Chapter 125 - The killing god descends

Chapter 125 of 150 chapters

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The senate.

This place originally was as rowdy as a market, where the President and the senators were arguing back and forth.

But when all their Holo-Brain light up at the same time, they looked at it only to become stunned.

“Impartial Goddess! Who gave you the right to do this!” an angry senator screamed at his Holo-Brain.

Impartial Goddess’ voice when replying to him is calm and free: “Considering the urgency and priority of the situation, my calculations believe that the current situation is suitable to enact Confederate Constitution article 17, 21 and 37”

Everybody thought about it for a bit, then finally understood.

Many of them looked at a well-groomed old man with grey streaks of hair in the room.

The old man contemplated for a bit, then sighed: “Confederate Constitution article 17, 21 and 37 when merged together, certainly does provide such a chance for Impartial Goddess to overrule all 37 of the current limitations we have on regular citizens and make a direct decision”

He’s the highest authority on the Constitution that they have.

Everyone’s first reaction was a unanimous sigh of relief.

Because this shows that Impartial Goddess has not violated any laws, or is moving against the will of humanity.

But very quickly, their faces become wry smiles, together with a hint of helplessness.

First of all, the Constitution which represents the highest level of benefit for the Confederate itself, basically cannot be changed ————-even if they do, the process to boot it up is extremely complicated, and not something to do at this urgent moment.

Secondly, Impartial Goddess is an AI that only follows scientific logic to act, once it has decided on a measure, it would immediately carry it out.

Which means, this matter already cannot be retracted.

In this case, who can they blame?

The President suddenly stood up, asking in a low voice: “Impartial Goddess, what is the current situation?”

Impartial Goddess replied: “Please take a look”

A screen appeared in the middle of the senate.

“Current people rescued: 59812. More and more and being rescued at we speak”

The President’s face shows no signs of a smile.

He stared at the senators below, speaking coldly: “If we had done this earlier, then so many innocent people would not have to die”

“But have you thought about what would happen after that? If everyone owns a Mech that they can use, then everyone has the ability to kill! The ability to kill anyone!” a senator stood straight up and shouted.

“In the current situation, I fully believe that the first thing any citizen would do when they carry these weapons in their hands is to protect themselves” the President didn’t back down.

The senator said sarcastically: “Sure, they’ll protect themselves first, but then what? Competing for food, kidnapping women, stealing houses, creating their own armed force to fight against the government and the aristocrat. When that happens, can this country even be called a country anymore?”

The President sighed deeply, stared at him heavily: “Because of possible crimes that the citizens had not even commit, you would take away their hope to survive? How can you live with yourself?”

The senator’s face twisted, scoffed, stood up and angrily walked away.

Bai Sha county.

The once rich and beautiful city center has now turned into a hells cape, with Man Eater Fiends and Man Killer Fiends everywhere around.

In the total silence, a ringtone could be heard.

The man looked at his Holo-Brain, seeing a familiar name.

This name has given him so much warmth, so much joy, it has been with him through countless beautiful memories.

All sorts of emotions well up in his eyes, finally turning into an almost undetectable pain.

The man just stared at his Holo-Brain for a while, before sighing and picked up.

“Let’s break up” the voice in the Holo-Brain said.

“Why?” He was shocked, unconsciously asked.

“The current era is no longer the one we’re used to, and I want to survive” the female voice said.

“I…Can…” the hesitantly said.

“You can?” the voice in the Holo-Brain seems to contain a bit more emotion: “No, no you can’t, right now the only ones that can save me are the Aristocrats”

“You mean him? You’ve always hated him, no, are you saying that, you now want to———–“

“I am, goodbye”

Then she hung up.


After a while, the man touched his Holo-Brain again, calling a certain number.

A different number.

“Mom, how are you over there?” He asked.

The other side spoke for a long time.

He seems relieved, saying: “Ah, so it was thanks to the Mechs that you were saved in time, I have to thank Impartial Goddess for saving you”

“Aristocrats? They definitely wouldn’t do that; it must have been Impartial Goddess”

“Hah, you don’t have to worry about me, mom. I’m telling you I’m very safe here, my life here is good”

“But I have a very important thing that I have to tell you”

“Don’t panic, it’s good news”

“You might not be able to contact me for a very long time after this”


The man purposely made his voice sound cheery.

“I’ve been accepted by a secret department in the Confederate!”

“That’s right, your son is definitely the best here”

“Treatment? My treatment is very good, everything is perfect here, I even got a house and a shuttle, the only bad thing is that I can’t frequently contact people outside”

“Yes, yes, the Confederate is already like this, everything is collapsing, so the higher-ups are very strict with us now. After this I won’t be able to call you for quite a while, if you miss me then send me a record message, I’ll return whenever I have the time”

“Girlfriend… yes, I’ll definitely find a beautiful girl to bring home for you to see”

“It’s alright, after such a disaster, the Confederate lacks people everywhere, I was able to find a good job with good conditions, everything will be alright”

“Oh yeah, I’ll send you some money now, make sure not to skim and use it ok?”

“My salary is month is quite a lot you know, that much money is nothing, so definitely don’t be stingy”

“Don’t save any money for me ok?”

“If you save again, I swear I won’t bring a girlfriend back!”

“Right, you have to use money for yourself, live a little better, that way I can be assured at work too”

“Ok mom, I have to hang up, the boss is coming”



“Take care of yourself mom”

The man put down his Holo-Brain, slowly calm his emotions.

Everything that I have to worry about is dealt with, that’s great.

There was no wind blowing, the sky is also clear and bright, enough for anyone to see far away.

Out of habit, he kicked his left leg forward, the motion was fluid.

His left knee was once hurt in a car accident, severely injuring him enough that it wasn’t easy for him to get a job.

Unfortunately, the one that crashed into him was an Aristocrat that doesn’t know the word “kindness”, otherwise he may be could’ve at least gotten a bit of money out of that.

And he wouldn’t have had to go through such a rough time.

Fortunately, his knee is now healed.

———-perfectly healed.

He raised his hand unconsciously to correct his glasses, but found nothing there.

He suddenly realized, his sight has also been corrected, having no need for that thing anymore.

Of course there are some demerits as well.

His eyes that were originally clear is now replaced by a bright shade of red, all the desires in his mind is gone, replaced with a single thought.

To kill.

The man stood atop a mountain of corpses, looking far into the distance.

In the city, there was a similar mountain to where he was standing on.

But this mountain was only similar to his, there were still some differences.

The similarity is that it was also made up of corpses, piling up to over 100 stories.

The difference is that the mountain was alive, spewing out a dark yellow fumes.

“You want to be the same as me?”

The man said as he licked his lips ——–similar to how one would look at an afternoon desert and couldn’t help but crave it.

Suddenly, a terrifying pair of wings made of bones sprouted from his back.

The bright red eyes became frenzied and cruel.

“But you can’t! I won’t allow it! All living beings in this city belongs to me!”

The man roared towards the sky, as a visibly solid red glow surrounded his body.

When he did, the world itself became silent ———as if any and all creatures were trembling in his wake.

And then, stepping on the corpses, he jumped up, turned into a blood-color streak of light as he flew towards the mountain of corpses covered in yellow fumes.