Chapter 66

Chapter 66 of 150 chapters

As he listened, Gu Qing Shan just stood in place.

This sword has such history?

I only wanted to choose a suitable weapon for myself, how did I not only accidentally chose Her Eminence’s old sword, but also one with such a rich history?

Seeing the Saint’s expression, it doesn’t seem like she’s upset or anything like that, more like a sense of relief.

Bai Hua Fairy waved her hand as the Earth Sword flew from Gu Qing Shan’s hand towards the ten thousand flower throne.

Then she proceeded to use Lock Seals to hide the entire flower fountain together with her throne from sight, making Gu Qing Shan unable to see it.

She lightly strokes the sword, softly said: “You’re so strong that with you alone, he’s able to win against most enemies, how could he grow that way?”

A deep as mountain voice was heard from the sword: “I will seal my full strength away, as he increases his cultivation, I will unlock a bit more each time, only until he reaches Ascension will he unlock all of my power”

Bai Hua Fairy said: “Then there’s no problem”

“Take care” she said

“You take care as well. Also, the events of that time, it wasn’t your fault” the deep voice said.

Bai Hua Fairy wanted to, but couldn’t laugh, only replied: “The sect is already not here anymore, go, go create a new history”

The sword floated on the air, after the hilt lightly rest on Bai Hua Fairy for a bit, it slowly floated away.

Bai Hua Fairy swung her hand, releasing the Lock Seals.

The Earth sword quickly flew back into Gu Qing Shan’s hands.

“This sword’s power is too vast, so in order to prevent others from greed, I’ve put Lock Seals on it” Bai Hua Fairy said to Gu Qing Shan.

Then as if she suddenly remembered something, she added: “Qi training realm can use a strike up to 30,000 tons”

“Thank you Saint” Gu Qing Shan nodded as he thanked her.

He also understands really well, knowing that Bai Hua Fairy’s action is for his own good.

If a weapon is too strong, the sword cultivator will become reliant on it, making their skills harder to improve.

Not to mention, a single strike having 30,000 tons’ worth of strength is already very strong, it could be considered top-notch within the ranks of qi training realm weapons.

Bai Hua Fairy looked a bit at the youth, then at the sword in his hand, suddenly she thought of something.

Opening her jade-white hands, she made a hand seal.

Outside Bai Hua capital city, inside a certain rice field, a pig disappeared.

At the forked road, the white goose standing on the green rock that was still shouting loudly: “None of you rush, line up, next person”

Suddenly, the white goose disappeared, making every cultivator who was waiting went into an uproar.

Bai Hua Fairy’s hand seals didn’t change, as her spirit energy continued to flow.

On the river, inside a new wooden boat, the old ferryman disappeared.

Bai Hua Fairy continued.

Inside Bai Hua Palace, a female maid disappeared.

She closed her eyes, as a second later, numerous scenes were being shown in front of her sight.

“How clever, just like myself back then” she muttered.

That year she was only 18, after stealing her senior brother’s Spirit talisman, she snuck into the Secret Library and learned all 3 of the sect’s strongest scriptures.

As the elders wanted to punish her, she quoted the sect’s constitution ——whoever can master all three of the sect’s Secret Arts is to become a candidate for the next generation’s sect master, someone not to be humiliated.

When the elders didn’t believe her, she used all three of them one after another.

Back then, all the elders’ faces were especially interesting.

Remembering old memory, Bai Hua Fairy’s slightly downed mood improved.

Seeing Gu Qing Shan’s performance on the way, Bai Hua Fairy was even more pleased.

Gu Qing Shan of course knows what she’s doing, but his face remains unchanged, stood silently waiting for her decision.

That’s right, Bai Hua Fairy had a certain Divine Skill.

One As Ten Million.

Within the ranks of Divine Skills, this one was also particularly high-rate.

No matter who it is, once they set foot into Bai Hua Immortal country, every person they meet on the way, every animal, any and all of them could be Bai Hua Fairy’s clones.

A bird in the sky, a normal citizen on the streets, a servant in an official’s estate, the bellboy and owner of an inn, even deep underground, in an ancient ruin, as long as it’s still in Bai Hua Immortal country, even a hibernating snake or an ant that’s crawling on the ground could be her.

Almost every single creature is her clone.

In the past life, after she used all her strength to take on and push back the whole demon army, with a look of regret, her body went into a Space crack as she left the world to reincarnate.

As she left, the whole of Bai Hua country also disappeared, and the only ones left were the cultivators.

It was then that everyone understood, inside Bai Hua Immortal country, the only ones that weren’t her clones were her disciples.

No one knows just why Bai Hua Fairy did what she did, since she was already at peak Sainted realm, many cultivators suspected that she did it in order to find out the secret of breaking through Sainted realm.

Because of that, within all the cultivators who go here to attempt a Bai Hua list, if they show even the smallest of actions that Bai Hua Fairy doesn’t like, they’ll be found out immediately.

And this is also the reason why Bai Hua Fairy take in very few disciples.

“Right now I have a very important question that I want to ask you” Bai Hua Fairy spoke.

Gu Qing Shan answered: “Please go ahead and ask, your Eminence”

Bai Hua Fairy looked at Gu Qing Shan from above, her face shows no emotion, and asked: “Are there any other people in your family? Why did you join the army?”

As soon as Bai Hua Fairy finished asking, she had already secretly used a hand seal in her sleeves.

No lies can ever fool her.

Gu Qing Shan didn’t think that she would ask this, but within a single second of thinking, he had already abandoned the choice of lying.

One of Bai Hua Fairy’s clones herself said that he can’t fool her with lies.

A Saint will always have a way that you can’t imagine to find out the truth.

Gu Qing Shan thought for a bit, then cleverly answered: “This humble one’s parents died in an accident at a young age, so I could only struggle alone to grow up. In this chaotic age of war against the demons, I joined the army only wanting to learn a thing or two, get a bit stronger so that I can survive”

What he’s saying here contained his life on both worlds, at the same time conveyed his life very clearly.

Bai Hua Fairy looked at him, the spirit energy wave she received from her hand seal also didn’t show any falsehood.

He was able to say it so simply, but all of it was the truth.

No one knows, that Bai Hua Fairy herself was also an orphan.

After she became a Saint, she had hidden away both her background and past experiences, so that no one can ever check on it and find her weakness.

Bai Hua Fairy’s expression relaxes, even her eyes held a bit more closeness than before.

“If it’s as you said, then you’re an orphan” she purposefully asked “This Saint is curious, how does it feel to struggle to survive, alone?”

Gu Qing Shan was a bit confused, not knowing why the Saint would ask this, but he still answered seriously.

This time, he doesn’t even need to think too much before answering.

Recalling all the times of bitterness and struggle, Gu Qing Shan naturally replied: “To be alone in this world, the upside is that I never have to worry about someone else being sad and mourn my death”

Bai Hua Fairy didn’t comment on it, only asked: “The downside?”

Gu Qing Shan smiled and answered: “There are 2 downsides, one is the no matter if I’m eating, fighting, or cultivating, I’ll always be outnumbered”

“Two is when seeing someone else’s joyful birthday with friends, I can’t help but feel the need to avoid it”

This simple answer, as Bai Hua Fairy heard it, she couldn’t help but grab the handles on her throne.

Five deep finger marks, as sharp as a knife was carved into the white flower-shaped Immortal Jade.