Chapter 68

Chapter 68 of 150 chapters

As soon as Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation took the two people into her sleeves, she turned and ran.

“Who are you, stop right there!”

From very deep in the clouds, the voice before was roaring again.

The incarnation kept silent and quickly retreated.

Inside Bai Hua Palace, Bai Hua Fairy said to Gu Qing Shan: “My disciple, this Saint does not fear the demon beasts, it’s because the demonic flames on Gong Sun Zhi’s body is already about to go out of control and kill him, so I have to bring him back and quickly save his life first”

Gu Qing Shan nodded in agreement, saying: “Of course that’s the case, everything is according to Shifu’s will”

As the two of them were talking, a loud explosion was heard.

At the frontline, a 5-claw Grey Dragon descended from the sky, crashing into Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation and knocked her flying backwards.

Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation did an elegant flip in the sky and lightly landed on the ground.

The 5-claw Grey Dragon turned into a humanoid form, opened its mouth and questioned: “Who are you to dare save people in front of this saint?”

“Ah? This demon beast is slightly interesting” Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation softly spoke.

The 5-claw Grey Dragon having turned into a humanoid form, still kept a snake-like head, all four limbs were still claws and a long tail dragging behind it together with a grey color scale that covered its whole body.

Within its snake eyes, endless wicked intent can be seen.

This was a Beast Saint that is able to change its form.

The world has had no True Dragon for a very long time, this Dragonewt is already one of the strongest species within demon beasts, a sacred beast that could rival a Saint.

The voice that had hid inside the cloud giving order from before was his.

Gu Qing Shan was a bit confused and surprised.

There were no Beast Saint that personally acted during the past life.

Once a Beast Saint appeared, the spirit pressure they emit could easily be felt by the great cultivators of humanity.

This time, seeing their two targets about to be saved, the Beast Saint couldn’t just stay silent anymore.

“A demonic dragonewt? Good, let this Saint test your mettle a little bit”

Saying that, Bai Hua Fairy extended her jade-like fingers and made a hand seal: “5-element Metal spell, Great Dragon”

In the air, a phantom that covered the sky appeared.

Is was a Great Dragon with 9 claws, a few miles long from head to tail.

All the demon beasts that saw that all fled.

As soon as the Great Dragon opened its mouth, numerous demon generals floating in the sky was swallowed, then it waved its tail and also swallowed the Beast Saint.

Then the dragon snapped at the ground, taking in a large piece of land in its mouth, as it raised its head to swallow, numerous demons and dirt fell from the sky.

Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation changed her hand seals, then spoke: “Burn!”

When it heard that order, it twisted its body, happily flung its tail and roared.

The dragon’s body started glowing a golden color of fire, as the fire covered its outer body, it also travelled inside.

A minute later.

A sudden change.

The golden fire exploded, flowing back out from inside its body.

The 9-claw Great Dragon squirmed in pain, the fire on its body kept raining down everywhere.

As the fire rained down like a meteor shower, all the demons that haven’t fled in time all got burned to ash.

Then the Great Dragon stopped moving.

A few breaths later, it roared in pain.

The invisible shockwaves from its mouth could almost be seen in the sky.

As Bai Hua Fairy sat on her throne of flowers, her eyebrows suddenly loosened and spoke excitedly: “Finally you couldn’t handle it and retaliated, a good chance!”

Pop, as Bai Hua Fairy disappeared from the throne of flower.

Almost in the blink of an eye, she had returned.

“Clang, clang”, two weapons were nonchalantly thrown on the ground.

Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but look at them.

They were an elongated bone claw, and a large bone blade.

You only need to look to tell that they were high-tier demonic weapons.

But right now, all the strong demons were trapped inside the 9-claw Great Dragon.

Which means, Bai Hua Fairy was looking for a chance to steal the demon’s things?

The strongest Saint in the world, doesn’t just have, but also actively use extremely fluent pickpocketing skills.

This fact is so out of this world that Gu Qing Shan could only stand in silence, looking confused.

All of the sudden, Bai Hua Fairy’s face again was full of excitement, once again stood up and disappeared.

The 9-claw Great Dragon squirmed even more, but inside the dragon there was a large bag, occasionally moved like there was something trying to get out from inside.

A few breaths later, the 9-claw Great Dragon disappeared in a large flash of light, slowly dissipated in the air.

Replacing that dragon was a few floating figures.

The Dragonewt Beast Saint was standing in the middle of the demon generals, roaring: “A spell of this caliber, just who the heck are you!”

When the dragon disappeared, Bai Hua Fairy’s figure once again appeared on the ten thousand flower throne.

She estimated the bag in her hand a bit then also put it down.

Together with the 2 others, there are now 3 stolen weapons on the ground.

“Looks like I didn’t go there for nothing after all” Bai Hua Fairy sat on her throne, muttered happily.

Gu Qing Shan was silent and didn’t say a word, acting like he didn’t hear it.

Right at this moment, Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation made another hand seal.

“Flesh Incarnation!”

Another incarnation split away from the incarnation to block the demon’s path.

While the original incarnation changed hand seals again.

“Earth Burrow!”

With a shout, she brought Gong Sun Zhi and Ning Yue Xi and disappeared into the ground.

As the Beast Saint saw her flew up, it thought a bit and asked: “That was Flesh Incarnation, which means, you must be the human’s Xie Dao Ling?”

Xie Dao Ling is Bai Hua Fairy’s real name, but normal people don’t dare to call her that.

“I am”

The incarnation stood in the air and replied.

The beast saint smiled so wide it practically reached his ears, showing his sharp fangs, he spoke: “Xie Dao Ling, you dare ruin our demon army’s plan, I swear I’ll kill you, trap your soul within your flesh, making you serve me as a slave for both day and night!”

The incarnation looked at the beast saint coldly: “You know me, and yet you still dare to be so foul?”

The Evil Dragonewt stuck out its tongue, looked at Bai Hua Fairy incarnation from head to toe with eyes holding nothing except wicked thoughts.

It said: “I heard Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling only knows to cultivate herself, after reaching Sainted realm, she’s still a pure virgin, oh how that tickles my fancy”

Saying that, it was already drooling nonstop.

Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation kept calm, asked it back: “You dare to saw that much, seems like you’ve got help then?”

The wicked Dragonewt pridefully answered: “Of course they’re all hiding in a secret location, waiting to give you that one fatal strike”

As it insulted her the first time, in the palace, Xie Dao Ling who was sitting on the ten thousand flower throne already angrily muttered to herself.

Since she’s broke through Sainted realm to now, no one has dared spoke to her like that.

Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling is truly angry now.

Barefooted, she stood up from her throne, angrily cast hand seals one after another.

36 hand seals were completed in a matter of a few breaths, each of them emitted an immense green spirit energy on her fingertips.

Yet she still hasn’t stopped, only continued casting numerous more signs with unparalleled speed.

Xie Dao Ling’s long hair was floating without wind, her sleeves also fluttering from the intense spirit energy waves, making her almost like a real fairy descended from the Heaven.

As she cast more and more hand seals, the spirit energy concentrated became stronger and stronger.

The spirit light emitted from that has become like a burning sun, lighting up every corner of Bai Hua Palace as clear as day.