Chapter 82

Chapter 82 of 150 chapters

Sun Cai Yun said: “I know a really good bar around here”

“Which one?” Su Xue Er was interested.

“Rainbow Bar” Sun Cai Yun answered.

Lee Tong frowned and glanced at Sun Cai Yun.

Sun Cai Yun ignored her and continued: “Trust me Xue Er, this bar definitely has the best atmosphere, I guarantee you won’t regret going there”

“Then we’ll——–“ Su Xue Er glanced at Gu Qing Shan questioningly.

Gu Qing Shan nodded.

“Let’s go!” Su Xue Er jumped, “Wait for me here, we’ll go in my shuttle, I’ll drive”

“I’ll go with you” Gu Qing Shan left the café with Su Xue Er.

As the café door closed, Lee Tong asked: “What are you doing, Rainbow Bar only serves aristocrats, from his clothes Su Xue Er’s friend is clearly a commoner, you doing this will only make him feel awkward”

Sun Cai Yun said: “I’m doing this for Xue Er, their difference in status is too great, he isn’t fit for Xue Er”

“Even so, that’s for Xue Er to decide” Lee Tong said.

“A girl in love is always not thinking straight, her decisions won’t be accurate, she’ll need friends like us to help knock down the annoying frogs that wants to climb up the trees that is aristocrats” said Sun Cai Yun.

“Su Xue Er will definitely thank me for this later” She said confidently.

Lee Tong just sighed.

Regardless of what they said here, this night was going to be a fun one.

Just a few moments later, Su Xue Er drove her shuttle with Gu Qing Shan riding in front, picking up the two girls to go to Rainbow Bar.

Just like Sun Cai Yun said, this was a great bar.

Although they had to scan their person Holo-Brain at the entrance before entry, but the bar owner and all the managers personally went down to greet them, such great service and treatment of course would make anyone feel special.

The only strange thing was that they all wanted to talk with Gu Qing Shan for some reason.

They all shook Gu Qing Shan’s hands, a total of 5 times, then even took a commemorative picture.

Truly strange.

After that, Gu Qing Shan himself acted as bartender, giving the three girls all the cocktails they could ever want.

Considering this was Su Xue Er’s first time drinking, as well as the rest of them being girls, Gu Qing Shan controlled the amount of alcohol just right so that they would feel elated, yet not become dead drunk.

In the middle of all that, Sun Cai Yun found out at Gu Qing Shan was going to enter Military Academy, so she called over some of the new pre-enrolled Military Academy students, saying she wanted to help Gu Qing Shan make some friends.

Yet all of them said they never saw Gu Qing Shan before, not even his name on the new student list.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Luckily, Gu Qing Shan used his Holo-Brain in front of everyone to connect to Impartial Goddess

——–it was now that he was shocked to find out he was actually going to enter the University as a Professor.

He was only shocked, but everyone else was shaken.

Impartial Goddess doesn’t make mistakes.

Such a young Mech expert researcher, what monstrous talent.

Sun Cai Yun panicked and apologized, while all the new students from Military Academy all left.

After that, Sun Cai Yun couldn’t even look at him anymore.

The tall girl Lee Tong, on the other hand, was now staring at Gu Qing Shan without holding anything back.

The way she looked at Gu Qing Shan, was like looking at a pig that suddenly grew wings.

While Su Xue Er, from start to end only drank Gu Qing Shan’s cocktail bit by bit, smiling sweetly.

It was only when the three students returned to their dormitory that Su Xue Er pulled Sun Cai Yun out alone to speak with her firmly and seriously.

A wonderful night.

After Gu Qing Shan brought the three girls back, as he turned around, his face shows a clear smile.

As they said their goodbyes, Su Xue Er was a bit tipsy.

With a reddened face from alcohol, she stared at Gu Qing Shan and said this.

“Qing Shan ge, wait for me”

This was the boldest thing she has said ever since she knew him.

As soon as she said that, she kept her head down, didn’t dare to even look at Gu Qing Shan again and slowly ran back to the female dormitory.

Remembering her running figure, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

He was walking alone on the night road.

