Chapter 75

Chapter 75 of 150 chapters

“War operation mode, begin”

Impartial Goddess quickly did rapid calculations.

“Calculations complete, optimal attack weapon: S.W. Xiong Wu Interstellar Fortress”

The S.W. Xiong Wu Interstellar Fortress doesn’t do any reconnaissance in outer space, it isn’t responsible for calculating and managing Confederate matters, it only has a single job.

And that’s to fight.

It’s completely a weapon of war.

At this moment, through Impartial Goddess’ orders, S.W. Xiong Wu Interstellar Fortress’ weapon system began reactivation.

“S.W. Xiong Wu Interstellar Fortress will begin space warp shortly”

“S.W. Xiong Wu Interstellar Fortress has arrived at the appointed destination”

“T-minus 30 seconds until Interstellar Fortress weapon system activate”

“Arc-reactor Cannons ready”

“Orbit Railgun ready”

“Nano-sized Matter Disintegration Shells ready”

“Small-scale Black Hole generator ready”

“Weapon system fully activated, begin issuing AI, connecting to motion detectors”

“Dispatch Assault Mech squadron, connecting to monitor arrays, weapon system checks, ready for ignition, applying 3D aiming system”



12 Steel Mech ignited their engines and started flying towards the ocean floor.

They surround the giant monster, looking for a place to attack, as well as moving themselves near to the blank areas where monitor arrays are set up. The monitor arrays will help their weapons pin-point the exact spot to attack.

This was an intricate surgery-like attack operation.

The Steel Mech will be in charge of monitoring the effectiveness during the whole battle, look for the monster’s weakness, as well as determining which type of weapon is the most effective.

If normal weapons are ineffective, they’ll collect the monster parts destroyed in the fighting process to bring back to the lab for further DNA testing and examination.

After that would be when Professionists are deployed.

Because Professionists abilities are strange and numerous, out of everyone there’s always one or two that could be the natural counter to a monster.

Once a Professionist is able to make any progress, Impartial Goddess will immediately record it and begin further strategizing to win the battle.

It was the same in the past life, Impartial Goddess was the first to notice that only Professionists are able to harm monsters.

“Hah, luckily Impartial Goddess exists, otherwise who knows just how big a price humanity will have to pay to get to the truth” Gu Qing Shan muttered.

At the same time, deep inside Impartial Goddess, on a large screen, many pictures were beginning to slow down and could be seen with the naked eye.

They are important figures and moments in the Confederate’s history.

Including the scientist who invented space warp technology and died an accidental death.

Until the very end, there’s only three scenes left.

The first one, was Gu Qing Shan and Impartial Goddess creating the Blazing Angel together, breaking the dozens of equations and formula, slowly perfecting the Life Structure Algorithm.

The second one, as the Confederate Army was attacking the ocean in full force, seeing so many Assault Mech sacrificed themselves, the President’s brows were furrowed deeply, the seriousness on his face further shows his age.

The third one, at the 9 Lords’ meeting place, as they chat, speaking about when they receive the research results, they wanted to invade a certain country to gain a place to reap benefits from.

The mustache old man cleared his throat, then spoke: “Just like that prideful scientist who didn’t know any better, openly hostile to aristocrats and harming the benefit of all, we definitely cannot ignore him”

“That’s right, that scientist really did leave a lasting impression” another old man agreed.

In the history of the Confederate, the 9 Lords had been through no small amount of trouble, but the one that truly made them fearful was the scientist who invented space warp technology.

Through the use of small-scale warping, the scientist brought a large amount of genetic mutation bombs to the stratosphere, declaring that he would destroy the Confederate if he wasn’t made the 10th Lord.

After Impartial Goddess finally disposed of the threat, the scientist was killed off in an intricately designed assassination.

But before he died, he still left a message that haunts the 9 Lords to this very day.

“When 『 it 』 gets close enough to our planet, I guarantee, the Confederate will be the first to pay the price!”

What he said made no sense at all, but looking at his creation of warp technology, no one can actually guarantee that a mad scientist wouldn’t have any other preparations left.

From then one, these rulers haven’t been able to sit still, always sensitive and wary towards technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Deep inside the S.W. Divine Temple, all three scenes very slowly disappeared.

The screen went dark, but very quickly lit up again as a flowing light starts coming down from the top.

Suddenly, a sentence appeared on the screen.

When this sentence appeared, Gu Qing Shan who was at the top level of the S.W. Divine Temple didn’t know, the 9 Lords didn’t know, the Confederate President didn’t know and the whole world also had no way to know.

This sentence would shock the entire world if anyone were to know, but as soon as it was written, Impartial Goddess had silently erased it not even a second later.

The sentence were 4 words.

“I feel so lost”


Gu Qing Shan checked the equation on the screen again, as he confirmed it was correct, he nodded.

“As soon as you’re done, please erase this technology”, he said

“It has been erased, sir Gu Qing Shan can be assured, not a soul will be able to see these core protocols again” Impartial Goddess spoke calmly.

Gu Qing Shan was thinking about another issue, so he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with Impartial Goddess’ tone of voice.

“Ah yes, my Holo-Brain seemed to have malfunctioned, I’d like to check again how much Merit I have” Gu Qing Shan suddenly remembered and asked.

Impartial Goddess’s voice reported: “Sir Gu Qing Shan, your total personal Merit are: 799,873,957,281,439 points”

“What? So my Holo-Brain wasn’t broken, but why do I have so much?” Gu Qing Shan was a bit shocked and asked.

“According to his contribution of 21 new breakthroughs in technology, Gu Qing Shan’s total Merit was recalculated, final total: 799,873,957,281,439 points” Impartial Goddess answered.

“So that what it was”, Gu Qing Shan was surprised for a bit, then nodded in realization.

The Freedom Confederate.

In the Capital University campus.

The entire campus area was empty, not a single person could be seen.

Whenever someone wanted to come here, they would feel their head become blank and can’t help but leave.

“Who are you?” Su Xue Er cautiously looked at the person facing her.

Of course she would be cautious, the person is simply too bizarre.

A colorful festival attire.

His face covered in white makeup, his lips were drawn into a large red smile, and two yellow stars were drawn around his eyes.

Such an attire would make people think of him as a carnival clown.

But in the clown’s hands were a surprisingly elegant violin.

Standing across from the clown, Su Xue Er had her long hair tied into a casual ponytail, wearing a white one-piece dress and a pair of sneakers, making her look not only refreshing but also beautiful.

The silent campus, a young girl stood facing a clown on the main campus road, creating a really strange picture.

The clown then made a grand bow, speaking: “My apologies, distinguished young lady Su Xue Er, right now I’m very excited, so please give me a moment to calm my emotions”

“Excited? What are you excited about?” Su Xue Er asked, weirded out.

“Because you’re not only beautiful, but also overflowing with the essence of youth”.

The clown’s lips lifted into a shy, twisted smile.

“Just thinking about how I could cut open such a wonderful aristocratic young lady, how could I not be excited”