Chapter 91

Chapter 91 of 150 chapters

Just as quickly as it came, the feeling of her heart beating faster disappeared and the woman felt her spirit returned to her body.

Meanwhile, the young man was looking at her, his eyes seemed apologetic, smiled and lightly nodded toward her.

His smile made her almost feels like she just dipped herself into a hot spring under the cool spring breeze; as she felt the warmth flowing across her entire body, it also loosen and slowly heated up.

The woman held her chest and slowly calmed her breath for a bit.

Such a feeling really leave a lasting impression.

——–he’s sitting so far away, can someone really be that skilled?

Thinking that, she took out a business card.

“Hey, help me with something” she said as she called the servant in her boxed seat.

On the other side.

“Just look at you, I think you should try and relax a bit more, that damn killing intent of yours, sheesh, probably scared her to death” Zhang Ying Hao shrugged as he complained.

“My bad, I just don’t have a habit of being stared at”

Gu Qing Shan retracted his spirit energy as he undid the spell he learnt from Qin Xiao Lou.

Just now, he instinctively released his killing intent, only to see that it was just a female guest.

From her appearance, she looks about 27-28 years old, a mature, graceful lady.

Her face was pale and her breathing was rapid, obviously he scared her.

As he used his inner sight, he found her body was shaking, tensed up in her chair.

Gu Qing Shan felt a bit apologetic, so he quickly casted the hand seals to activate the Long-ranged Spirit Energy Massaging method to help calm her down.

Since this is a simple body nurturing spell that’s beneficial to the body, it should serve fine as an apology.

The real problem is that he’s been so tense that he’s ready for combat at any moment, for such a long time. This isn’t a good thing as he could easily hurt innocent people like this.

While Gu Qing Shan was remonstrating himself, he saw the servant from the other boxed seat brought over a plate.

“Sir, this is a drink from the lady, as well as her business card”

After the servant left the glass of wine and the business card on the table, he politely returned.

Zhang Ying Hao whistled, saying: “A glass of Godfather, and a card that lead to her heart, seems like she thinks of you as a true man”

“This method is a bit out there, but very effective, I’ll have to learn it as well” Zhang Ying Hao muttered.

“It’s only a misunderstanding” Gu Qing Shan checked the business card.

Fuxi Empire, Zhan Dao Weapons Group, Du Guong Qiong

Even after thousands of years, Fuxi Empire still keeps its old ways, even their names are still the same old-styled double surname, as if their traditions haven’t been affected at all the change in era. (1)

This is an ancient and old-fashioned kingdom state.

Gu Qing Shan lifts the glass as he greeted the woman called Du Guong Qiong.

Du Guong Qiong also politely smiled back.

When the middle-aged man next to her saw that, his face went dark.

He then gulped down a whole glass of wine, pointing at the lake: “Come, look, he’s awake, it’s about time we bet on him”

“Servant, come” he said

“Yes sir?”

“I’ll bet 10,000 Merit on that man will be completely eaten within 10 seconds”

“Thank you sir, I’ve recorded it”

The middle-aged man looked at the two of them belligerently.

Both Gu Qing Shan and Zhang Ying Hao paid him no attention.

Right at this moment, someone raised a frenzied laugh as he threw a bloody animal carcass down at the lake.

The shadow underneath the lake quickly swam and bit at the carcass.

In a matter of seconds, the entire carcass was gone.

The shadow underneath became more active, quickly diving downwards.

“How about it sir, how much would you like to bet?” the servant asked.

Zhang Ying Hao shrugged, looked at Gu Qing Shan and questioned: “20 seconds?”

“No” Gu Qing Shan smiled, pushing the entire chip box forward.

“All in, I bet he’ll survive”

“Sir, are you sure? This isn’t a small amount you’re betting” the servant looked at Gu Qing Shan in surprised, asking to confirm.

“I’m very sure” Gu Qing Shan said.

The servant silently nodded, after recording their bet, took the entire chip box away.

