Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 150 chapters

At this moment, Gu Qing Shan already have Riding Wind (Passive), Bombardment, Sharpshooter, Rapid Fire, Shifting Flurry (Primary), these 5 Archery Skills.

Of them, Sharpshooter is a very high level accuracy skill; Riding Wind is a passive skill that is always active, increasing the speed of arrows; Rapid Fire and Bombardment are both very practical Archery Skills.

And Shifting Flurry is a Unique Growth Skill, having the potential to become a “Semi-Divine Skill” in the future. The kind of Skill that can only be found but not asked for.

Even powerful General-rank cultivators would not necessarily have a set of high-ranking Skills like he does.

After comprehending the Skills from Night Rain, Gu Qing Shan’s only weakness at the moment would be his cultivation.

A Bloodthirster fell out of the mountain blender, quickly rolled to stand up, easily found the source of the formation at a glance and rushed here.

It had been fortunate to not get hurt too badly, able to preserve about 80% of its fighting power, and assaulting a target on the battlefield would be its expertise.

Gu Qing Shan raised the Night Rain and took a deep breath.

Riding Wind!



An arrow flew like a flash of light, hitting the Bloodthirster head-on before it could react.

In a split second, the Bloodthirster demon was knocked dozens of meters away, pinned on a large bulky tree and spurted a shower of blood.

Gu Qing Shan was so shocked he stopped shooting.

Bloodthirsters are considered to be as strong as a Golden Core cultivator.

A single arrow shot was able to overcome the 2 realms difference and heavily wounded the Bloodthirster.

Archery so powerful that it’s difficult to believe.

Gu Qing Shan forced himself to calm down, silently judged the amount of spirit energy he used.

This one shot used up 90% of his spirit energy

That’s not good, the cost is too high.

With Gu Qing Shan’s current total spirit energy, he could only make such a shot only once.

Afterwards there’s nothing he could do but stand there and take hits.

In reality, the Archery Skill called Bombardment was supposed to be learned by Golden Core realm cultivators, and its true power wouldn’t show until Rejuvenation Realm.

To learn such a high-level Archery Skill ahead of time, Gu Qing Shan’s spirit energy at qi training realm of course couldn’t support long-term usage.

Even Gong Sun Zhi was a bit shocked by Gu Qing Shan.

“Ah? This youth is really such a monstrous genius at Archery? How interesting”

Gong Sun Zhi silently increased his evaluation of Gu Qing Shan.

The Bloodthirster now covered in blood, stood up roaring angrily, dragging itself step-by-step forward to rip the detestable human to shreds.

But consecutive arrows are flying one after another, knocking its body backward a bit every time, making it unable to move forward even an inch.

This time Gu Qing Shan wasn’t using “Bombardment”.

His Archery expertise has already reached a level that even shooting normal arrows carry immense strength.

Originally, Gu Qing Shan as a qi training realm couldn’t possibly hope to beat a Bloodthirster.

But this Bloodthirster was first hurt by a formation, and then because it was so far away from Gu Qing Shan, it got nearly crippled by a powerful Archery Skill, afterwards not being able to do anything besides become a big target for arrows.

The Bloodthirsters are scary opponents in close combat, but since they don’t awaken any element, they severely lack methods of long-ranged attacks.

More and more arrows keep piercing it with powerful force, not missing or decreasing in strength even once, causing even the Bloodthirster to feel fear.

Not good, this human’s Archery is too powerful, he must be killed at all cost!

The Bloodthirster’s body suddenly curled up, just a second later, a cold evil aura emitted from its body.

Gu Qing Shan’s slightly twitched as he saw that.

Gong Sun Zhi’s face also changed, both hands on his formation plate, quickly arranging a simple protective formation.

Gong Sun Zhi loudly warned: “Be careful, it wants to use Smoldering Flame Explosion!”

Smoldering Flame Explosion, is a Fire-element spell that is mixed with Huang Quan’s Yin essence, its power is enough to break open a large hole in the formation.

Bloodthirsters could slowly collect Huang Quan’s Yin essence inside itself from birth, gaining a single chance to use the spell at the cost of its own life as a last resort.

The Yin essence from Huang Quan will become fully active thanks to the Fire-element spell.

This is a skill so powerful, that a Bloodthirster have to give up its life to use just a single time.

In the fight a few days ago, this skill has caused Gong Sun Zhi no small amount of pain.

Gu Qing Shan quickly took out the snake fang poison arrows and fired.


Shifting Flurry!

Five arrows turned into grey streaks of shadows, quickly soared and drew unpredictable arcs in the sky, dodging the Bloodthirster’s arms blocking from the front and hit the back of its neck at the same time.


