Chapter 95

Chapter 95 of 150 chapters

The underground lake.

Martial Eminence Zhou Kai Wu ordered: “Release all the beasts, I want to show the Grandmaster weaponsmith my fighting style”

Black shadows appear one after another underwater.

“Then, I’ll begin”

He took off his coat and walked towards the lake, step by step, building up fighting spirit.

Du Guong Qiong sat on one side, arms crossed, watching him silently.

She doesn’t know why, but she keeps thinking about the strange look on Gu Qing Shan’s face as he walked out.

When Zhou Kai Wu reached the shore, about to jump in, suddenly his subordinate shouted: “Boss, your Holo-Brain”

Zhou Kai Wu was surprised, glared back behind him.

The subordinate that was glared at couldn’t help but shiver.

Being interrupted at such a time made Zhou Kai Wu very annoyed.

But this subordinate is his close-aide, so without a real emergency, he wouldn’t interfere at such a crucial time.

Zhou Kai Wu couldn’t help but return, picking up his Holo-Brain.

“I am Impartial Goddess” a solemn female voice was heard from the Holo-Brain.

Zhou Kai Wu was stunned.

After I started to work in the Underground, it’s been so many years since I made contact with the governing Confederate AI, why would she personally contact me now?

Du Guong Qiong was interested and looked over at the Holo-Brain.

She has heard that the entire Confederate is under Impartial Goddess’ supervision, so it can connect to anything, anywhere within a matter of seconds, but only now did she really see it in action.

From the Holo-Brain, Impartial Goddess was narrating the judgement she made before.

Zhou Kai Wu’s face was beginning to pale.

“What do you base it…”

Before he could even finish his sentence, a loud sound and slight tremor could be felt.

Oom oom oom oom oom!

Impartial Goddess’ voice was heard again: “Please do not be alarmed, Confederate civil office is currently dealing with personal property deliverance, the demolition of the highest floor is being done with the most cutting edge explosive technology, its level of safety is highly guaranteed and will not affect your own personal safety”

As they heard that, everyone there was shocked.

Zhou Kai Wu cursed loudly: “Bastard, that’s my property!”

He didn’t even mind Du Guong Qiong anymore and rushed outside.

Du Guong Qiong just stood there, digesting the information she just heard.

Then she broke out into laughter.

Zhou Kai Wu jumped into the elevator and went straight up to the ground floor, the casino’s lobby.

In his anger, the elevator door was kicked flying.

Zhou Kai Wu rushed outside the casino, stood at the main gate to look at the top floor.

That’s where he would look down at the entire capital cityscape, where he drinks and relax, his place to rest, but now, it’s nothing but a flat floor.

Numerous worker robots were doing their job cleaning the rubble, finishing up their task.

Two large construction-grade shuttles were flying next to the building’s roof, carrying the debris away.

A huge amount of dust floated down, covering everything beneath in it.

Quite a few people were leaving the casino.

This type of high-rise unmanned construction would make anyone worry for their own safety, and the constant loud noises from the construction-grade shuttles as they worked made the entire casino sound like a night market.

Very quickly, the official casino on the 1st to 3rd floors were affected.

Many gamblers and customers were leaving on their shuttles, frowning as they did.

Zhou Kai Wu’s whole body was shaking in anger, then he turned and saw Gu Qing Shan and Zhang Ying Hao standing on the opposite side of the street.

“You shitty brats, it’s time to die!”

He shouted in anger and jumped forward.

A lightning arc flashed———-

With a sudden sound explosion, Zhou Kai Wu was knocked flying back into the casino, breaking numerous walls and furniture before falling down at the elevator entrances.

As the chaos ensues, all the people on the normal casino were crying, screaming in fright.

All the gamblers that come here to have fun panicked, ran and scattered from the casino.

This time, the casino is truly no longer fit for business.

Zhang Ying Hao dropped the small-scale nano-disintegration cannon shell in his hand, regretting as he spoke: “This one shot cost me 2 million Confederate credits, I don’t care what happens, you’re paying me back for it”

“Fine” Gu Qing Shan spoke, “shoot another 10”

“You think this is horse radish or something?”

Zhang Ying Hao scoffed at him and put the cannon down.

As he did, the cannon slowly wrapped around itself, magically turned into a small black square.

Zhang Ying Hao carefully put the black square away in his pocket before speaking: “I can only shoot one shot at a time, this is still an experimental weapon, aside from me, no one else can get it”

“Never mind then” Gu Qing Shan looked at the time on his Holo-Brain, “they’re about to come here anyways”

Martial Eminence Zhou Kai Wu stood up, wiping at his chest.

Seeing the blood on his hand, he could feel himself go into a frenzy.

I got hurt?

I actually got hurt by two snot-nosed brats?

The frenzied scream was heard all the way outside the casino.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you right now!”

He hasn’t received such a wound for so many years, not to mention this wound was from an opponent that’s not on the same level as him.

A Martial Eminence is already a tactical-level fighting strength within Professionists, they are existences that you absolutely cannot humiliate, yet someone is here trying to test his patience, making his killing intent boil to its limit.

Zhou Kai Wu kicked the ground again, rushing out of the casino, silently thought to himself that he’ll kill both those brats no matter what price he had to pay.

As soon as he stepped out, he couldn’t help but push down the flames of anger inside him again.

“Mr. Zhou Kai Wu, please come with us”

Two Assault Mechs got in his way, as one of them spoke to him.

“Old Zun, what are you doing” Zhou Kai Wu tried his best to contain his anger and asked.

The one he’s speaking to right now is the captain of this area’s Mech patrol squad, normally their relationship is quite good, as they frequently play cards together.

“My hands are tied, if I don’t come, not only will I be charged with ignoring the call of duty, but the army itself will also get involved” the person inside the Assault Mech spoke reluctantly.

Zhou Kai Wu coldly laughed, saying: “I’m a registered Martial Eminence of the Confederate, I have the right of priority to pay bail, who can touch me?”

Then they heard a “ting” sound.

The Holo-Brains of everyone here lit up at the same time.

Impartial Goddess spoke up from all of them at once, making herself heard even from far away.

“Confederate Martial Eminence Zhou Kai Wu, charged with the crimes of attacking Confederate Aristocrat, attaching Confederate Highest Leader, cannot be pardoned, right of priority to pay bail rescinded”

“Considering Zhou Kai Wu’s personal strength, danger level designated to be Red, Army police has been dispatched”


Highest Leader?

Zhou Kai Wu felt like his chest was hit by a steel hammer, so stunned that he was speechless.

He looked at Zhang Ying Hao, then again at Gu Qing Shan, shouting: “Impartial Goddess, are you going crazy!?”

Impartial Goddess obviously ignored his pleas, only continued: “Zhou Kai Wu’s personal casino, building permit granted for 28 floors, actual structure contains 28 floors above ground and 90 floors below, violating the permitted construction blueprints”

“Zhou Kai Wu’s personal casino’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are permitted official gambling business. Underground 10th floor and below are found to be exotic gambling that violates Confederate laws, violating special ban of ancient beast rearing, the illegal kidnapping of Confederate citizens to use as a gambling subject”

“As all details regarding the casino hasn’t been obtained, Zhou Kai Wu is under official temporary arrest”

As she finished, a large Warship showed itself in the sky.

Five figures jumped downwards from the Warship like meteors.


The five of them all landed in front of the casino, slowly stood up.

They were all wearing dark blue military uniforms, black boots and a cold expression, their eyes emitted a chilling killing intent