As he passed the main Square, the large screen on it was showing the news, with numerous people watching around.

Gu Qing Shan joined the people’s gazes as he walked past the crowd.

The person on TV was a male reporter, wearing a raincoat, standing on a bobbing ship deck.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, the ocean had started to exhibit change, there is thick fog on all sides, with just eyesight alone, we already can’t see anything past 10 meters”

Gu Qing Shan lifted his brows and stopped.

“The battle in the frontline has ended, we originally weren’t allowed to come close, but as field reporters, we have our ways ——–right here, you can see for yourself folks, the sea water has been bobbing up and down nonstop”

“What a strange sight” the male reporter continued: “Half a day ago, we lost contact with the Vacation Island nation, we are quickly approaching it as we speak, to find out what exactly happened that their communication was lost completely like that”

Right after he said that, the unknown fog spread out around him, covered both him and the scenery in front of the camera, right now the only thing that can be seen onscreen was his blurry figure in the fog.

Then a loud humming sound was heard from afar.

“Please wait folks, I think we’re picking up something”

“What the fuck it that!?”

A loud scream, like the owner of that voice has seen something so terrible they couldn’t help it.

“What is that!?”

“No! Save me!”

Then the camera stopped and the screen went black.

Just a second later, image returned to the screen, but this time it was the news center.

The two hosts face paled, barely unable to sit still as they explained: “Apparently our field team has run into some problems, we will update you as soon as we know what happens, after this, we return to our regular news”

On the Square, everyone was talking discussing loudly among themselves.

The news had also changed to the next piece.

“Infamous evil sect Mammon declared: The Apocalypse has come”

“Expert opinion says that Mammon has always focused on nothing but making humanity’s population grow, they know nothing about true events happening around the world and as such their words can’t be trusted”


Gu Qing Shan sped up his steps and quickly left the Square.

The fog has already covered the ocean, from now on, the ocean itself will become a no-man’s land.

In the past life, the fog only appeared half a month after the archipelago disappeared.

Another event that happened ahead of time!

It’s like everything had become different during this lifetime.

It wasn’t until the monsters start to try invading land was when the calamity truly begins.

Then what would happen next?

Gu Qing Shan wasn’t sure.

He quickly went into a secluded alley.

“The cool down time has finished, does the user want to enter the cultivation world?”


A bit after he disappeared.

Some people that were tailing him arrived, entered the alley to find no one there.

One of them smelled the air, saying: “We lost him”

“This brat is very strange”

“To be able to kill Hyena, of course he would have some abilities that others don’t know about”

Another one shook his head.

“Let’s return first, even though the bounty has been removed, but since he killed one of our own, the top won’t give up that easily” the person in lead said.

A few moments after they left, a few more shadows appeared in the alley, floating in midair.

All the shadows emitted a strange and dangerous air.

“Biological signature detector says that he was just here” one of the shadows spoke.

“But he isn’t” another one commented.

“Let me” one of them stepped forward.

He raised a finger, pointed at the alley and stood still for 1 minute.

“Strange indeed, I have no idea where he went as well, I’m guessing it’s a rare hiding-type God’s Chosen Skill” he pulled back his hand and said.

“Then we have no choice” the leader ordered: “It’s only been 10 minutes since the contracted time started, you report the situation to Bai family first”

The call quickly connected, and quickly ended.

“Hak” the person holding the communicator complained: “That’s why I hate these Aristocrats the most, they said to terminate the contract now and they’ll pay the fees”

All the shadows were in a riot, obviously angry.

“That’s normal, Aristocrats has always been stingy” the leader said, to calm his subordinates down: “Just going around the city for 10 minutes, doing nothing and we already made 1 billion, you all should be happy”

As they heard that, the shadows really did calm down a bit.

The leader thought for a bit, then said again: “But to go out and accomplish nothing, that does hurt our reputation as the world’s best hitman company, from now on we’re not taking any more jobs from Bai family”

The shadows all nodded.

They quickly melded into the dark of night and disappeared from the alley.

Just like that, Gu Qing Shan accidentally escaped the most dangerous situation that would have happened ever since his return, due to the interlacing timeline of the two worlds.