Five arrows hit at the same time, so only one sound was heard.

Dark-blue blood leaked out from the Bloodthirster’s body.

A thud was heard as the Bloodthirster fell down, all the Huang Quan Yin essence it had gathered quickly dissipated.

“Defeated high-tiered monster: Bloodthirster, gained 30 Soul Points, Current Soul Points: 31/7”

He already received 30 Soul Points, but Gu Qing Shan didn’t have any more Skills that he could learn.

Gong Sun Zhi looked at Gu Qing Shan in surprise: “Brilliant Archery Skills, being so young yet already well-versed in that many powerful Archery Skills, as soon as your cultivation is enough you can surely become a General”

Gu Qing Shan lifted the Night Rain and snake fang poison arrows and said: “It’s just that I have good equipment, as well as having your formation to protect me”

Demon snake poison fangs are limited, each one he uses is one gone forever, but during this time of crisis, Gu Qing Shan can’t worry about saving for later.

Gong Sun Zhi shook his head: “You deserve the praise, when I was your age, I was still studying first tier formations with a formation plate”


From the clouds above, a wide and loud thunderous sound was heard.

Gong Sun Zhi and Gu Qing Shan both lifted their heads, only to see Ning Yue Xi was retreating, her golden armor flashing a dull light, the snow-white cloak on her back was being blown furiously by the wind.

Gu Qing Shan once again composed himself and asked: “General Sun Zhi, do you have any other methods to communicate with humanity?”

Gong Sun Zhi hearing him ask that felt a bit embarrassed.

Earlier on, if he didn’t hesitate they might have been able to send the communication talisman out to call for help.

If a Saint comes then they no longer have to worry about losing their lives.

But now that the Faceless Giant is here, with its ability to devour spirit energy, it’s very unlikely for them to be able to send out information.

Gong Sun Zhi hesitated for a bit, then sighed: “The only way left is to go to Shen Wu world, we have a teleportation formation stationed there”

Shen Wu world?

What’s that?

Gu Qing Shan looked at him confused, then suddenly realized something.

He felt a layer of cold sweat on himself.

At this very moment, it’s very possible that through Gong Sun Zhi, he’s discovering a shocking secret behind the lost history.

Gong Sun Zhi continued: “You might not know about it, it’s a destroyed world”

Gu Qing Shan exclaimed: “Outside of this world, there’s another world?”

In the past life, until the very end when the Apocalypse had come, he hasn’t even heard any rumors about there being another world besides this one.

When the game first came to Reality, its name was “Worlds’ Apocalypse Online”

At the start, this name caught many people’s attention and discussion.

As far as they know, the game only connected to Reality and the Cultivation world.

Only 2 worlds, would that be enough to have “Worlds” in the name?  (1)

Later on, when everyone’s gotten used to transporting between the 2 worlds, no answer is given for this question, plus the fact that the world’s situation is getting worse and worse since there’s almost a hundred thousand people that die every day at the hands of the demons.

After a while, people just lost interest in finding out the answer.

Gong Sun Zhi answered: “That’s right, behind the Demon King’s Royal Castle, there’s a crack in space that leads to the destroyed world”

Gu Qing Shan asked again: “You’ve entered it?”

Gong Sun Zhi once again: “Yes, we arrived at a corner of that world and found a few dozen corpses of peerless people, our initial assessment is that they are at least at the peak of martial arts realm”

The peak of martial arts realm ——-Martial Gods!

Martial Gods are legendary existences, even in this cultivation world they are the strongest, rarest existence.

Of the 3 saints, one of them is a Martial God.

Even Gu Qing Shan who’ve frequently seen Apocalyptic scenes can’t help but be stunned.

He muttered: “Dozens of Martial God corpses… even with this kind of overwhelming strength, their world still got destroyed…”

Gong Sun Zhi sighed: “That’s right, I don’t know why, but the Demon King had already locked on to us, almost like he doesn’t want to let anyone who knows about this secret reveal it to anyone else”

Then he looked at Gu Qing Shan and spoke with a low voice: “Meeting you here, was completely outside of both theirs and our expectations”


(1) Worlds: this is a Chinese thing that can’t be translated to English without sounding too clunky. Essentially, number 2 in chinese has its own system of plural that’s slightly different from numbers higher than 2, simply put, “it takes 3 to become a crowd”. The word that’s been used in the title of the novel had always suggested that there were more than just 2 worlds, but that can’t be explained in English unless I use a really clunky translation like “The End of Many Worlds Online”.