“Are you crazy?” Zhang Ying Hao asked in a low voice, “that guy can’t possibly survive”

Gu Qing Shan also replied in a low voice: “Only betting like this will give the highest return, don’t forget, only the person that win most gets the grand prize”

“But it’s too hard for him to not die” Zhang Ying Hao mumbled.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The bell rang.

As if that was some sort of stimulation, the shadow under the lake became much more agile and began swimming much faster.

Everywhere it swam through, the water spit into waves on both sides.

What insane explosive power.

A loud speaker on the lake shore spoke: “Time starts!”

On every single boxed seat, everyone stood up.

“Go, eat that mother fucker!” the middle-aged man on their right side swung his hand and cheered.

The shadow under the lake seemed to understand him as it swam directly to the lake center.

“Eat him!”

“Eat him!”

“Eat him!”

Everyone shouted in excitement.

While the man on the dinghy was already scared out of his mind, screaming and begging for help.

The shadow moved closer and closer.

———-it only needed to jump forward once again and it’ll get the delicious food on the dinghy.

Quite a few people quickly checked the timer on their tables.

11 seconds!

12 seconds!

13 seconds!

Right at the edge of the dingy, the shadow rose from under.

14 seconds!

Finally showing itself, the monster was a giant crocodile with thick purple-colored hide.

This is an ancient species. They’re known to be as strong as they are cruel, and already went extinct over 2000 years ago.

Thanks to the advent of technology, it has once again been artificially bred with modified genetics.

As the crocodile rose up next to the dinghy, its eyes showed a deep sense of cruelty, mocking the man.

It slowly closed its jaw to bite on the man’s leg.

The man was scared into dodging backwards, but the dinghy is only so big, he doesn’t really have anywhere to dodge.

The ancient crocodile went underwater again, slowly circling the wooden dinghy this time.

That’s right, it’s playing with its food.

25 seconds!

More and more people are breathing out in regret, obviously they’ve lost.

Suddenly, the man on the dingy raised a desperate scream.

As they looked, they saw there was a short spear stabbed into the man’s thigh.

He was pierced tightly onto the dingy, he wanted to move to dodge, but couldn’t.

His blood flowed out, quickly went from inside the dinghy onto the lake water outside.

The giant shadow underwater swam quicker, obviously excited by the smell of blood.

On one of the boxed seats, a man laughed like crazy: “This time you’ve got nowhere to run, quickly eat him! I want my money!”

It was easy to see that he was the one that threw the spear.

Gu Qing Shan turned around to look at the servant and asked: “Is that allowed?”

“It’s allowed, as long as you don’t directly kill the prey, anyone who put in a bet can do anything to mess with the prey, it’s part of the fun after all” the servant answered.

In the lake, the ancient crocodile finally couldn’t hold back anymore, jumping out of water and latching onto the dingy, his immense weight also made the dingy rocked.

“38 seconds!”

Someone shouted.

The ancient crocodile slowly opened its foul, bloody mouth, snapping at the man.

This time, he was biting down at least 3 times faster than when he was toying with his prey before.

The man cried in desperation.

39 seconds!

Gu Qing Shan suddenly held a bow in his hand.

Drawing the arrow, putting it on the bow, pulling the string, the entire series of action was done fluidly.

Skills activate!


The suddenly force knocked the ancient crocodile into the air, spinning and flying into the water.

The clock ticks.

40 seconds.

After the ancient crocodile sinks, it slowly floats up again.

On his head was an arrow, the arrow accurately pierced through its eye.

Around the arrow, all the flesh is already broken off.

It’s dead.

The entire room was silent.

Gu Qing Shan glanced at the surprised servant, then at Zhang Ying Hao.

He said: “Seems like I missed the guy”

Zhang Ying Hao shrugged: “Hmm, but your ‘miss’ is a bit scary”


(1) Double surname: “Du Guong” is one of the few double surnames in China. Double surnames are, like the novel suggest, very old and outdated, usually only royalty or aristocrats would have double surnames. Even though it’s 2 words, it’s considered to be a single surname, instead of the surname and middle name. There’s no special meaning to them aside from showing that they come from a very long lineage.