Chapter 77

Chapter 77 of 150 chapters

Behind the girl, a shadow quickly ran towards her as it turned into a man wearing sunglasses with combed-back hair.

The sunglasses man spoke with a low voice: “They’re safe, the old man almost died, but the woman is fine, she only had light wounds”

As Su Xue Er hear that, she felt a bit less tense.

That’s great, they’re safe!

Feeling immense gratitude, Su Xue Er sincerely thanked them: “Thank you for saving me, I will definitely remember this favor”

She said that, but the two of them didn’t reply.

The sunglasses man was concentrating on the clown and grey shadow, unmoved.

While the girl with beautiful crimson red hair was walking closer, evaluating her from top to bottom at the same time.

In the wind, she could hear her muttering.

“Only the breasts are a bit bigger… what is so special…”

What? What does she mean? Su Xue Er felt a bit dizzy from the confusion.

As she looked at her, she was sure this girl was very familiar, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Then, the girl glared at her and commented: “Are you dumb? If you had used the 3rd stage power from the start then matters would’ve been resolved now”

Su Xue Er was grateful for being helped, but she couldn’t help but argued back: “That’s murder”

As soon as she said so, she felt regret, they had already saved her life, how could she be so rude.

Su Xue Er was silently regretting, wanted to say something else.

But the girl with crimson red hair face palmed as she heard what she said, sighed and spoke: “You hesitated as you struck him, that’s why he was able to dodge and not get hit in the heart ——-how the heck did Crane Strike awaken on you, what a waste”

The crimson haired girl then went off-rail and muttered to herself: “To hold back in a life and death battle, how can Gu Qing Shan like such a dumb girl? Hah, seriously…”

Su Xue Er’s ears immediately perked up.

All the words that were said before immediately got sweep out of her mind.

“Qing Shan? What did you say? Did you say Gu Qing Shan? How do you know him?”

Su Xue Er asked in succession.

The tense battle atmosphere was cleared right away.

That’s it!

Su Xue Er suddenly remembered who she was

“You’re the Saint Empire’s eldest princess, Anna!”

The crimson haired girl shrugged and spoke: “That’s me”

“Ah? How do you know Gu Qing Shan?” Su Xue Er still didn’t let go

Anna thought for a bit, then smiled mischievously and soft answered: “Oh him, ah~, because he’s this princess’ boyfriend of course”

“AH! What did you say!”

Su Xue Er screamed as numerous emotions hit her all at once, and made her completely forget where she was.

An intense green aura gathered around her, as it concentrated, it completely broke through the clown’s shackles.

The green light shot all the way up towards the sky as it let out a roaring sound similar to a waterfall.

“It can’t be true; it can’t be true” Su Xue Er unconsciously mumbled.

The world around her started cracking, then concentrated into a terrifying black hole.

As the intense wind emitted from the black hole, it circled around Su Xue Er, screaming, roaring.

Everyone there was absolutely shocked.

They are all professionals here, so they immediately recognized what has happened.

———-this is breaking through in battle!

How could this be, this isn’t a movie!

“There’s no doubt about it, this is Wind-elemental 4th stage, Hurricane Storm” the clown fell backwards, muttered: “Death’s Flame Anna Medici is here as well…”

The grey shadow next to him suddenly shouted: “Bastard, I want to know who the fuck accepted this mission, even if he’s a club Elder, I’m still going to kill him!”

On the other hand, Feng Huo De looked at Su Xue Er, then again at Anna, his face full of admiration

He walked next to Anna, whispering to her: “Your Highness, your mouth really is toxic, only a single sentence and you already broke her emotions”

Anna looked at Su Xue Er in surprise, her eyes contains mixed feelings.

She muttered with a sense of loss: “This is troublesome, it’s true love”

Just a second later, Anna’s face changed, her figure disappeared in place.


Appearing behind Su Xue Er, she struck her neck.

Su Xue Er was already in a delirious state, so she quickly fainted as she was hit.

As she fainted, all the strange phenomenons around her disappeared.

Su Xue Er’s body became limp, falling to the ground.

“Huo De, protect her”

As Anna said that, she caught the falling girl and shoved her towards him.

“Yes” the shadow stood up, covered the girl being shoved towards him.

Then the girl disappeared without a trace.

It was now that Anna finally relaxed her expression, looked towards the sky above the clown and asked: “If you’re already here, why not show yourself?”

“Your Royal Highness Anna, the reason why I didn’t appear is to prevent an embarrassing situation”

A bald old man stood hovering in the sky, in his hand held a short staff.

Then he dropped down in front of the clown and the grey shadow, blocking the two of them.

“Who are you?” Anna asked

“I’m a Bloody Club’s Elder, Hyde” the bald old man bowed to greet her.

He sincerely spoke: “We didn’t know that your Royal Highness would be involved in this, otherwise we definitely would have passed on this mission”

“What a load of bull” Anna coldly spoke: “Just now if I hadn’t stopped you, you definitely would have killed her”

The bald old man shrugged, saying: “Killing is an irresistible joy, is it not?”

Anna’s eyes became cold.

“Your Highness Anna, what do you say we stop this matter here, after all, both you and I don’t gain anything from keeping on with this fight” the bald old man suggested.

“Ah? Attempting to kill someone I wanted to protect right in front of me, do you really think I’ll just let you go that easily?” Anna crossed her arms and asked.

At this moment, her entire aura has changed.

———-she’s no longer that elegant princess of the Saint Empire, but a strong Professionist that stood at the very top of the food chain.

The bald old man frowned, then took out something from his bag, and threw it towards her.

Anna caught it, then her face changed as she saw it.

What she just caught was a medal.

“The Holy Church’s loyalty medal” the bald old man spoke triumphantly “Right now I’m speaking to you as an honorary Elder of the church”

“Dear your naïve Highness Anna, do not do anymore useless things”

As he finished speaking, the bald old man turned around, kicking both the clown and the grey shadow: “What disgraces, let’s go”

The clown and the grey shadow both stood up in shame.

As the three of them were about to leave, they heard the girl’s voice.

“The Holy Church, is nothing but a parasite on our Royal line”

A painful look appeared in her eyes, Anna’s voice became slow and low, as if she was suppressing her emotions.

A clanging sound was heard as the medal fell to the ground.

She raised her arms, muttering: “Appear”

A long scythe was grasped in her hand.

The entire scythe was jet black, at the top where the handle and blade meets, there was even a black skull.

The blade of the scythe was a crescent-shaped burning flame.

Anna slowly walked towards them.

The bald old man’s eyes became clearly distraught as he spoke: “Lady Anna, please be rational, if the Holy Church were to know that you dared raised your hand——-“

“They won’t know” Anna lowered her gaze, swinging her scythe downwards.

Numerous skulls made from flames suddenly appeared, then disappeared from the air.

The clown was already shaking, as he saw that he couldn’t help but screamed: “Death’s Flame! No! I don’t want to die!”

Anna glanced through the three of them, as her beautiful gaze became a merciless one.

“What an annoying day this was, luckily there’s you people here to help me let out a little steam”

The beautiful crimson haired girl said only that.