Chapter 74

Chapter 74 of 150 chapters

While Gu Qing Shan was on the S.W. Divine Temple, a secret meeting was being held at a certain place in the capital.

There was a total of 9 people attending this meeting.

“Long time no see, gentlemen” an old man sporting a mustache said.

“Hm, I really didn’t want to see any of you, every time we meet up there would definitely be something bad that happens” another old man said.

“Don’t say that now” Bai family’s head, Bai Hong Wu’s father, was smoking a cigar as he breathed out smoke “That time we met up 30 years ago to assassinate that scientist to get the warp drive technology, that is in all of our pockets now isn’t it?”

“Damn knowledge, damn technology” another person muttered.

“Underestimating technological advancement isn’t a good thing to do” the person next to him said

“So what if we have it? There’s nothing but space monsters out there, people die as soon as they leave, what good does that technology do for us?” Su family’s head, Su Xing Chao spoke.

“Alright, let’s skip the small talk and start”, the mustache old man spoke.

“Hm, then we start”

“Let’s begin the discussion”

The high-and-mighty 9 Lords gathered here began to speak.

“This time, our objective is the newest Mech technology, I could only get a tiny bit of information on it, the rest, we’ll have to use the 9 Lords authority to request it from Impartial Goddess” the mustache old man said

Mech technology!

The eyes of everyone here were practically glowing.

Compared to the warp technology that’s useless to keep but wasteful to let pass, this is technology that can and will be used right away.

“Why can’t we just find the person that invented this technology and ask him to contribute it to us, do we need to make such a big deal out of this?” Su Xing Chao said.

“That’s right, we can’t just have all the scientists that invented new technology to get into an accident every time there’s a technological breakthrough, otherwise Confederate history would be very hard to look at” another old man agreed.

The 9 Lords all went silent.

Technology has always been the most sensitive resource, it could drive change in an era, creating a visible shift in society that could threaten them.

“Elder Su, you have spoken too late” Bai family’s head smiled and said: “My men have already left, I’m afraid he’ll die very soon”

“You!” Su Xing Chao glared at him.

“A dead scientist’s intellectual properties will become Confederate’s public property, which means, using our combined authority, we can directly take it from Impartial Goddess” Bai family’s head spoke as he glanced at everyone else at the table.

“The person called Gu Qing Shan has showed a very clear hostile attitude towards nobles, you can all check his recent actions” he threw in another amber.

The people very quickly checked their personal Holo-Brain, quickly found out all about what Gu Qing Shan had done.

“Hm, a good seed, but to directly raise his hand against a member of the aristocrat, he must be purged no matter how good he is” the mustache old man was the first to agree.

He’s the capital’s Lord, Huang family’s head, Hui Shao’s grandfather.

As soon as he spoke, the rest of them quickly agreed.

One of them persuaded Su Xing Chao: “It’s fine, the matter is already done, next time we’ll consider your methods”

Su Xing Chao sighed heavily and nodded in agreement.

The fate of a young scientist, a youth that greatly contributed to the advancement of humanity itself, was simply decided with a few words, just like that.

“Good then we’ll authorize”

The 9 Lords all took out their Holo-Brain and connected to Impartial Goddess.

“Distinguished 9 Lords, what orders do you have for me that you would gather like this?” Impartial Goddess’s voice was heard.

“We want to request Gu Qing Shan’s personal research results”

“Please all authorize your request before I begin the process”

“We authorize”

As the authorization was passed, deep inside S.W. Divine Temple, a single large screen was lit up, calculating numerous equations at break-neck speed.

“Life Structure Algorithm core formula protocols learning completed”

The screen started to shut down.

Then suddenly, a large amount of light appeared, rushing across the screen.

“First there was light”

Impartial Goddess’ voice echoed.

This type of white light was the same as the Sun’s but it contained more fluidity and comfort.

“The earth, the sea and the lightning provided energy”

An ocean appeared on the screen.

Then it was a volcano, as the giant volcano erupted, it let out a large amount of magma and volcanic dust, covering the entire ocean view.

In the sky, a storm was formed as lightning struck down like rain itself.

Impartial Goddess’s voice was heard once more: “Then there was life”

A single cell organism slowly moved on the screen, then after it another hundred thousand of its own kind.

On the screen, as many as the stars in the sky, numerous images flashed by in the blink of an eye.

Then each of the wars that humans have been through also started to appear.

“Humanity, began their survival and prosperity”

An entire new perspective has begun.

The capital, 9 Lords’ secret meeting room.

“Your authorization has been received, awaiting confirmation from sir Gu Qing Shan, as soon as he agrees, his research results shall be officially transferred to you”

The Lords all laughed knowingly, one of them even said out loud: “Just wait for a bit, you won’t be needing that anymore”

Impartial Goddess’ voice was heard once again: “Not needing it? To receive citizen Gu Qing Shan’s research results, you will require his direct authorization”

Since what they want would come to them very soon, their moods couldn’t be greater.

Even this type of mechanical question was entertained: “A dead person won’t require any more authorization”

The 9 Lords all sported a cruel smile.

This is their country, their throne, no matter how long passes, that fact will never change.

In the meeting room, Impartial Goddess remained silent.

In space, she was watching footage of the war at sea together with Gu Qing Shan.

“Interstellar fleet assembled”

“Begin energy charge”

“Charging complete, main cannons locked on to target, get ready to begin saturation attack”

“All main cannons, fire!”

“No effect, the target is alive”

“9 Lords’ representatives requesting contact”

A screen appeared in front of Gu Qing Shan.

A few old scientists were standing next to the President, as their leader spoke into the communicator.

“Impartial Goddess, we suspect this is a mutated Oceanic Species, we want to suggest an eradication method”

Impartial Goddess answered: “Please speak”

The old scientist: “We have decided to use sub-modern weapons, with the giant creature’s DNA as the target”

“Please continue”

“Use neutron bombs to attack, sealing the outer layer of the neutron bomb with Cobalt-59, dropping it directly from space towards the ocean”

“What year is it that we still need to use Cobalt” Gu Qing Shan face palmed, completely speechless: “What if there were any miscalculations and it blows up on re-entry?”

“Suggestion could endanger the entire human species, rejected” Impartial Goddess immediately answered them.

Gu Qing Shan sighed, then muttered: “I suggest first we attack with the intention to collect intelligence”

Collecting intelligence first will ensure that everyone knows only the 4 Professionists powers can be used to fight against the monsters.

That way, a lot of damage can be mitigated, and soldiers won’t have to sacrifice their lives for nothing.

Impartial Goddess was silent for 2 seconds.

Then Impartial Goddess issued a request towards the ground.

“Impartial Goddess will enter war operation mode, seeking authorization from the President”

“You want to handle this yourself?” the President asked.

“I will begin attacks with the intention to collect intelligence, in order to find out the unknown creature’s weakness” Impartial Goddess said.

“Good, I authorize” the President quickly decided.

The screen was then covered in a red light.

“Warning, Impartial Goddess entering war operation mode!”

“Retracting all officers from authority list, Impartial Goddess will take over the 3 armies shortly”

“Activating all space-borne information receptors”

There are at least a few ten thousand units of space-borne information receptors, hiding in the darkness of space just outside the atmosphere, usually they’re inactive and hidden, not receiving or sending any type of transmission.

It was at this moment, only when they received Impartial Goddess’s activation signals that all of them began to operate at once.