Chapter 127 - Apostle (2)

Chapter 127 of 150 chapters

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Hill jumped high in the air, about to look for whoever did that and use the cruelest method possible to rip them to shreds, but was stunned by the sight before him.

“What the fuck?!”

Despite always doing his best to keep up a gallant appearance, he couldn’t help but spew profanities.

From the sky, a large-sized Interstellar Warship descended.

On it, including the main cannon, all firepower has been armed.

Their numerous laser guides were aimed all over his body.

Then the second large-sized Interstellar Warship descended.

After that was the third large-sized Interstellar Warship.

The fourth.

The fifth.


The twelfth.

A total of 12 large-sized Interstellar Warships, an entire fleet was gathered here, slowly circling him.

Seeing the giant metal beasts in the sky, Hill couldn’t help but be confused.

This is the Freedom Confederate’s Interstellar fleet, specifically created for dealing with large-scale wars. They’re the sharpest fangs of the Confederate.

That is to say ———–

The Freedom Confederate was about to invade Fuxi Empire so they gathered here. His group just happened to be discovered, and so they wanted all witnesses to be silenced?

Hill’s mind was moving very quickly, but one second later, he found that he was wrong.

A voice came from the Interstellar Warships: “Are you Hill? The Holy Church’s Holy Judge, Apostle Hill?”

“I am” Hill replied.

The voice spoke again: “Target identified, kill him”

All 12 large-sized Interstellar Warships slowly adjusted their positions, still aiming at Hill.

“Wait a minute, are you sure you’re not making a mistake!?” Hill shouted, feeling himself going crazy.

He knows very well how strong an Interstellar Warship’s main cannon is, in the situation that the fleet has locked onto him, he has no way to escape.

But no matter what, he couldn’t believe that the other party would gather an entire Interstellar fleet just to deal with him.

“There’s no mistake, we’re conducting the Warships annual inspection, taking care of you is simply for convenience’s sake” the voice responded again.

The more he listens, the more familiar the voice sounds, almost like ———-his mission target!

Hill has seen the footage of him negotiating with the Pope, he has memorized his voice very clearly.

That’s right, this was that scientist!

“You motherfucker, if you’re so strong then don’t use the Warships, get down here and fight me for real!” Hill pounded his chest, roaring, mocking him.

The Interstellar Warship stayed silent for a bit.

“You mean, you want me to get down there and fight you?” the scientist responded in surprise, “I have 12 Interstellar Warships here, why would I need to do that?”

Hill was stunned.

“You coming here is quite opportune as well” the scientist continued: “Although technological weapons have been confirmed to not be able to deal with powerful monsters, but we were just about to experiment to make sure that they still work on people”

Hill doesn’t know if the scientist said anything else after that.

The last thing he ever saw was a blinding light of the 12 Interstellar Warship’s main cannons firing at once.

No matter how much Holy Power he possesses, being bombarded by 12 Warships at once isn’t something he can survive.

This is not fair.

This was his last thought ———also the very first time in his long life that he remembers the word “fair” exists.

After that, the apostle lost all senses, falling into an eternal slumber.

“Experiment completed” Impartial Goddess’ voice was heard.

“Conclusion 1: Technological weapons are still effective against normal humans”

“Conclusion 2: Impartial Goddess’ first time controlling an entire Interstellar fleet experiment is a success, enemies confirmed to be wiped out”

“Begin returning to docking stations”

Listening to Impartial Goddess’ voice, Gu Qing Shan shook his head, muttering: “To be able to die just like that really is too fortunate for him”

However, Gu Qing Shan is still happy that he’s able to cause some damage to the Holy Church.

The 12 Interstellar Warships turned around, slowly moving towards the capital.

“Sir, Impartial Goddess’ military exercise is done”

In a mysterious place, the 9 Lords were gathered, silently listening to the communication link.

“What are the results?” someone asked.

“Long-ranged control of the fleet reached 97.1224857% compatibility, delay ratio is 1.03%, relatively perfect”

Everyone fell into silence.

“You mean, from now on, control of matters in space should be left to AI and machines?”

“I don’t agree, if that’s the case, who the hell can peacefully sleep at night anymore?”

“The real problem isn’t that” the mustached old man said, “the real problem seems to be that Impartial Goddess is becoming a bit different”

“It’s a machine, what difference is there?” one person asked, confused.

“The matter with the Mech was unexpected” another said, “my lawyer team has seen through the footage, they all say that if you were to understand the Constitution as written, Impartial Goddess’ actions are appropriate with machine logic”

One other person spoke, anxious: “But this time, it took an entire Interstellar fleet! Just to deal with a single Apostle of the Holy Church!”

Everyone stared at him.

“Do you mean; you have something to say about dealing with the Holy Church?” one person questioned him.

“It’s not that” the other person panicked, quickly explained, “the main thing I’m talking about is that——-it took the Interstellar fleet”

Everyone breathed out in relief, finally looking at him the same as always.

“This really is a problem” one person contemplated, “what if it reboots it?”

“To reboot Impartial Goddess at this point in time, the Confederate will face major losses” the mustached old man said.

“Man Eater Fiends are easy to deal with, you can just kill the Infected, the vaccine is also already being worked on”

“The real problems are the Man Killer Fiends”

As they talked about Man Killer Fiends, the atmosphere around the 9 Lords became clearly heavier.

“This type of monster evolves too quickly, they’re also becoming more and more like the sea monsters”

“That’s right, technological weapons have already lost their effectiveness against a few of the high-tier Man Killer Fiends, we can only use Professionists now”

Someone asked in confusion: “But why is it that when they kill one of their own or a Professionist, they evolve even quicker?”

The room went silent again.

“Right now, we have to depend on Impartial Goddess to salvage the situation, otherwise if more Man Killer Fiends were able to grow, we’re all done for” Su Xing Chao said.

Everyone agreed.

“Then, how about we consider a different solution?” the Bai family’s head spoke.

“What solution?” the Zhang family’s head asked.

“That solution with a lot of precedents in history” the Bai family’s head suggested.

“We can’t, if we touch the President at this time and get found out, the people will all riot, it’ll affect our reign” the mustached old man replied.

To that, the Bai family’s head only smiled, not saying anything.

Bai Sha county.

A small-sized Warship landed on top of a 101 stories tall hotel skyscraper.

A few dozen armed soldiers stood there, waiting to receive.

5-6 Professionists stood behind the soldiers, very nonchalantly discussing between themselves.

They all stared blankly at the Warship until its hatch opened.

Everyone there, including the Professionists, all had a surprised look on their faces.

———he really is very young.

The one they saw was a young man just about 18 walking off the Warship, looking around and commented: “Building a defensive HQ here, as expected of long-term professionals”

“A newbie?” a thin man smiled as he asked in a low voice.

“No, not a Professionist, a scientist” a handsome, buffed man already knew the situation and explained.

“So it’s our contractor” the only female in the group said.

She put away the dagger in her hand.

If it’s not a Professionist but rather a scientist of the government, then she won’t need to give him a “welcoming”.

“Sir Gu, please come this way” an officer stepped forward and said.

“Let’s go then, no need to welcome me so formal like that, I’m not your superior” Gu Qing Shan smiled.

“Haha, well then”

He’s someone easy to associate with, thought the officer.

He smiled as he brought Gu Qing Shan over to see the Professionists.

“This is an expert sent by Impartial Goddess, responsible for collecting information regarding the Man Killer Fiends” the officer introduced him.

The Professionists silently nodded.