Chapter 71

Chapter 71 of 150 chapters

Bai Hua Palace

Bai Hua Fairy sat on her ten thousand flowers throne, slowly releasing all the hand seals she had casted.

On her head of hair full of life, one strand slowly turned into a silver color for no apparent reason.

Perhaps noticing it, Bai Hua Fairy lightly tilted her head, and the strand of silver hair was hidden among her others, unnoticeable from outside.

Gu Qing Shan didn’t notice this.

He only looked in awe at the Forgetting River that’s slowly disappearing from the sky, unable to say anything.

This type of Divine Skill can really strike anyone speechless, leaving a deep impression on any cultivator.

This is what a peak Divine Skill can do?

Bai Hua Fairy so easily dealt with numerous Beast Saints, yet she herself was still thousands of miles away, the group of Beast Saints couldn’t even see her face.

No wonder she said that Sainted realm is still only the beginning.

When, will I also reach this height?

As Gu Qing Shan silently thought to himself, a blood-red light appeared in front of his eyes.

On the War God UI, the blood-red light flew around a bit, then turned into lines of text.

“Time flow is once again in chaos, the user must immediately return to his world, otherwise the spacetime anchor will lose its effect forever”

“If the user chooses to stay in cultivation world, he will be unable to return to his world again”

“To stay or to leave, please choose carefully”

You really call this a choice?

Gu Qing Shan sighed tiredly, choosing the “leave” option.

He took a glance at the Destiny Quest.

The Quest description still says “in progress”

Looks like Gong Sun Zhi still isn’t out of danger yet.

Luckily, since Bai Hua Fairy is personally dealing with it, Gong Sun Zhi will definitely survive.

There probably won’t be any problems with the Destiny Quest.

The next time Gu Qing Shan comes here, time will still stay at this exact moment, so he won’t miss anything.

And then, he’ll be able to finish the Quest.

Finally, Gu Qing Shan glanced again at the disappearing Forgetting River.

A thought crossed his mind.

If this world has 6 Paths of Reincarnation, then what about the real world?

Then a light flashed.

Gu Qing Shan disappeared from Bai Hua Palace.

The Freedom Confederate.

Capital outskirts, in an empty field.

Gu Qing Shan appeared.

All the cultivator clothes he was wearing disappeared, stowed in his Inventory Bag.

He was now wearing his regular modern clothing.

Gu Qing Shan looked around.

The Floating Fire speed shuttle was no longer seen.

The entire area is wild and desolate, even in the sky there’s hardly any shuttles passing by.

“Ah? Where’s Anna?” Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised.

He was sure Anna would stay right here, waiting for his explanation of why he suddenly disappeared.

However, thinking about it, Anna grew up in a royal family, so she would have all the chances in the world to meet all sorts of strange powers, something that makes a person suddenly disappear wouldn’t be too strange.

But then, where is she going?

The Life Exchange Contract is too valuable, so the quicker he return it to her, the better.

His trip this time to the cultivation world could be considered a success, Bai Hua Fairy herself is helping him, even using such a great Divine Skill, so his mission to save the two of them is as good as done.

The only thing to worry about would be that he’s going to join the famous Bai Hua Sect. Now that he’s over the excitement, this sect was extremely mysterious, completely unknown to any outsider in the past life.

Which means all his knowledge of the sects and his experience dealing with sects will no longer be usable.

He can only go step by step.

Gu Qing Shan looked up at the sun, then took a look at his personal Holo-Brain.

“200km away from the capital, the Floating Fire’s performance really is stellar”

Gu Qing Shan wryly laughed, having no choice but to go on foot, headed towards the direction of the capital.

Just where did Anna go anyways?

He couldn’t help but ask himself that question.

In reality, Anna originally wanted to wait for him right here.

But as she was flipping through the intelligence her subordinates gathered, she suddenly remembered there was something important that she had forgotten.

Capital University.

On top of the highest campus building.

Anna was standing on a fence, arms crossed, her eyes frowned looking below.

With her personality, she couldn’t even sit still for 20 minutes to wait for Gu Qing Shan.

She doesn’t know where he went or when he’s going to come back, plus Anna had other things on her mind and was extremely curious about a certain person, so it didn’t take her long to decide to fly the Floating Fire straight to Capital University.

Three female students wearing new Capital University uniform walked across the campus.

One of them had healthy white skin, exceptional facial features and a calming aura that unconsciously give people a good impression of her.

Anna stared incessantly at that female student, as her eyes scanned her from top to bottom again and again, she muttered with an annoyed voice.

“Hmph! Only her breasts are a bit bigger than mine, her figure isn’t anything special”

A shadow under Anna’s feet spoke: “Your Highness, you’re a princess, while she’s just a daughter of one of the 9 Lords, she couldn’t possibly measure up to you in status”

The three female students were leaving the campus, about to go outside.

“Stupid, why would status even matter here? After all, he’s not the type to suck up to power” said Anna.

“Then you mean?” the shadow can’t quite understand.

“Hmph, I was late, and she had time with him over their 3 years of high school together, so this is a disadvantage that I have to recognize” Anna’s eyes showed a hint of loneliness.

But the loneliness didn’t last very long, instead quickly turned into fighting spirit.

She rubbed her chin a bit then suddenly asked: “Huo De, if I were to beat her in a fight, do you think she’ll give up and retreat?”

The shadow seriously thought about it for a moment, then answered: “That might not necessarily be the case, but you’ll definitely cause a serious international diplomatic problem”

Anna dropped her hands and contemplated: “It would huh, seems like we’ll have to compete in a peaceful manner then”

The shadow secret wiped his sweat, immediately agreeing: “Yes, peaceful is good, peaceful is good”

Anna’s eyes lit up: “You also agree? Then let’s go with that, she and I will use no powers, just our fists to determine who’s the winner”

The shadow shouted: “Your Highness, that’s not different from a fight!”

As they were talking, suddenly the female student picked up her personal Holo-Brain, then returned to campus alone.

“Yes, which major are you in, professor? Which activity?” Su Xue Er looked down at her Holo-Brain and politely asked.

While walking, Su Xue Er suddenly disappeared.


The two people standing on top of the building were surprised.

“Huo De?”

“I can feel it, a shadow-type barrier”


“Please wait, I’ll go confirm”

The shadow left, then quickly returned.

“They’re from Bloody Club, one of them stopped me just now”

“Bloody Club? Dirty rats those guys, seems like it’s really assassination”

Anna squinted her eyes.

“Go, let’s go save her” she swung her fist and declared.

“Your Highness, don’t you consider her an enemy? Why not just stand and watch?” the shadow asked.

“Your damn shadow Skill changed you into a wicked person as well or something?” Anna turned around and mocked the shadow.

Her crimson red hair flowed in the wind, a clear annoyance could be seen in Anna’s eyes.

The flame starts quickly coiling around under her feet, as thin as a piece of string.

“If I want something then I’ll take it fair and square” Anna stepped on the shadow on the ground, “Just stand and watch her getting killed isn’t my style”

She jumped out, shouting: “Huo De, we’re going!”

“Understood, Your Highness”

As Anna jumped out, Gu Qing Shan had only walked for about 10km.

Then he stopped his feet.

Within this desolate mountain area, there was a small-sized Spaceship parked there with its door opened.

Someone is waiting for me?

Gu Qing Shan suddenly had that thought.

Then, his personal Holo-Brain turned on.

Impartial Goddess’ voice was heard from inside.

“Confederate Highest Leader, Gu Qing Shan, in accordance to the citizen list of privileges, I have a duty to report to you the newest situation”