Chapter 69

Chapter 69 of 150 chapters

The frontline.

In the sky, Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation was still fighting against the Dragonewt.

Her emerald green feather coat and long hair were flowing in the wind, a pair of clear eyes calm as the autumn water, captivating enough to make any not able to look away.

Unfortunately, a thin veil of silk hid her face, making no one able to see everything.

Even if it’s only an incarnation, her aura is still unparalleled just like the original.

As she looked around, suddenly she pointed her finger at an empty space behind the wicked Dragonewt, asked questioningly: “Blade Emperor, why are you here?”

Hearing her said that, a person appeared in that space.

A tall, muscular body, both eyes glowing full of life, on his face was a long scar straight from his forehead through his nose, ending at the chin.

On his back was a giant Blade as big as he was.

This was Humanity Alliance’s frontline vice-supreme commander, peak Ascension realm great cultivator ——-Blade Emperor.

Blade Emperor only laughed, pointing at the scar on his face: “A chance finally showed itself today, since you’ve come here yourself, of course I would come here to make sure you stay here for good”

“Because of that year’s defeat?”

“That’s right, I’ve kept this wound, not letting it heal completely, all to remind me to get my revenge”

“So the traitor was you” Bai Hua Fairy suddenly laughed and said: “That year you used your higher cultivation to peek on me in the bath and even wanted to use violence, after getting beaten black and blue, you’d still dare to hold a grudge?”

Blade Emperor glared at Bai Hua Fairy: “Xie Dao Ling, I really had feelings for you back then, but you didn’t know what was good and what was not, don’t blame me for being cruel now”

But then his face changed, both arms crossed in front of his chest to block.

So quick, I couldn’t even take out my Blade!

Within that moment, Blade Emperor felt a deep sense of loss.

Xie Dao Ling appeared right above him, her fists clenched right, looking to strike.



“Xie Dao Ling, you dare!”

Three other demons appeared from the air.

Immense miasma flowed from them.

————they were all Beast Saints!

All the Beast Saints rushed forward at the same time, concentrated their attacks on Xie Dao Ling.

Facing their full-power strikes, if Xie Dao Ling still value her life, she would have to dodge and let Blade Emperor go.

But completely unlike their expectation, Xie Dao Ling didn’t care, only shouted: “Falling Sky!”

And struck downward with her fist.

Even the air itself was warped, as a silent ripple spread across the sky.

It wasn’t until one breath later that a dull sound was heard.


As Blade Emperor was struck, he flew straight into a mountain peak 100 miles away, burrowing deep into it.

“Eat dirt, perverted old bastard!”

Bai Hua Fairy’s incarnation laughed heartily as her clear voice rang across the sky.

At this point, the Beast Saints had gotten close enough to strike, yet Xie Dao Ling still attacked Blade Emperor without any intention to dodge.

As the Beast Saints saw that, they angrily swore that they would kill Xie Dao Ling in one hit.

Then Xie Dao Ling suddenly disappeared.

“That’s not possible!” the Dragonewt roared in anger: “Even an escape Secret Art wouldn’t be able to escape my eyes!”

“She’s really nowhere to be seen, there’s not even a trace of spirit energy left” another Beast Saint said.

The final Beast Saint spoke in fear: “Just what kind of spell would be able to make her disappear in front of all our eyes without a trace like that”

Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling, her reputation isn’t just for show.

All three of them felt a sense of unease.

“Relax, she isn’t quite as powerful as you imagine”

Suddenly a voice was heard.

And then figured appeared in the air.

Another Sainted realm demon beast!

Including the Dragonewt, there’s a total of 5 Beast Saints here!

Dragonewt: “Three-eyed Evil Mother, you know the most out of us all, quickly tell me what’s going on”

Three-eyed Evil Mother scoffed: “Her true self retracted her clones, that’s all it is”

“The one just now wasn’t her true self, just look at Blade Emperor if you don’t believe me”

As they turned to look, the mountain broke apart, and Blade Emperor got out from there, flying towards them.

The Dragonewt squints looking at Blade Emperor, then breathed out a sigh: “Being hit straight on yet he didn’t die, seems like it really wasn’t her true body”

It was only then that they calmed down.

At the same time, in Bai Hua Palace.

The incarnation suddenly appeared with a huge Blade in hand.

She casually threw the Blade together with 3 other weapons into the pile on the ground.

“A Blade Emperor without a Blade, I’d like to see what you can do now”

The incarnation laughed full of pride, then disappeared into mist.

At the same time, in the sky at the frontline.

The Dragonewt suddenly shouted: “You bitch; you dare steal my Inventory Bag!”

Blade Emperor unconsciously reached behind, then his face paled.

The other two Beast Saints also quickly recited their invocations to call for their weapons, but felt nothing except a void.


Inside Bai Hua Palace, on the ten thousand flowers throne, Bai Hua Fairy Xia Dao Ling’s face grew colder, clasping her hands together.

She had just finished the final hand seal.

The entire set of hand seals took her 30 breaths, weaving 81 different hand seals together, only until the very last hand seal is done is it considered complete.

Because the signs could be released, you could already feel something was happening.

Sitting on her throne, Bai Hua Fairy stood up.

“Qing Shan, today, I’ll be giving you your first lesson”, she said

Gu Qing Shan bowed and said: “Please teach me, Shifu”

Bai Hua Fairy triggered the hand seals she was holding back, saying: “Firstly, never offend a beautiful, powerful female without a good reason, women can all hold a very long grudge; Secondly, Sainted realm is nothing but the start, yet so many mistake it for being the end”

“These two matters, make sure you remember them”

Saying that, the hand seals in her hand was fully released, the spirit light emitting from it flowed like an ocean and shot towards the sky.

The frontline.

“No, she took my Blade!”

Blade Emperor’s heart sank.

Bai Hua Fairy’s pickpocket skills infamously are second to none, he’s already took precautions, but still got done in.

His strongest suits are all on that Blade, as long as he has the Blade in hand, he can easily disturb Xie Dao Ling’s spell castings, one of the reasons why he was even included for this time’s plan.

But now, without his Blade, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen.

Blade Emperor felt a strong sense of unease.

He still has beef with the Wild Beast Saint, without his Blade, once things start getting messy, he’ll also have to look out for him.

However, seems like Wild Beast Saint isn’t all that well-off either, looking at his face turning blue, seems like he also got robbed of something.

The Dragonewt’s face was even worse, of all the people here, only he has the confidence to take Bai Hua Fairy’s Divine Skills head on without losing for a short period.

But now his Inventory Bag was stolen by Bai Hua Fairy.

Without his trove of treasures, it would be very hard to deal with Bai Hua Fairy’s endless means of attacks.

While Blade Emperor was still thinking, he saw all the Beast Saints suddenly looked up at the sky.

What happened?

He couldn’t help but also look up, and was almost shock stunned.

The sky itself has disappeared.

The blue morning sky was gone, instead replaced with a thick, yet also transparent fog.

Within the fog, you could almost see a large, unending river, flowing across the sky itself.

The river itself was the sky, and no matter how far you look, you can’t see its end.

The Faceless Giant suddenly turned around, and tried its best to run away.

As a chaos-species, the Faceless Giants were born from the time when heaven and earth still haven’t been, naturally gaining an acute sense of life and death.

Blade Emperor looked at the escaping Faceless Giant, then again at the endless river in the sky.

Suddenly he felt a strange cold sweat dripped down his back.