Chapter 129 - Facing off

Chapter 129 of 150 chapters

Chapter 129: Facing off

Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: VindiFan#1

Suddenly, Gu Qing Shan remembered the strange space with the black corpse pinned on the bronze pillar.

“Only the two worlds 5 main Elements———“

Fuck, what was the corpse trying to say?

Gu Qing Shan clenched his fists tight.

Are there any ways to go back there?

He was thinking silently.

In the cultivation world, the semester examination has already finished, the next big movement for that world’s humanity will be an all-out war against the demons.

When he once again enters the cultivation world, he’ll definitely have to participate in the bloody war.

No matter how important the Allied Cultivation Military Rankings are, he’ll have to leave it aside. The thing he has to focus on is to quickly increase his cultivation while fighting the demons, getting to the peak of Foundation Establishment and breaking through to Golden Core realm. To see if he could once again go to that strange space again.

“Report, the monsters are gathering here more and more, we will all reach out limits very soon” Colonel Wang Yan said as he breathed heavily.

Even if they are at Martial Eminence rank, no matter how strong a person is, there would still be a time when they become exhausted, when they reach their limit.

Facing against over tens of thousands of fearless, frenzied monsters that only know to sate their own hunger, anybody would quickly tire out.

Gu Qing Shan regained his senses, sighed and said: “Then let’s leave, they won’t eat corpses of the same kind, so we can retrieve it tonight”

The put away his bow and quickly retreated.

The rest of them were slightly shocked by his archery skills and only silently followed him back.

The HQ.

Gu Qing Shan was paying attention to the situation at the square using satellite images.

The 3 soldiers and Zhang You Bang were sitting at the same table, exchanging looks.

Wang Yan gestured to Zhang You Bang with his chin.

Zhang You Bang thought for a bit, then extended his pointer finger, drawing a “3”, then a “1”.

After that, he thought a bit more, than raised his thumb.

All the colonels broke into laughter, shaking their heads.

What he meant by that is that Gu Qing Shan is only 1/3rd as strong as he was, but his archery skills certain is indeed quite something.

As they were all at Martial Eminence rank, they had the eyes to match.

Just now, Gu Qing Shan didn’t use all this strength, so they could only guess-timate how strong he really is.

And Zhang You Bang’s guess-timate just now was reaching really far out.

“Go” Gu Qing Shan suddenly spoke, “the Man Eater Fiends has spread out quite enough, a few of you go and collect the Man Eater Fiend corpse for me”

The bunch of them exchanged looks again.

Then everyone stood up and went out at once.

Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised, but also understood.

The more people they have, the more things can pay attention to, and the safer it is.

After they all left, he stared at the satellite images onscreen, contemplating.

“Why didn’t I get any Drops?”

In the past life, after a monster is killed, they’ll always have some sort of “Drops”.

And the player that killed the monster is the only one that has the right to pick up the “Drops”.

But this time, after he killed the red Man Eater Fiend, the System didn’t mention anything about him having Drops to pick up.

“System, why didn’t I pick up any Drops?” he went ahead and asked the System.


“Because you are unique, the one and only host of War God UI”

“Then how would I be able to get loot from a battle?”

“Please find that out on your own, the user can use the experience from the previous War God icons as reference”

War God icons…

Gu Qing Shan looked down at the row of icons under the UI.

The first icon is “War God Skills”, the reward from him returning from the future and activating the War God UI.

———-he can’t actually return another time.

The second icon is “War God Thaumaturgy”, the reward he got after completing a Destiny Special Storyline Quest.

Right now, on the “War God Thaumaturgy” icon, there’s only a single option for him to choose ———“Lightning”.

This one was a reward from a Destiny Quest.

Could it be because it’s a Destiny Quest?

Then he has to wait until the next time he runs into another event in the timeline that’ll change not only the participants’ destiny but also the entire world’s destiny? To get another Quest, finish that and get the appropriate reward?

Yep, that’s definitely it!

Gu Qing Shan silently nodded.

Suddenly, a scene on the screen drew his attention.

