Chapter 45

Chapter 45 of 150 chapters

This is the 2nd young master of the Huang family you know, one of the top 9 Lords, the giant monster of a family that’s taken its roots in this capital city, a family that would make no one would dare offend you know.

The group of young masters all got scared to death, some quickly took out their phone to call their family people, a few pointed at Gu Qing Shan shouting: “Commoner, you dare hit young master Hui, no one can save you now, you’re finished!”

Gu Qing Shan slowly: “The young master of Huang family got into an argument with another in the archery range, and both sides fought for a bit, nothing too serious”

These are the words said by Hui Shao just now, in less than 10 minutes it’s already been returned in full by Gu Qing Shan.

The policemen looked at the bow in Gu Qing Shan’s hand, then again at the Supernaturalist being pinned on the wall, deciding not to do anything rash, they used their communicators to call for more reinforcements.

“Go! Quickly find people! I’ll pay up no matter how much it takes! I want him dead!” Hui Shao laid on the ground, shouting.

“Seems like I’ll have to wait for a bit” Gu Qing Shan went up towards the target, once targeting started practicing his archery.

These type of useless young masters, if he doesn’t scare them completely, they’ll definitely not let this go and find the opportunity to get back at him.

Today, he has to scare them beyond reason to put this matter to rest.

Right at this moment, the archery range door suddenly opened.

An elegant female voice can be heard.

“Ah? So many people standing still in the archery range, what is this?”

Together with her voice, a beautiful female figure with her long head of crimson red hair entered the archery range.

Behind the girl was two rows of men, wearing black suits and a badge that signals the Confederate Special Security Forces.

An old man who was walking beside the girl smiled and spoke: “Let me see, they’re probably surprised that your Highness would appear so they’re simply stunned is all”

As the old man looked at the crowd, he saw the 2nd young master of Huang family lying on the ground with a face full of blood, unable to move.

The old man opened his mouth wide in surprise, then gestured towards behind him.

Two bodyguards quickly walked and carried Hui Shao up.

One of them put his hand on Hui Shao’s face.

The bleeding immediately stopped, his face that was originally swollen also quickly got back to normal.

As Hui Shao recovered and looked at the beautiful female exuding elegance, his anger from before became inconsequential.

He asked with a low voice: “Elder Kang, this person is?”

The old man gestured to him with his eyes, then turned towards the red-haired girl and spoke: “Your Highness Royal Princess, please allow me to introduce to you, this is our capital’s most influential of the 9 Lords, Huang family’s——–“

“Whoa, who did this?”

Anna completely ignored the other party, exclaimed excitedly while walking towards the end of archery range and looked at the wall.

The 5 people pinned on the wall were still occasionally groaning from pain.

At this time the old man finally noticed there were people on the wall at the end of the archery range, his face changed.

What is this, an important ambassador is visiting the Confederate Capital, and they just happen to run into a scene of a fight?

What’s more, the police are here?

Since when were capital police unable to even handle this kind of problem?

This is a huge diplomatic problem now!

The old man was furious, about to scold the people here.

“That’s quite skilled whoever did this, I really want to learn, please pardon me asking but who did this?” Anna turned around, her face full of excitement and asked.

The old man’s words were stuck in his throat.

Everyone around was also speechless at the scene they were seeing.

Anyone can see, there was a fight that went on here, possibly escalating to a life and death situation.

Yet her royal highness only felt that people being hanged on walls were highly entertaining.

Rumor has it that the royal princess of the Empire does many things purely from her own preference, and have done things that makes people not knowing if they should laugh or cry, seeing it with their own eyes, that seems to be the truth.

That youth, it’s hard to tell if he’s in trouble or if this is a blessing.

Even when he hit Hui Shao, he’s still standing there just fine, but if he were to anger her royal highness princess Anna Medici of the Empire.


Numerous eyes were concentrated on Gu Qing Shan.

Looking at Anna acting, searching left and right, Gu Qing Shan almost couldn’t help but smile.

Gu Qing Shan have no idea why she’s here, furthermore he has no idea what kind of stunt she’s trying to pull off.

Of course he’s not scared of her, just that he’s not really sure.

Sure enough, Anna walked step by step towards Gu Qing Shan, then asked him with a face full of admiration

“So it was you that shot them into the wall?”

When they heard that, everyone started sweating.

“Yes I did”

Gu Qing Shan kept up his act and answered.

Anna’s face slightly changed, she did curtsy then seriously requested: “I’ve long been interested in this noble sport, and seeing how excellent your archery is, could I ask of you to teach me, for the sake of our countries’ friendship”

This is completely perfect noble etiquette, from her actions to her words.

Gu Qing Shan almost wanted to turn around and escape, but was still able to hold himself back.

He completely couldn’t predict what Anna just did.

Gu Qing Shan didn’t want to garner too much attention, only to pass by the last period of peace before the Apocalypse enjoying his University life.

But the jewel of the Empire is already in front of him, all the people watching here are either noble or wealthy, as well as so many secret security and hidden information officers of the Confederate here, he’s sure that everything that happens here will be known.

Then there was another problem, if he were to disrespect the princess of the Empire in front of so many people, both the President and himself will be put into a hard situation.

Fine, it’s because she’s Anna afterall.

