Chapter 70

Chapter 70 of 150 chapters

As Blade Emperor saw the river got closer and closer, he couldn’t help but shout: “Three-eyed Evil Mother, what is that?”

Three-eyed Evil Mother wasn’t nearly as prideful as before, her eyes bulging, looking at the great river above.

“I’ve never seen it before; this is…”

Suddenly, as if she had remembered something, her whole body shook, her face became anxious and couldn’t speak even a word.

Wild Beast Saint who got his personal weapon stolen was angry, shouted full of killing intent: “Who cares what it is, just use our full power to break this spell and go find Xie Dao Ling, that’s the real issue!”

Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint agreed: “That’s right, who cares what kind of spell it is, everyone prepare to attack together at once”

Everyone thought for a bit, knowing what he said is correct, they all concentrated their spirit energy and prepared to attack.

But one second later, they couldn’t help but stop as a faint singing was heard from the sky.

Inside the yellow drifting fog, a female whose face couldn’t be seen was rowing a small boat along the huge river.

As she rowed the boat, she was also singing a strange song.

“Who is that?” Blade Emperor couldn’t help but ask.

“She’s coming here. No, that can’t be right, how can a spell contain a person?” Evil Dragonewt frowned for the first time.

Everyone there also felt an aversion to it.

With their combined knowledge and experience, they should have already seen all the spells and techniques in this world, even many Secret Arts are not secret to them.

Yet this scene unfolding right now was something completely unheard and unseen before.

They couldn’t comprehend it.

As the small boat came from the sky, the female stood at the back of the boat, keeping it moving while looking at the people here.

Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint once again felt horny, his lustful eyes scanned the female from head to bottom.

“This little lady seems to also——“

As soon as he said that much, Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint shut his mouth.

The beautiful female figure on the boat, has a skull for a head.

On the skull were two dark eye sockets, inside were a couple of dimly lit blue flames, silently looking at them.

Even as Beast Saints, this scene somehow still causes them an overwhelming sense of fear.

To get to where they are today, none of them could stay clean, they all got blood on their hands and mountains of bones beneath their feet, so a simple skull wouldn’t even make them blink.

Yet when facing this skull girl, they felt a bone-cold chill without understanding why.

This is a never-before-seen spell, a monster that hasn’t appeared before in this world.

Standing before it, a deep sense of despair and powerlessness naturally appears, gradually grows more and more like wild grass, and eventually will overwhelm them.

“Die, demon!”

Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint shouted loudly as he attacked her with a spell.

Before the grand spell could even reach the skull girl, it had already been erased by the flowing river current.

Even as a Beast Saint, Evil Dragonewt is an existence at the top, each and every spell he unleashes could easily wipe out a whole city.

But now, even a full-power strike could do nothing but disappeared without a trace.

The Beast Saints looked at each other anxiously.

The skull girl still hasn’t retaliated, only stood there, like she was waiting for something.

“Forgetting River… no doubt about it, this is the Forgetting River” Three-eyed Evil Mother face paled.

“What did you say? You must be mistaken, that river is in Hell” Wild Beast Saint eyes became sharp.

Mortal beings live in the Human Realm, since seeing Shen Wu world, the Beast Saint had known that there are many worlds, of them there are many Human Realms that can connect to each other.

But the other realms in the cycle, like Hell realm, Hungry Ghost realm, there would definitely be no mortal beings.

Unless you die, and your soul escape from your body, only then you can reincarnate into one of the other realms.

This is the very foundation of the 6 Paths of Reincarnation, the law of the world itself, so there would definitely be no problems.

Yet Three-eyed Evil Mother is saying that large river before their eyes is the legendary Forgetting River.

———the Forgetting River appeared in the Human Realm?

How is this possible?

All the Beast Saints couldn’t believe it.

Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint coldly laughed, rejecting the thought: “I think you’re just being scared to death by Xie Dao Ling”

Three-eyed Evil Mother stared incessantly at the skull girl, trembling as she said: “No, I wouldn’t be wrong”

Evil Dragonewt Beast Saint scoffed, saying: “Bullshit! This Saint has only reach this realm for 1000 years so I might not know as much as you, but I know for sure there’s no spell or technique strong enough to connect two worlds”

Evil Mother suddenly turned her head, looked straight into Evil Dragonewt’s eyes and asked: “What if it isn’t a spell or technique?”

“Evil Dragonewt replied: “Not a spell or technique? That would be ——“

It suddenly couldn’t say.

Everyone else there also realized, looking at each other in fright.

A soft female voice could be heard: “Divine Skill, that’s right, to connect two worlds, it would have to be a Divine Skill, and a peak Divine Skill as well”

The person unveiled herself, revealing a face of beauty.

It was another Beast Saint from the Wild, Peacock.

Peacock ignored the rest of them, looked in the direction of Bai Hua Palace from afar, bowed and said: “Fairy, we’ve met each other once, can I request you to hear me out”


Xie Dao Ling sat neatly on her throne, her hands still holding the hand signs as she blinked.

Peacock suddenly started crying and spoke with a sobbing voice: “Evil Dragonewt took my dear daughter to force me into this, I myself truly did not want to be a part of this at all”

“Since you’ve used a Divine Skill, then I can only be so brazen and beg of you Fairy, please save my daughter’s life, I swear from now on my life will be yours to decide”

Xie Dao Ling was silent for a bit, then smiled: “Since dear sister was forced into this, then this Saint won’t blame you”

“Peacock! Seems like you don’t need your daughter’s life!” Evil Dragonewt roared loudly and took out something, wanting to crush it.

“No!” Peacock’s face paled.

“Attack that skull with all you have, or else I’ll kill your daughter immediately!” Evil Dragonewt coldly said.

Peacock looked again at Bai Hua Palace’s direction, hesitated for a bit before she bowed down in the air, begging: “Fairy, I beg you”

A Sainted Beast, stooping so low as to bow down to a human Saint several ten thousand miles away, the Saint Beasts couldn’t help but be surprised.

Xie Dao Ling silently sighed, activated her spirit energy, creating a jade-green light in front of her, then she muttered: “Divine Skill, Forgetting River”

The green light moved as soon as she said that, flew straight out of Bai Hua Palace towards the sky.


The green light descended, falling straight into the skull girl’s body.

Suddenly the blue flames inside her eye sockets became intense, asking the air: “How many people are going this time?”

Inside Bai Hua Palace, Bai Hua Fairy answered: “Aside from Peacock, take them all to Black Rope Hell ——-I’ll give the Evil Dragonewt’s soul to you as a candle wick, let him burn for 30,000 years then take him to Inescapable Hell” (1)

“Thank you, as you want then”

The skull girl finished speaking, then turned towards the beast saints, bowed and gestured: “Please board the boat”

Immediately, phantoms looking the same as the beast saints flew from their heads and went straight towards the small boat on the Forgetting River.

They struggled with fear in their eyes, trying to get out.

But as they have already left their bodies, every spell, technique, secret arts or power, nothing could be used anymore; and they could only scream in vain as they escaped their bodies, flew across the Forgetting River until they reached the boat.

A few dull sounds were heard as their bodies fell crashing into the ground, marking them with huge craters.

The skull girl continued to sing her tune of hell, steered the boat deep into the great Forgetting River and gradually disappeared.


(1) Black Rope Hell and Inescapable Hell: two of the 8 hot hells of punishment, there are also the 8 cold hells of punishment. If someone doesn’t know what the Forgetting River is, it’ll appear again with a clearer explanation, so no need to worry. Check out this page: to see in detail what the hells (Naraka) are.