Chapter 79

Chapter 79 of 150 chapters

Zhang Ying Hao shrugged, saying: “The place called Bloody Club is one that will kill anyone for money, using killing and torture as a form of entertainment, which clashes with my own business philosophy”

“Ah, so it’s a business dispute” Gu Qing Shan said.

“You could say that, peers are bad company, I’ll be glad to give my business rival some trouble” Zhang Ying Hao said.

“That’s why you’re helping me?”

“There’s another reason, hmm, some of the Confederate’s methods are basically self-destructing”

Zhang Ying Hao hesitated for a bit, then said: “Everyone here says that Fuxi Empire is old-fashioned, but every talented person in Fuxi can receive the benefit of a complete training system, while our 9 Lords are always afraid of change”

“Afraid?” Gu Qing Shan repeated.

“That’s right, afraid of ground breaking technology or techniques that will bring about change in society”

Zhang Ying Hao slowly listed.

“They stopped the genetic modification project before they’re afraid that too many people would become elite fighters”

“They withdrew from the international interstellar research project, saying that it’s because there’s no way to fight against the space monsters, but truthfully, it’s because the funding hurts their wallets”

“They don’t take the initiative to understand Saint Empire’s occult powers, and doesn’t take interest in Fuxi Empire’s Professionist weapon revolution”

Zhang Ying Hao laughed sarcastically: “They’re all old men”

“You’re also a very fascinating person indeed, I’m a bit interested in your proposal now” For the first time, Gu Qing Shan was serious.

Not expecting his attitude to change so quickly, Zhang Ying Hao also became serious.

Zhang Ying Hao nodded, then said: “To further prove my sincerity, I can tell you this, the one coming to kill you is called Hyena, their ace hitman”

“Ace? I’m flattered” Gu Qing Shan smiled

“Also” Zhang Ying Hao thought for a bit, “It seems they’ve also dispatched people to Capital University, in order to deal with your friend, Su family’s Su Xue Er”

As soon as he said that, Zhang Ying Hao felt goosebumps all over his body.

The youth that stood before him, a smiling student that won’t harm even a fly at one moment, the next emitted killing intent intense enough to suffocate someone.

The killing intent quickly came and went.

All of it disappeared in a matter of seconds.

The youth’s face was blank; his whole body stood dead still.

Zhang Ying Hao felt his mind completely blank, it took everything he had to get out of that state.

How is this possible!

Killing intent hidden at will, to achieve this you have to completely master hiding all your killing intent so that no one can feel any of it.

His killing intent isn’t just strong, it also felt solid, everywhere yet nowhere at the same time, even if you feel it you have no idea where the opponent might come from.

Feeling this sort of killing intent would make people unable to resist as they’re killed, even Zhang Ying Hao himself almost couldn’t break free.

At that moment, outside the glass window that extends up towards the ceiling, a young man in a black suit was hovering outside, knocking on the window.

This was the 15th floor, no one knows just how he was able to get there.

As he knocked on it, the entire glass window disappeared.

“Ah, my apologies for being late” the young man politely said.

He walked forward, looked at his watch: “The rival’s interference seems to not have been effective, sir Gu Qing Shan, your time has come”

Suddenly he saw Gu Qing Shan grabbed the air, as a sword materialized in his hand.

Gu Qing Shan raised the Earth sword, pointing it at the young man.

“You’re Hyena?”

“I am, I’m here for your life”

The young man smirked and said.

This was the last thing he ever said.

The Freedom Hotel is the best hotel in the capital. There’s a large glass window that stretches from floor to ceiling in every room to accommodate the guest’s enjoyment of the beautiful night scenery.

But at this moment, in a room on the 15th floor, the large glass window disappeared, as a young man stepped inside from the air.

Just a second later, a loud booming sound was heard.

Every single window in the Freedom Hotel broke at once, crashing down as they shattered.

A large phantom sword knocked the young man out from the 15th floor.

Followed by a few even sharper phantom swords, slicing him into pieces as they hit him.

Then an endless streams of sword phantoms flew outward from the 15th floor, until the young man’s body was diced so finely not even a drop of blood could be seen.

“Zhang Ying Hao, I owe you one”

As Gu Qing Shan said that, he didn’t bother to look back and jumped outside.

Zhang Ying Hao didn’t know how long it has been since he was so shocked.

The Bloody Club’s Ace, was killed so thoroughly that not even a drop of his blood is left, by a single sword swing from this youth.

When he saw the youth jumped outside, he couldn’t help but yelled: “This is the 15th floor you know!”

Only to see the youth take out something.

“Blazing Angel”

He spoke to the thing in his hand.

Above the capital airspace.

In an orbital station.

The station’s door opened, as a huge, beautiful Mech turned into a shadow and flew downwards to the capital.

The sound barrier was broken in a matter of seconds as an intense booming sound was heard.

This Mech is truly fast.

It wasn’t until it stopped in the air, spread its wings and carefully caught Gu Qing Shan that Zhang Ying Hao was able to see the Mech in all its glory.

“My god, my god, this guy really does know how to surprise people” He opened his eyes wide and muttered.

In the blue sky, the sound barrier broke again as the Mech jetted away.

It was only now that the Freedom Hotel’s riot started.

Zhang Ying Hao walked towards the now-broken window, took a look outside to see the shattered glass everywhere, together with the now-ruined curved structure of the hotel.

After a while, he shook his head.

“Even 100 Nano machine cleaners couldn’t clean up this mess”

“Not good, I gotta explain this to the old man”

He put away the silver white box from before, took out his personal Holo-Brain and started communication.

Inside the Blazing Angel Mech, Gu Qing Shan was quickly operating the panels with both hands.

“4 seconds until reaching Capital University”

“Located Su Xue Er’s biological signature, re-navigating, flight course changed”

The Blazing Angel accelerated, curved and flew towards another direction.

On an open field just outside the campus.

As the barrier was lifted, Anna and Feng Huo De already went away.

Right now there were no one but Su family’s people here, dealing with the aftermath.

Su Xue Er was also standing on the field, as the Mech approached, she seems to have noticed and looked up.

A slender, intricate Mobile Mech, with two long wings made of light on both sides, flying across the sky just like an angel in legend.

Before anyone could react in time, it had already landed in front of Su Xue Er.

Then everyone reacted at once.

“Who are you!”

“Danger alert!”

“Men, come!”

“Protect the young lady!”

Chaotic shouting, together with the sound of other Mechs hastily operating made the scene even louder.

A few Mechs had already activated, wanting to step forward.

“It’s me”

Inside the Mech with the wings of light’s cockpit, a male voice was heard.

“Qing Shan ge!” Su Xue Er joyfully exclaimed, then gestured everyone to stand down: “No need to panic, it’s an ally”

It was then that everyone dropped their guard.

Then they couldn’t help but be drawn to the Mech ———–it really couldn’t be helped, as it was too stylish and eye-catching.

The Mech’s appearance isn’t complicated, it could even be called simple, as the entire Mech’s body is straight and slender, very similar to a human’s figure.

——–particularly, the figure of a gentle female with her eyes closed.

The pair of wings made of light behind it, together with the layer of armor really does make it look like the angels in legend.

People who really understood Mechs have a different kind of look on their faces.

For such a highly humanoid Mech, unless the technology used inside is also highly advanced, it simply cannot move.

The way it flew and landed just now was just like a person landing on the ground.

From that, they could guess that the level of technology used here would have to be state-of-the-art.

Not to mention the wings of light that’s constantly there, from its stability, it would have other functions besides just looking pretty.