Chapter 52

Chapter 52 of 150 chapters

Aside from that, having awoken Wind Slash Style, he can hide his Sword in the air next to himself, whenever he needs he can just infuse it with spirit energy to take his Sword out.

This one function is able to overcome the wasted time from having to pull the sword out of the sheath from numerous other Styles.

In the past life, Wind Slash Style was the most popular Style to learn for players, simply because it’s so stylish to pull a sword out of thin air.

Numerous Sword Cultivators, even if they have to sell their blood for money they’ll buy a copy of the Wind Slash Style book, just to keep up their appearance.

Gu Qing Shan chose this Sword Style, mainly because he’s about to have to go deep into the horde of demons, this Style that allows for easy drawing of the sword, coupled with its quick speed is extremely suitable for quickly moving forward.

This was also the first ever complete Sword Style that he risked his life killing demons to get.

As Gu Qing Shan swung his sword, all sorts of emotions welled up inside him.

Leng Tian Xing was standing on one side looking at him, but couldn’t relax at all.

Because the scene in front of him was too strange.

The youth before him was wearing a shoulder pad designed for impact, a sword in hand, as well as a large formation plate on his back.

Martial Cultivator?

Sword Cultivator?

Formation user?

Formation user is easy to understand, no matter if it’s Martial arts of Sword arts, as long as you have talent with the 6 Arts you can learn to use formation.

But that’s already very rare.

A cultivator who learns both Martial arts and Sword arts is simply unheard of.

Looking at the way Gu Qing Shan swings the sword, he’s clearly a master of the art.

Leng Tian Xing couldn’t help but asked: “What do you cultivate exactly? The Sword or Martial arts? I can’t really tell”

Gu Qing Shan when hearing thought also felt a bit of a headache, as he couldn’t really tell others that he used Soul Points to learn Skills.

He thought a bit, then said: “Hoh, my main cultivation isn’t Martial arts, neither am I a pure formation user”

Leng Tian Xing unconsciously repeated: “Not a main Martial arts cultivator?”

Gu Qing Shan swallowed the Crimson Crane Qi Holding pill he was keeping in his mouth and answered: “I know a bit of martial arts, but I can’t call myself someone who focus himself on being a martial artist”

“I also know a few Sword Styles and a bit about formation, only that”

Leng Tian Xing was a bit shocked, still unable to really comprehend what he was seeing.

Gu Qing Shan didn’t say anything more, closed his eyes and circulated his spirit energy, to thoroughly absorb the pill’s energy.

A while later, Leng Tian Xing spoke: “Your knowledge is too wide-spread, later on it will be very hard to reach the top for any of them”

This is a friendly advice.

A cultivator who’s well-versed in multiple subjects isn’t always a good thing, when they all reach a certain point, it will become incredibly hard to improve anymore.

Gu Qing Shan could tell the other party’s good will, smiled and said: “No worries, it’s just a few means”

Leng Tian Xing: “Means?”

Gu Qing Shan: “Yes, the means to survive”

These words are calm, but contains immense sorrow and struggle, almost reflecting the whole journey of everything that he’s been through just to live.

This is also a true depiction of humanity as a whole during the last few years of the Apocalypse.

As Leng Tian Xing heard that, he seems to have understood something.

Finished preparing, Gu Qing Shan stood up, his body slightly leaned forward just like Wu Jin from before, aiming the shoulder pad towards the outside of the formation, pacing back and forth a few times.

Gu Qing Shan said: “We have about half a stick of incense’s time left, then the formation will disappear”

Leng Tian Xing couldn’t help but asked: “How can I help?”

When it was a crowd of people, he held the position of leader, but after everyone had already died and there’s only Gu Qing Shan and himself, he unconsciously considered Gu Qing Shan to be the leader.

A peak Foundation Establishment cultivator, actively asking a qi training cultivator for order, what a very rare sight to see.

Both of them didn’t take notice of it, but it very naturally happened.

Gu Qing Shan used the sword to point outside the formation, asking: “Do you see that Rotting Eater Demon there?”

The same demon that attacked him when he teleported here.

