Chapter 96

Chapter 96 of 150 chapters

The leading officer looked at Zhou Kai Wu, ordering: “Under orders of Impartial Goddess, the Third SWAT team has arrived at the scene, dealing with suspect now”

“Zhou Kai Wu, come with us quietly!”

As soon as Zhou Kai Wu heard that, he wanted to act up, but the five men had already acted first and surrounded him.

Each one put put their hand and hold his shoulder down.

Their hands felt like metal grips, no matter how much Zhou Kai Wu struggled he still couldn’t move an inch.

He opened his eyes wide, only now realizing that all these give men were also Martial Eminence.

“Damn bastard ——-“ he shouted unwillingly

“Shut up!”

The leading officer shouted, knocking him down to the ground with a single kick, unable to get back up.

The same officer grabbed Zhou Kai Wu, kicked the ground and flew up to the Warship.

Halfway there, as the force faded and they were about to drop back down, the officer breathed deeply, shouted as the power of Martial Thaumaturgy exploded outward, kicking them toward the sky again.

Their figures disappeared at the Warship’s entrance.

The four other officers also quickly flew up.

Impartial Goddess continued to speak: “Begin initial calculations, the building’s entire construction fees estimated to be 8 billion, after taking into account natural depreciation, current market price estimated to be 6,3 billion, sir Gu Qing Shan, would you like to confiscate this building to make up for Zhou Kai Wu’s debt?”

“Of course, I have a feeling he won’t be able to pay his debt to me anytime soon” Gu Qing Shan answered.

“But I don’t really have time to manage something like this” he pat Zhang Ying Hao’s shoulder, saying: “Find some people to run the casino, of course only the official kind of gambling is allowed, profits we’ll split 7:3, I’ll take 7”

Zhang Ying Hao rubbed his chin: “Already splitting profits? You’re a really good business partner”

But then he spoke regretfully: “A partner’s assets increased like this could benefit my business quite a bit, sadly a hitman firm can’t be listed, otherwise my stocks will surely soar”

“Ah, but I can make a dummy company to go on the market instead, hm, let’s just call it the Butchering Firm then?”

Gu Qing Shan looked at him like this an unconsciously thought about Qin Xiao Lou.

If the two of them were to work with each other…

He shook his head to dispel the idea.

Impartial Goddess once again spoke: “I’ve dispatched forces to enter the building to collect evidence of Zhou Kai Wu’s crimes, requesting permission from the owner, sir Gu Qing Shan”

Gu Qing Shan smiled: “Please go ahead”

Gu Qing Shan and Zhang Ying Hao now stood up, walking towards the entrance and happen to meet Du Guong Qiong.

“Thanks to you, my business here is shot” Du Guong Qiong smiled teasingly.

“My apologies, would you like me to compensate?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

“Money is no subject, today I’ve been thoroughly entertained ———well, I’ll leave first, contact me if there are any business” Du Guong Qiong quickly and gracefully exited the casino.

“This woman is quite fine, sadly she has a disposition of liking abuse” Zhang Ying Hao muttered as he saw her off.

Gu Qing Shan ignored him and looked for a servant.

One of the servants on the first floor saw the entire process, quickly changed his attitude and lead the two of them down an elevator.

As he pushed the button, the elevator began to climb downward.


As it arrived at the last floor, the door opened.

This was a prison, the long rows of cell extend far into the darkness, enough to not be seen by the naked eye.

There’s only the occasional sound from the cells that claws at your heart.

Gu Qing Shan could hear very clearly there was something inside the cells, gnawing on bones.

To Zhang Ying Hao, such a thing only sounds strange.

Only Gu Qing Shan who’s a returner from the Apocalypse knows for sure that was the sound of monsters doing what they did.

The servant turned around and asked: “I need to confirm a bit, you gentlemen were looking for the grand prize, correct?”

Gu Qing Shan became serious, sincerely said: “That’s right, I only want the grand prize”

Zhang Ying Hao also nodded.

The servant spoke: “Then please come with me, and do be careful, there are many weird things here, so please don’t carelessly touch them”

As he finished, he started going down a certain direction.

The two of them followed, arriving at a cell after a while.

This was a completely sealed steel room, if it weren’t for the row of buttons on the side, no one would even know there was something kept in here.

The servant stepped forward, pressing the buttons on the wall in a certain way.

Then as the heavy steel doors opened, the steam escaped from the room, showering them in the bone-chilling cold air.

“Originally we had quite a large piece, but it’s already all rotten, since we didn’t have any other choice, we could only do this” the servant explained.

Walking inside, Gu Qing Shan felt the chill reaching him deeply.

Inside this freezing cabin was a large chunk of ice.

Inside the ice was a piece of flesh the size of a person.

The flesh slowly contracted, then slowly expanded again.

“That’s some good stuff”

Gu Qing Shan complimented.

As the servant and Zhang Ying Hao heard that, they were a bit shocked.

Gu Qing Shan ignored them, going around the large chunk of ice once to confirm its value.

This was a space monster heart, or at least, a small piece of it.

The lower value piece on a space monster’s body is the outer shell and skin, the true value of it lies in the flesh and bones, while its innards are the most valuable.

And of all the innards, the most valuable thing is the heart.

Gu Qing Shan paid no attention to the other two, took out the Earth sword and starts cutting up the chunk of ice.

The freezing hard ice, was cut like soft tofu with the sword.

Where the Earth sword cut, the ice was easily removed.

As Gu Qing Shan swung his sword, he quickly extracted the piece of space monster heart.

The servant had already prepared beforehand and gave him a suitcase with the miniature freezing apparatus to store it.

Gu Qing Shan put the piece of space monster heart inside, smiling: “Thank you”

The servant lowered his head, saying: “You are our new boss, so it’s natural for us to serve you”

The servant leads them further in to another large sealed steel cell.

“This was the second grand prize, a strange person”

“Do we want this?” Zhang Ying Hao couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course not”

Gu Qing Shan originally didn’t want to look at it, but then suddenly he felt something.

Something buried deep inside his mind was now making his heart beat faster.

Gu Qing Shan was surprised, and a layer of cold sweat formed on his back.

Why did I react like that?

Gu Qing Shan immediately took notice.

Sometimes, a cultivator will suddenly have a moment of his heart beating faster, to signify something bad about to happen.

“Wait a minute” he said: “We’ll take a look first”

As the servant heard that, he opened the door.

Gu Qing Shan and Zhang Ying Hao were both curious.

As the servant said before, the 2nd grand prize is a strange person.

Then what exactly would you call “strange”?

The steel door slowly opened.

Gu Qing Shan and Zhang Ying Hao were stunned.

Unlike before, this was quite a smaller cell.

In it was a thin old man, both his hands and feet were bound tightly, stuck fast to the steel wall.

His stomach was already ripped open; the inside was devoid of any organs.

But looking at his chest moving up and down, you can tell he was still breathing.

“He’s alive?” Zhang Ying Hao’s face became serious.

“Yes, alive” The servant replied.

Zhang Ying Hao opened his mouth wide, but unable to say anything.

As a member of the 9 Lords Aristocrat, he has seen many many strange things ever since he was small.

But all those things didn’t hold a candle to this scene before him, as well as the meaning it represents.

A person who has lost all their organs is still alive.

If this is thanks to a genetic mutation, with current DNA technology, they only need to extract a small piece of DNA to find the secret to immortality.

From both medical and biological standpoint, this would be the most important event in the entire history of humanity’s civilization.