Chapter 98

Chapter 98 of 150 chapters

The President was shocked stiff as he heard that.

He asked in a hoarse voice: “Has this been verified?”

Gu Qing Shan nodded, then added: “Man Killer Fiends is able to retain a certain amount of consciousness, the stronger they are, the clearer their consciousness”

The President still couldn’t believe it, hesitantly asked: “Impartial Goddess?”

Impartial Goddess went silent for a while before speaking again: “Both types of viruses has been identified in Bai Sha county Central hospital, Chang Zhou county second-level County hospital, and the Capital’s Emergency Assistance Center, it’s also showing signs of spreading”

“So it’s true…”

The President muttered, his expression was like a boxer in a boxing ring, trying to get up after receiving a straight punch, but couldn’t.

As Gu Qing Shan saw that he suddenly realized, the President was also just an old man.

The President lifted his head strongly, looking at Gu Qing Shan: “Qing Shan, you’re the most brilliant scientist the Confederate has had over the last couple dozen years, you have to help me, help all the innocent people”

Gu Qing Shan went silent for a bit, then said: “I will come, but not yet, right now the most important thing is that Impartial Goddess needs to take immediate measures”

Both of them looked at their own Holo-Brain.

Impartial Goddess suddenly spoke up: “Requesting authorization from both Highest Leader, Impartial Goddess will fully take over all matters of the Confederate government”

The President: “I authorize”

Gu Qing Shan: “I authorize”

Impartial Goddess:” Authorization received, the Confederate will now enter the highest state of alert, connecting to the 9 Lords, connecting to the Presidential Office, the three armies have entered Dark Red warring state of emergency”

“Begin analyzing appropriate measures”

“Measures generated: 1985 types”

“Begin selecting measure with relatively highest chance of success”

“Selection complete”

“Measure selected numbered: Zero”

“Begin the next step of intelligence gathering”

The screen began to dim, and finally turned off.

Even with Impartial Goddess’ speed of operation, she couldn’t even spare a moment for Gu Qing Shan, not even a “We’ll take later”.

Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised looking at his Holo-Brain, but turned it off after a few moments.

As long as Impartial Goddess take notice of it early, this matter can probably be contained.

She is the crystallization of all humanity’s best technology, as long as she knows the reason and the specifics regarding how the virus works, she should have a chance to limit the virus from being too wide-spread.

There are no guarantees, but at least there’s a chance.

That’s already much better than the alternative.

But that wasn’t enough to make Gu Qing Shan any less tense.

This life, from today onwards, will be completely different from his last.

In the past life, the monsters and virus appeared a whole year apart from each other.

Within that year, many important things were able to happen.

The viruses weren’t supposed to start showing up until a whole year later.

As a returner that knows the future, fate really has a way to toy with Gu Qing Shan.

No returner could possibly expect something that’s supposed to happen a year later to happen so early.

It’s like the hand that’s supposed to be dealt was completely washed away, making place for a new hand of cards.

This time, not only will the sea monsters very quickly make it onto land, but the virus will spread at the same time.

What about the other calamities?

Would they also happen at the same time too?

If that’s really the case, the entire world will fall into ruin much sooner than before.

During the past life, World’s Apocalypse Online has already launched when the viruses hit, people already have the ability to travel to the other world and quickly increased their strength.

But this time, the Apocalypse is already creeping upon them, yet he hasn’t even seen a shadow of World’s Apocalypse Online yet.

If the game still hasn’t launched when the Apocalypse comes, then…

They’re done for.

Gu Qing Shan’s steps were heavy.

This deep sense of helplessness makes him unable to stay still.

“What’s the matter, your mood doesn’t seem to be too good” a soothing female voice that’s like wind chimes was heard.

Gu Qing Shan looked up to see Anna standing atop a wall, her crimson red hair flowing in the wind as she stared at him without blinking.

“Anna” he called her with a husky voice.

In the previous life, Anna died in an endless encirclement of high-level demons.

At that time, he travelled for days on end without rest, but still didn’t make it in time to save her.

The situation is even worse right now, compared to before.

Does he have no choice but to helplessly watch her die in front of him again?


He can’t let that happen!

Gu Qing Shan suddenly remembered.

Anna’s first tragic fate was to begin about 1 month later.

There’s still a month left.

But, with the entire world experiencing immense change, how could Gu Qing Shan be confident that Anna’s safety would be guaranteed in the period before that?