Gu Qing Shan silently sighed, then returned the courtesy: “Your request is my honor”

“Ah!” Anna playfully blinked, then waved her hand upwards: “Clear the area!”

The Confederate secret security personnel all scattered, politely persuaded the people here to leave the archery range.

If you observe carefully, you’ll see that even these highly trained bodyguards were also feeling helpless.

Everywhere that the Empire’s princess goes must be cleared like this, even a toilet, completely making people numb and speechless.

But no one dare complain.

St. Orlank Empire’s emperor isn’t someone they can just disobey.

Even the royal princess herself is publicly known as a Supernaturalist feared by many.

Rumour has it that her Fire-element has already awoken to its 4th stage “Burning Sun”.

Fire-element, the first stage is simply called “Fire”, as it evolves, it turns into “Searing Flame”.

From the 3rd stage “Magma” and up, every stage is an immense increase in strength for the user.

With her 4th stage “Burning Sun”, she’s already stronger than 90% of all Professionists.

Even without her status as a princess, simply with Anna’s strength, she can enjoy the highest respect and admiration.

A girl who have both noble status in the normal world, as well as overwhelming strength in the supernatural world, anyone that can earn her recognition would enjoy unimaginable benefits.

Hui Shao’s eyes turned a bit, then brought a few people over, smiled and said: “Your royal highness, I would be honored to serve you”

Anna pointed at the wall —–where the bodyguards are thinking of ways to get the men off.

She asked: “Can you do that?”

“I don’t, but as the 2nd young master of Huang family, I know the capital like the back of my hand, I can guarantee ———-“

Anna opened her eyes wide, then very innocently asked: “If you can’t do that, then why are you still here?”

Hui Shao was shut down completely.

“I don’t associate with straw bags” Anna said: “Men, clear out the area!” (TN: “straw bag”=a thing/person that most people can’t use)

These words were like a sledge hammer, pounding on Hui Shao’s self-esteem.

Hui Shao was politely escorted out.

Before leaving, he even glared at Gu Qing Shan.

Gu Qing Shan was unfazed.

A useless young master’s grudge is something he can nonchalantly cut off.

Gu Qing Shan walked up close to Anna, lowered his voice and asked: “What are you doing? This will make me very passive you know”

Anna could tell he was a bit annoyed, replied pitifully: “I wanted a Scorpio Palace”

Just that answer completely melted away Gu Qing Shan’s other emotions.

“You, hah, please tell me next time if you’re going to appear suddenly” he shook his head and answered.

Seeing the matter was over, Anna’s pitifulness on her face disappeared, returned to a bright smile and took a bow on the shelf.

She spoke: “First teach me how to use a bow, then tonight I have some things to ask you”

As Gu Qing Shan was about to speak, a light was reflected in his eyes, turned into a line of blood-red text.

“Time flow is once again in chaos, the time has come”

“The user must enter the other world within 5 minutes, otherwise the messed up space-time flow will be permanent”

“Warning, if the user were to refuse entry, the ability to travel to the other world will be completely lost”

Gu Qing Shan was stunned as if struck by lightning.

Why now?

It’s not the first time he experienced the place called Space-time vortex, so why did the situation become like this this time?

Could it be because I entered that strange space?

Inside the Space-time vortex, there are many strange sights, a few could affect the player, but to permanently affect the flow of time flow, this is a first even for Gu Qing Shan.

Maybe, that space is more special compared to all the other spaces recorded in history?

But when that corpse on the bronze pillar called for help I didn’t even reply though!

As he didn’t have much time left, Gu Qing Shan pulled Anna to a relatively secluded spot and spoke in a low voice: “I need your help with something”

Anna looked at him, curious: “Tell me first then”


Gu Qing Shan didn’t know what to say.

The situation was very dire, he only had 5 minutes to escape from everyone’s sight.

But the whole club is surrounded by all manners of security for the sake of princess Anna’s safety.

If he wanted to escape alone without dealing with Anna first, then he definitely wouldn’t have enough time, as all the layers of security will stop him first.

But when the time comes, Gu Qing Shan could only enter without a choice.

If the scene of Gu Qing Shan entering the game were to be seen, it could mean huge trouble.

Gu Qing Shan isn’t really afraid, but this will become a highly annoying wrench into his plan, affecting his actions afterwards.

Anna seeing that he couldn’t speak, took a glance at him.

His eyes are a beautiful amber color, his eyelashes very long, every time he pulls the bowstring, his eyes would always gently lit up, showing a sense of focus and consciousness.

When he mixes alcohol, his eyes show a deep mist, as if he’s in another world altogether.

He’s wearing a white T-shirt, regular pants and sports shoes, simple as simple can be.

But this person who’s “simple as simple can be”, as he walked out from the bar, defeated dozens of Martial artists and 2 Mobile Mech in a matter of seconds.

Some people need fancy clothing to be regal, but he doesn’t.

He himself is a King.

Without a shred of hesitation while killing, yet very calm and composed while on TV, didn’t even speak a single word.

Feng Huo De said he was a bit hard to understand, but it’s not that complicated, he’s just a bit nervous and shy in front of the camera.

Right at this moment, standing before her, he’s showing an appearance of not knowing what to say, how interesting.

Anna’s mood became happy, her lips slightly lifted up.

She put both hands behind her back, slightly bending forward and asked: “What’s so hard to say, could it be that you want to confess to me?”