Chapter 76

Chapter 76 of 150 chapters

The clown suddenly broke into a ballroom dance on the spot, saying: “I need to do a beautiful solo dance to slowly calm my excitement at this very moment”

“What a psycho” Su Xue Er looked left and right.

“Pardon me asking, but could you possibly be looking for your two bodyguards?” the clown suddenly stopped his step.

“Could it be you did something to them?” Su Xue Er glared at him.

“I’m only responsible for you my dear, your subordinates have others to deal with”

The clown spun on the spot, putting the violin on his shoulder: “The recital will soon begin, but I must say, your two subordinates are truly garbage, the woman is still able to persevere for a bit, but the old man is probably already on his deathbed “

“Grandpa Lee… and Aunty Su, you bastard” Su Xue Er’s face finally changed.

A transparent green layer covered her whole body.

Immediately, Su Xue Er’s figure blinked and quickly dashed towards the clown.

Seeing the girl clenched her fist and rushing forward, the clown started to retreat without missing a beat.

“Wind-element’s Quicken? It’s only a first-stage power, completely laughable”

The clown shook his head, then spoke as if singing: “Dear beautiful lady, since you’re so quick to give up your life, I can’t not accept your decision and joyfully take it away”

Then he stood straight, put the violin on his shoulder and started to play

This voice became deep: “A recital of death, just for you, my cute and elegant aristocrat young lady”

Together with the music, a black shadow appeared from the violin.

This black shadow stood for a bit, then floated up and pounced at Su Xue Er.

Right at this moment, Su Xue Er shouted as she dashed like the wind across the empty courtyard.

“Rapid Combo!”

As she said it, Su Xue Er’s speed suddenly increased as her figure disappeared from the clown’s sight.


The clown was shocked, “Rapid Combo” is the 2nd stage of Wind-element, this girl’s ability is completely different from the information he got.

Behind him, Su Xue Er appeared out of nowhere, clenched her fist and struck.

The clown quickly turned around, using his violin to stop the strike.

As he stopped playing, the music disappeared together with the black shadow from before.

When they clashed, the clown was struck flying only after one hit.

“Tsk, tsk tsk, I can’t not give you a compliment, right before they die, aristocrats are always scared frozen, very few are actually as brave as you” the clown commented.

“Those are the useless ones” Su Xue Er angrily argued back, “An aristocrat shoulders extremely heavy burdens and responsibilities on their back that a psycho like you will never understand!”

Gaining confidence, she pursued.

The clown clearly requires time to utilize his Skill, so she absolutely can’t let him take distance.

Such common sense of battles, Su Xue Er has been taught over and over during her daily training.

The Wind-elemental power boosts her speed greatly.

In just a second, they clashed once again.

“Su family’s 36 Strikes, Quick Strike Flurry!”

Su Xue Er stepped forward nonstop, shouting with a lovely voice as her hands turn into after images, striking the clown over and over.

As he received the thick flurry of attacks, the clown was pushed back, unable to retaliate.

Then, the clown was hit slightly off the ground by one of the strikes.

“Shit!” the clown’s face changed.

Su Xue Er was waiting for this very moment, quickly clasped her hands together as her green aura flowed outwards. As her hands overlap, an elegant and lively crane was formed.

The clown pupils contracted as he saw that, but couldn’t do anything else except shifting his body to dodge.

Just what kind of immense power is contained within that elegant pose, the clown can hazard a guess.

An invisible flow concentrated on the crane image, slowly emitting immense momentum.

As the girl shouted: “Martial Thaumaturgy, Crane Strike!”


The clown was hit straight on, flew into the campus building over dozens of meters away.

“Rapid Combo” is the second stage of awakening Wind-element, which can boost one’s fighting strength quite considerably.

And the Su family’s traditional martial arts style focuses on close combat, quite famous within the martial arts community.

As the eldest daughter of Su family, Su Xue Er would of course receive the highest quality self-defense training, learning the very essence of Su family’s Style.

“No good, I have to quickly go rescue Aunty Su and Grandpa Lee”

Su Xue Er breath heavily, turned around wanting to leave.

Suddenly, the music restarted.

Inside the campus building, the clown’s voice was heard again.

“God’s Chosen Skill, Sound Shackles!”

Su Xue Er’s whole body froze in place, unable to move her feet.

Within this music, she couldn’t even lift a finger.

The clown slowly walked out from the campus building.

The violin on his shoulder is already gone.

Instead there were numerous piano keys floating in the air, as he played a song.

“What a surprise, they say that the Su family daughter had only just awaken her Wind-elemental root, who could know that she actually had awoken it to the second stage already”

“Even as a Martial artist she’s already a Grandmaster, having awaken a Martial Thaumaturgy ——Crane Strike”

The clown looked down at his left shoulder, where the flesh was completely stripped off, revealing the bloody bones inside.

This is the power of Crane Strike; a normal person’s body wouldn’t be able to stop it.

“How well fate treats me so, to have the chance to kill such a beautiful lady who’s also such a strong Professionist, oh how mesmerizing it is”

As he spoke, his fingers were dancing like crazy on the piano keys.

“I’ve decided to keep your beautiful outer skin, as for the flesh and bones inside, they’re completely unnecessary!”

The clown excitedly laughed and spoke: “Young lady Su Xue Er, prepare to die!”

A twisted, chaotic tune filled the entire space, breaking every single window in the campus at the same time, even cracking the walls around them.

Su Xue Er spat out some blood, her eyes showing clear pain.

“Mutated 5-Elemental Sound, as well as a God’s Chosen Skill…”

She wiped the blood off her mouth, then spoke: “I never planned to kill, but you’ve forced me”

Su Xue Er shouted, as more green aura flowed from her body, turning into spinning blades of wind floating around her body.

“Shit, Wind-element 3rd stage, Wind Shadows!” the clown silently cursed as his hands quickly played the song.

“Breaking Sound!” the clown shouted.

The chaotic music became even louder.


Su Xue Er groaned in pain, as the aura around her body slowed, gradually turned into wind and disappeared

“Help me!” the clown shouted again: “I can only keep her controlled for 3 seconds, kill her!”

A grey shadow jumped out from the dirt behind Su Xue Er, aiming the dagger in his hand directly at her back.


Su Xue Er felt her mind stopped.

Only to hear an explosion half a second later.

The grey shadow was kicked away, rolling straight to where the clown was.

“The Bloody Club is working here, who is it that wants to die?” the clown screamed angrily.

A light scoff full of contempt was heard from the trees just next to the main road.

“How pathetic”

A lovely, clear female voice was heard.

“Two people ganging up on a single female student, and yet you also use such a despicable method of fighting, this princess can’t bear to stand and watch anymore”

As they looked, they saw a beautiful woman with flowing crimson red hair, walking out from among the trees.