can push society to advance, creating immense profits. A few of them, when unlocked can even be adopted for civil-use, increasing the production power greatly.

This is also extremely useful to the Holy Church.

Because not all Church members can awaken to a Holy Church’s mystic-type God’s Chosen Skills.

In such a case, technology is a perfect replacement.

Thinking so, the Pope gestured to the old man.

The old man reluctantly said: “Very well then, I will permit Anna to protect you, until you’re no longer in danger ——-but right now, let me see her first”

“Anna” Gu Qing Shan turned around and called, “come”

Anna’s beautiful face showed up on the screen.

The old man looked at her, mesmerized, then ordered: “After you finish the escort mission, return immediately”

“Yes, Father” Anna was a bit surprised, looked at her father, then at the Pope.

The call was then hung up.

“Mother, why did you ——-“ the old man was so angry that all the wrinkles on his face shriveled up.

“There’s no need to ask ‘why’, this matter is simply an extremely good deal for us, and, even if she doesn’t want to, Anna will still have to return”

After saying so, the Pope ordered: “Contact the Holy Judge, tell them to send out their strongest, have him bring some people to personally take Anna and that scientist back here”

“Yes” the black-robed men quickly left.

“Child, are you happy now?” the Pope asked.

“The strongest? You mean Hill? The Apostle, Hill?” the old man held the Pope as he asked.

“Of course it’s him, Anna is too naughty of a child, so only he can catch her” the Pope answered.

“I’m happy, very happy, ahaha, I’m looking forward to seeing Anna”

The old man was finally relieved, dancing in joy.

The Freedom Confederate.

The Capital.

The main square has already disappeared, in its place was a large burnt section of earth.

Hordes upon hordes of people were rushing to where Anna’s group was, in their eyes were nothing but the hunger for human flesh.

Anna covered her nose, a bit annoyed: “Why are there so many of them, this stench is really horrible.

Two twisting, burning ropes under her feet quickly spread out, as soon as it touched anyone infected with the Man Eater Virus, they immediately got burned to ash.

A few monsters that have evolved slightly more and could fly, but before they could even get close, they’ve already been burnt by a flame that appears from thin air, also turned to ash.

Suddenly, she turned around to face Gu Qing Shan, looked up, her eyes glowing bright staring straight at him.

“Before, when you said to wait for you no matter what, was just to talk directly to Father? But with how strong you are, why would you need my protection at all?”

Gu Qing Shan looked at her, at a bit of a loss for words.

What should I say here? That in the past life, you were caught by the Holy Church and forced to be that midget’s wife for a year?

He already owed her one life in the past, since he’s returned now, he’ll do everything he can to make sure she doesn’t face the same horrible fate.

But he can’t actually say any of that to her.

Gu Qing Shan bite hard, decided not to make any excuses at all and bluntly said: “I need your protection because I said so. Not to mention, his Majesty has already agreed”

Hearing such shameless words, Anna was stunned, unable to react right away.

After a bit.

Anna’s face suddenly flushed, holding the necklace in front of her chest, lightly scoffed, then turned away.

Her Highness didn’t get angry! Her Highness didn’t get angry! Her Highness didn’t get angry!

Feng Huo De couldn’t help but pinch himself as he saw that.

It hurts, this really isn’t a dream!

Gu Qing Shan looks around.

The people turned into Man Eater Fiends were still quickly rushing over, piling on one another, not the least bit afraid of how strong Anna was.

The flames continued to burn through their bodies, making them slow down as they get turned to ash, falling and covered the ground.

The putrid smell of burning corpses filled the air, as the entire world seems like hell on earth.