That fate nearly drove Anna to mentally collapse and suicide.

No, he definitely can’t let that fate befall Anna again.

He can’t let Anna return to the Holy Empire!

The rapid changes in Gu Qing Shan’s emotions showed in just a few moments, but all of it were caught by Anna’s eyes

Being affected by the frenzy and sorrow in his eyes, Anna looked down, asking: “What happened to you? Which blind son of a bitch dare to offend you, I’ll go beat him up”

Gu Qing Shan just looked at her without saying anything for a while.

Being stared at like that, Anna suddenly felt her face flushed.

Oh no, I didn’t wash my hair today.

She silently thought.

Gu Qing Shan’s expression suddenly changed.

On the War God UI, a red light flashed in his eyes, turning into lines of text

“Space-time is in chaos, the user must immediately enter the cultivation world, otherwise the space tunnel will be shut off completely, unable to open again”

“Does the user want to enter? YES —- NO”

Gu Qing Shan looked at the message on War God UI and suddenly realized.

Space-time is in chaos, probably not just because of the terrifying world of monsters he saw before, but also because the world itself was changing rapidly.

He didn’t have much time to think, because some lines of text were flashing on the UI.

“Please enter the cultivation world immediately!”

“Please enter the cultivation world immediately!”

“The tunnel is closing!”

“15 seconds countdown begin!”

Gu Qing Shan quickly took the time and said: “No matter what happens, do not leave the Confederate, you must absolutely wait until I return”

As he said that, Gu Qing Shan also jumped on the wall, took off something from his neck and put it on Anna’s.

After that was done, he held Anna’s hands tight.

“Wait for me”

He said.

Then the screen flashed and Gu Qing Shan disappeared without a trace.

Anna was stunned for a bit, looked down and took off the thing on her neck

A lonely old man, holding a scythe while sitting at rest on a rock.

Death’s Relic, the Life Exchanging Contract.

He returned it to me.

Does he not know what that means?

From now one, if anything were to endanger my life, he would have to pay twice the life force.

Does he know?

Anna stared blankly at the Life Exchanging Contract for a while.

———right, he must know, otherwise he wouldn’t put this legendary object on me before leaving.

Because I was willing to sacrifice my own life force to save you, that you’re willing to do the same for me?

Anna’s lips lifted up a bit, then lowered.

She lightly pouted, then smiled brightly.

She has already forgotten what it’s like to feel warmth after her mother passed away when she was still a little girl.

Just now, she suddenly found that that feeling again.

A few minutes later, a shadow ran like the wind from afar, then morphed into Feng Huo De on the wall.

He asked: “Have you said your goodbyes?”

Anna answered: “Not yet”

“Where did he go?”

“Probably busy doing something, seems like he has a very uncommon type of God’s Chosen Skill”

“That’s fine then, we’ll have to leave first, you can use your Holo-Brain to contact him later” Feng Huo De said.

Anna stood in the shadow of night, not speaking.

A bit further away, a fire had started, the screams and cries could be heard even from here.

And then, more and more cries of agony exploded everywhere.

It was like everyone in the entire city had made an appointment to chew their food at the same time, making the same unsavory sound of chewing on meat and bones.

The air was filled with a pungent smell of blood, making you feel like you were in a slaughterhouse.

A deafening scream of agony was raised.

It seems to have signaled something, like the next phase of something even more terrible about to happen.

The air was filled with the roaring sound of engines as police shuttles were quickly dispatched.

A crowd of people were screaming in fear as they ran down the streets.

“Seems like something isn’t right, Your Highness, we’re leaving now” Feng Huo De said.


Anna suddenly said.

Then she added with a determined voice: “I’m not leaving”

Feng Huo De said: “But his majesty ordered us to quickly return, we have to go back right away”

Anna: “I want to wait for him”

Feng Huo De shook his head in reluctance: “So what if we wait for him, all you can do is talk for a few minutes, his majesty has issued a higher-than-first-rate military recall, if we arrive late then both you and I will be severely punished!”

Anna slowly sat down on the wall, dangling her legs in the air.

She said without care: “Since he told me to wait, I’ll wait for him, I’m not leaving”

Feng Huo De sighed helplessly.

Suddenly he turned around to look at the street corner.

On the opposite street, there seems to be a few drunk people staggering towards them.

But then they suddenly got down and ran on all fours, looking extremely unsettling as they picked up speed.