“Not good” he slapped the table, shouting: “Impartial Goddess!”

“I’m here”

“At the square, gather the nearby Assault Mech squadron to attempt reinforcement”

“The monster’s level is too high, technological weapons cannot deal with it”

“You only need to buy time, I’ll set out right now”

Saying so, he glanced at the War God UI.

There’s still quite a bit of sand left in the upper half of the hourglass.

Very fortunate, he’ll make it in time!

The square.

A gallant and well-groomed young man stood on top of the stone statue, raising his glasses out of habit, but touched nothing.

Behind him, the two terrifying wings of bones were folding in like they were actually wings, red blood stained on them dripping to the ground.

“Humans” the young man spoke, “even if they are Professionists, they’re still so weak”

Wang Yan held the bloodied Zhang You Bang, shouting into his Holo-Brain: “Calling for reinforcement! Calling for reinforcement!”

The rest of them were also laying on the ground with deep, bloody cut wounds all over.

A female Professionist has already fainted from losing too much blood.

A second later, reinforcement really did come.

20 unmanned Assault Mechs flew with a bang into the square, immediately attacking the young man.

The sound of bullets and explosions were ringing nonstop.

———it would be fine if they could kill the enemy like that, but if not, the sound would only draw the attention of the surrounding horde of Man Eater Fiends.

In the thick smoke, a blood-color streak suddenly appeared, passing through each Mech like a knife.

With it, each Mech were bisected, falling onto the ground in a loud explosion.

All the reinforced Mechs were nothing but soft tofu to him.

The blood streak stopped in mid-air, once again turning into the young man as he flew back onto the top of the stone statue.

It was the statue of an aristocrat from the previous era. As large as it is steady, the man sculpted from it seemed very lifelike.

The young man seems to particularly enjoy standing on the statue’s head.

“Let me see, one, two, … seven, seven Professionists. After killing all of you, I can rest for today”

The looked down below as he announced their fate.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from afar.

“Man Eater Fiends can only eat, but never evolve”

“Man Killer Fiends gets to feel ecstasy no matter what they kill, and can even evolve from it”

“Looks like even the world of fiends is unfair”

Gu Qing Shan was walking from the path into the square.

“Scientist Gu, please run!” the soldiers were yelling in desperation.

“Scientist…” all the Professionists were extremely shocked.

The young man takes a look at Gu Qing Shan, then made a face of extreme joy.

“A little ant that has so much life energy, you can only curse your luck!”

The bone wings behind him spread out, his figure disappeared in seconds.

“Tch, not very chatty, are you?” Gu Qing Shan turned his hand, grabbing the Earth sword.

At that moment, he disappeared, just as the young man appeared right where he was supposed to be.

“Huh?” the young man sounded clearly confused.

A sword stabbed at him from behind.

“Naïve” the young man laughed mockingly.

He lightly bends forward as numerous sharp bone javelins extended outwards from his body.

A 360 degrees’ attack.

His bone javelins can even penetrate the steel alloy plating on the Mechs.

Yet he didn’t feel the expected sensation of stabbing into flesh, only hearing the sound of screaming wind, followed with an indescribable sharp pain.

Secret Art, Crescent Slash!

All the people watching exchanged looks, one of them muttered: “Is that moon light?”

“Yeah, he seems to have turned into a crescent-shaped light” Zhang You Bang confirmed it.

His eyes were very sharp, seeing clearly that Gu Qing Shan didn’t back down for even a second as his body combined with his sword and turned into a large crescent moon.

The moon light shone mystically, cutting and breaking apart all the bone javelins as the pieces scattered in the sky.

“Aaaaa!” the young man screamed.

He jumped up, returning to his perch on the stone statue.

“I’ve seen your strength”

As he said so, the young man raised one hand, opening his fingers.

A bright blood-red glow appeared, floating in this palms.

“Your skill is truly exceptional, I’ve never seen someone as skilled with the sword as you are, however——–“

The young man pridefully declared: “Against absolute overwhelming power, your skills don’t hold the slightest of meaning!”