Leng Tian Xing answered: “I can”

Gu Qing Shan then said: “That monster is extremely foul-smelling, disgusting to both humans and demons alike, I want you to get me one of its eyes”

Leng Tian Xing’s spirit energy flowed from his body, stood up and asked: “You want me to leave the formation to kill it?”

Gu Qing Shan stopped him: “No, with a bit of smart”

Suddenly Gu Qing Shan took the Heart Stealer Imp on the ground, chopped into pieces, then took out demon snake blood, pouring it on the imp’s body.

After that, Gu Qing Shan dug out a few stones about half the size of a person, neatly lining them up on the ground.

He carefully smeared the imp blood onto the stones.

Leng Tian Xing could only watch the scene in silence.

Everything he’s doing is completely out of his comprehension.

Outside the formation, the Rotting Eater Demon was slowly moving.

It’s still hungry, and looking to find some crippled demons among the mass of demons here to eat.

All the other demons are staying as far away from it as possible, they’d rather fight with some other demon to the death than to get close to the foul Rotting Eater Demon.

The Rotting Eater Demon is strong, but its speed is so pathetically low that others of the same realm as it could outrun it, normally it could only eat rotten stuff that’s already dead.

While the Rotting Eater Demon was worried about food, it suddenly felt a “pap” as something that’s coated in an alluring smell dropped right beside it.

Taking a look, it could tell this was a square stone, but the color was a bit different, looks like… something that it likes.

The Rotting Eater Demon moved its nose and sniffed.

The smell of blood.

This thing isn’t so bad, but there’s too little, not enough to even stick to its teeth.

The Rotting Eater Demon originally didn’t want to bother with it, but the alluring smell of blood was covered in a scent of energy and made it opened its mouth on instinct.

It quickly jumped forward and ate the stone as well as a patch of dirt in a single bite.

——tastes nice, sadly there’s too little.

While the Rotting Eater Demon was feeling sad, it heard another sound as another strange thing dropped down near it.

This distance, it only needs to move a bit to reach.

The Rotting Eater Demon slowly crawled over and ate it.

Energy, smell, taste together with a cold, hard feelings, the Rotting Eater Demon only didn’t care about the last part.

——are there more?

It felt great hope and anticipation.

Then a miracle!

Another square rock dropped very near where it was.

The Rotting Eater Demon took the time to crawl over.


Gu Qing Shan looked at the Rotting Eater Demon and said: “It’s coming; you only have one chance”

Leng Tian Xing couldn’t help but feel a bit pressured: “What if I fail?”

Gu Qing Shan answered: “Then we will have to think of another way, but this is already the best method”

Leng Tian Xing asked again: “Then if I succeed?”

Gu Qing Shan carefully answered: “Immediately give the eye to me, when I’m finished with it, the formation will also barely run out of energy”


Leng Tian Xing breathed in deeply and concentrated on the Rotting Eater Demon.

He doesn’t worry a single bit about whether Gu Qing Shan wanted to harm him or not, after all he’s a whole realm stronger, before he dies he can just strike as hard as possible, as well as numerous other ways to take him to the grave together.

He looked a bit at Gu Qing Shan.

This guy isn’t an idiot, he probably won’t do anything harmful in this dire situation.

Right at that moment, Gu Qing Shan silently shouted: “Do it!”

Leng Tian Xing moved his spirit energy, his hand gripped the fan and swung it diagonally in the air.

“Frost Blade True Slash!”

Outside the formation, the Rotting Eater Demon raised an ear-piercing shriek.

A white string appeared right at its forehead, then black blood spilled out.

The frost string that suddenly appeared took off almost half its skull.

It was very heavily wounded and lost an eye.

Even to a blob demon, this type of wound is quite severe.

The Rotting Eater Demon was screaming, rolling on the ground.

The two people inside the formation already didn’t take any notice of it anymore, instead using their inner sight to look inside the chunk of rotting flesh flying across the sky.

A big, dull-colored eyeball was flying through the air towards a large crowd of other demons.

Leng Tian Xing quickly put away his fan, extending his left hand outward and shouted: “Come!”

The dull-colored eyeball suddenly made a turn in the air, flew straight into the formation and into Leng Tian Xing’s hand.